Predictions for the Jupiter/Pluto opposition

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Predictions for the Jupiter/Pluto opposition

Post by Jupiter Sets at Dawn » Wed May 17, 2017 9:23 pm

Nov 29, 2013 11:00 pm
Venus_Daily wrote:I am just very curious for Jim's predictions on the Jupiter Pluto opposition in late January
I don't know if you've made a thread about this or not
Jim Eshelman wrote:I'm on the road, so not writing much... but maybe we can get something started on this.

We had this already in July-August, although then it was compounded with many other planets. There was a Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune grand trine, which Mars scooted into, and then Mars and Jupiter opposed Pluto. Look back to then for some ideas.

Otherwise, look in Sidereal Mundane Astrology in the appendix on aspects and see what I wrote there about Jupiter-Pluto. (Paste it here for discussion if you want.)

Then, if it's in late January, it will be compounded by the January Capsolar, which has these factors prominent for Washington.

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