James Condor on Venus in Scorpio

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James Condor
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James Condor on Venus in Scorpio

Post by James Condor » Mon May 15, 2017 7:12 am

In comparing the Venus in Scorpio findings to my own experiences I agree with everything except for 'Very Animated' and 'accident prone'. This could be because I do not completely understand sidereal astrology or Venus.
I am sometimes animated, but I wouldn't consider myself such. I wonder if, I have to be in love or around love or perceived love for me to be animated. Accident prone, not in love. No children, no std's, no major health, physical or mental accidents in love. No broken furniture or lamps while making love. I have caused automobile accidents. At least 5, I don't even know. But that has nothing to do with love.
The biggest quality I find in myself, that is also in line with the data, is that I often feel suffocated in intimate relationships and when someone pursues me and/or gives me too much attention. This makes me moody, uneasy and irritable. Without a doubt I need freedom, not just in romantic pursuits, but even while in a relationship. And it is rare that I am committed to one partner. I find it unfair that I shouldn't be allowed to share my love with more than one person. People should be able to be in multiple intimate relationships, without being judged or persecuted. I do understand jealousy, respect, fairness and everything else related, but monogamy makes less sense to me. A big question I often ask myself is -which is more fair, monogamy or polygamy?
The data says 'social claustrophobia', and I don't really know what that is but I guess that means I get claustrophobic in public, but it really depends on the specific environment. I am generally good in public when I feel I am being myself and not anxious. I have mild social anxiety when in small gatherings where I feel I have to be something I am not. When I perceive that others are getting me wrong, or putting me in a category I become a mixed bag of emotions. I fight with accepting others or being more responsible.
My affections are impulsive and adventurous as the data suggests. And I can be really hot and turned on one moment, and cold and turned off the next. Is this the moody part? Committed one moment, and uncommitted the next.

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By Jove
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Re: James Condor on Venus in Scorpio

Post by By Jove » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:48 am

Might as well encourage this thread, as it has been sitting here for months on end.

The only Scorpio Venus person I have any real experience with is my mother. She has been divorced for over ten years after a very unhappy marriage. She has every chance now to meet up with a new boyfriend and enjoy life again but she doesn't. Her usual excuse is, "I want to keep my dignity.", which is the Leo Moon talking. But I suspect she is afraid to get caught in the complex web of a relationship with someone, especially after being trapped for twenty years with an abusive and controlling partner. She has power and independence when single, so it could be her Scorpio Venus instinctively kicking in to keep things that way. Leo Moon has no complaints.

Keep in mind her Scorpio Venus is loosely conjunct her Scorpio Saturn. Venus is already in detriment in Scorpio, and Saturn only cramps Venus further. In other words, not much luck in love. And I thought I had it bad.

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