Jess' Sidereal Birth Chart

Feel free to post your full birthdata & open a discussion on your own chart. Tell us what you've learned from it, ask questions, etc.
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Jess' Sidereal Birth Chart

Post by jesspeters12985 » Tue Aug 25, 2020 5:16 pm

Hello, everyone! :)

I hope you guys are staying safe and healthy :)
So,I was wondering if you could help me out with something...One thing I'm very curious about are the type of career paths I could pursue that are based on my natal chart.Since everyone sees different things in a chart and have there own way of interpreting I though It would be interesting to see what you all see.The reason why I am asking is because I'm going through a big transition/change right now and eventually would like to pursue a different career. I have so many different interests I don't know what direction to move in and I would love to hear what you guys have to say!

My birth data is January 29th,1985,20:20PM Drumheller,Alberta,Canada.

Take Care :)

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Re: Jess' Sidereal Birth Chart

Post by Danica » Tue Aug 25, 2020 10:45 pm

Jess, hi,

Here's for now what the interp file that resides in my Solar Fire can provide, on your natal:

- ask questions and provide feedback as you see fit, and we'll be jumping in with more details as time permits.


Sidereal Natal Horoscope Interpretation

(c) 2018 James A. Eshelman

These notes on your SIDEREAL NATAL HOROSCOPE are provided for your reference and study. They are not a full interpretation of your birth chart; rather, they are the building blocks from which such a full interpretation can be built.

Each factor listed below contributes to your character. These paragraphs commonly repeat or contradict each other. (We all have contradictions.) Though it does not take an astrologer to fuse these factors into a balanced picture of you and your life, it DOES require knowledge of human behavior and the ways that people support and sabotage themselves. Your astrologer, having these skills and knowing this symbolic language, can help you in this process. However, KNOWING YOURSELF is a life-long undertaking. I encourage you to read through these notes, feeling your way through the interweaving ideas and reflecting on what you know of yourself.

The paragraphs are brief. I have sought to pack in everything essential, to use a few words to imply a great deal more. Not every phrase will apply, of course. Some will be more important than others; but the gist of each section should clearly reflect truth about you. When you have spent time with this and have new questions, consult your astrologer to discuss them.

Character is destiny. Who you are determines the life that is yours to unfold. "Know thyself" is the key. -- Jim Eshelman


Jess Peters - Natal Chart
Jan 29 1985, 8:20 pm, MST +7:00
Drumheller Canada, 51°N28', 112°W42'
Geocentric Fagan-Allen Zodiac
Campanus Houses, True Node



Survival and autonomy needs foremost. Sociable; not self-disclosing. Humor, storyteller, prankish, music. Good resource manager. Struggles against tough odds. Discontent, combative, resists persuasion aNd conformity. Values past; defies status quo. Emotions cautious initially. Extreme libido.

Emphasis on work, service, and body/health concerns (body-conscious). Pride in personal achievements. Vitality not trustworthy. Determined worker.

SEMISQUARE VENUS Orb 1°47' Applying
Charming, gentle, fine companions. Strong sense of friendship and natural affection. Graceful. Marked aesthetic appreciation (if not artistic talents). Most comfortable in marriage or similar relationship. (A little vain?)


Autonomous, independent, self-sufficient, competitive. Sentiment yields to practicality; cautious with intimacy. Sexually bold, passionate, pragmatic. Assertive (pushy), efficient, decisive, contrary, opinionated (adamant certainty). Respected, easily takes charge, leads. Business instincts, opportunistic.

Intellectually "uppity." Focus on philosophy, abstract thought, and academics. Idealistic. Imagination, receptive mind. Love of travel. Earnest, sincere. Moody.

A quiet (playfully perverse) pride in their disagreeable opinions & autonomous thinking. Enjoys shock value of spouting unusual ideas. Mind inquisitive, enthusiastic, with a sense of the macabre. Resists being convinced. Careful, methodical, orders information effectively.

SEXTILE VENUS Orb 0°24' Applying
Gracious expression, charmer, persuasive, maybe even a “sweet talker.” Lighthearted, pleasant. Delights in learning (learns easily). Probably a happy childhood; retains a playful, childlike sense, a charm of immaturity.

SEXTILE MARS Orb 0°43' Applying
Quite a charmer with wit & edgy humor. Mind is quick, creative, strategic, opinionated. Independent thinker, enjoys argument, critical, nervous. Vulnerability to addiction.

Love of ideas and learning. Easy “way with words,” comfortable speaking, reassuring in speech and manner. Well-formed speech has marks of a good education (whether true or not). Good-tempered, kind; may seem shallower than they are. Optimistic, religious style thinking, e.g., “gambler’s roll” (don’t disturb their “hope & vision” with contradictory facts!). Good business potential (perhaps from raw luck more than skill) and always looking for the next opportunity or lucky break. Poorly suited to fixed schedule or routine.

SEXTILE SATURN Orb 0°26' Applying
Orderly, able thinkers. Methodical, logical, routinized thought. Skeptical, scrutinizing, distrustful. Hesitant until oriented, then decisive. Much mental power, but easily discouraged (doubting). Treats life seriously (needs play).

Fantasy relationships. Tender, vulnerable, exploring mystery of another. Wants "true friend" who won't betray. Charmers, weave endearing image (tend to get their way). Seducible, easily enticed, suggestible. Fond of strong erotic imagery & sensory stimuli. Passions easily aroused, torrential. Mystic; God connection. Receptive to beauty; artistic interests. Can be unreasoning, led by instinct (a few are plain crazy).

CONJUNCTION MARS Orb 0°18' Applying
Passion (in all senses), feels powerfully about things. Strong sexual passions mature early, continue late, rarely encumbered by too many conditions. Broadly fun-loving, socially active, loves romance: interesting, likable, sociable, horny people. Relationships, often picked for ferocity, easily hit conflict, strain, or burnout. (More likely homicidal than suicidal.)

SEXTILE JUPITER Orb 1°16' Applying
Warm, friendly, giving, hospitable, popular. Desires positive attention & appreciation (usually gets it). At home in comfort. Unusual luck opens doors. Inclined to indulgence or extravagance. A little “spoiled.”

TRINE SATURN Orb 0°01' Applying
Work, duty, devotion are gratifying. Restrictions in love; ordinary pleasures may be deferred. Many seem comfortable unpartnered, though there is rarely sexual restraint. Childhood hardship or deprivation shape adult patterns. Sober, responsible.

SEXTILE JUPITER Orb 0°58' Applying
Playful, strong, competitive, enterprising. Zest, vitality, enthusiasm, courage, confidence. Sexually lusty, eager, popular, on the hunt. Generous or extravagant (money flees). Bold with beliefs, evangelical (enthusiasts, missionaries, barnstormers).

TRINE SATURN Orb 0°16' Separating
Struggle marks these lives (from prejudice or early hardship). Hardened, tough survivors, self-sufficient, seeking control. Some accept the hardship and focus on “getting through”; some act meek, unthreatening; others overcompensate as bullies (feelings of weakness, shame, inadequacy). Conflicts with authority. Serious, reserved, cautious about enthusiasms.

Strongly individualistic, independent, going their own way. Needs freedom & breathing room (physical, intellectual) and frequent renewal (through new interests & experiences, shedding inhibitions, shaking loose stale conditions). Responds strongly to the new, unexpected, thrilling, colorful, exciting. Pragmatic realist anchored by naked truth (seeker who forges an ideal from experience of the actual). Clownish, fun. Prefers disclosure over mystery.
Amate Se Mutuo Cum Corda Ardentia

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Re: Jess' Sidereal Birth Chart

Post by Danica » Thu Aug 27, 2020 9:40 am

Now, to address your particular question, from a more synthetic perspective.

Your both Lights are toned with the energy of Mars (Capricorn Sun, and Aries Moon); the Power as a theme, as well as Survival, are the key ideas. Uranus as only foreground planet indicates a freedom-fighter individual, seeking challenges and circumstances that allow for the Anti-authorian and the Contrary in your character to be expressed.

The aspect structure of the chart is very interesting, in the light of the above listed factors:
there're almost no dynamic connections of aspect between the planets, except for the two prominent conjunctions (Ma-Ve and Me-Ju), and the Sun-Venus connection (half-square), and these two conjunctions are mutually connected, as well as with other chart factors, by strong static aspects; in particular, both conjunctions are tied to Saturn in this way (and consider how Saturn represents one of two key planetary themes of your Solar nature, the Sun constellation, Capricorn).

With Ma being in Pisces (utterly non-martial! the sign of Neptune, and of Venus exalted), AND conj. Venus, we get an idea of how the Power-needs here operate: it is based-in and focused-on the Female, artistic, gentle, the Venusian-Neptunian, Idealistic, wanderlust, desire-for-mystical-Unity, etc.

The Sun itself is also connected to Venus (the only aspect of the Sun: oct Ve 1*47'), and the Midpoint structures of MC show it's connected with Moon-Venus-Mars as combo (MC = Mo/Ve; MC = Mo/Ma).

So this gives me a picture of a Fighter for Love (if to sum up in the few simplest words); someone who needs continual challenge and needs circumstances that demand struggle, fight, daily opportunity for dealing with overcoming great difficulties, and the like (the Ma-Sa nature of the Luminaries), and all this in the context of the Neptune-Venusian of the Pisces type: art, travel-related occupations, work that incites your heart's flames.

Capricornian sense of humor and the story-telling, in tandem with the Me-Ju conj., gives me an idea of someone whose work is tied to making people laugh - and the whole chart shows this in the manner of exposing the unpleasant truths so that it's funny, all the while also punching (biting even?!) to the recipient :D

It is interesting that you decided to seek astrological insight on the career at this time: transiting Uranus is going exact to natal Sun, while the Solar Arc Sun is sq nat Uranus; and Sol. Arc Pluto just entered orb oct to nat Mercury: the need for more (in quality, depth, authenticity of it) Freedom in your life is now the most prominent theme.
This visit of tr Uranus to nat Sun is to be conjoined by tr Uranus to nat Ve-Ma, which will be I think the key period for you in regards to the matters of career, bringing clarification, new insights, new release of energy.

Here are the time-frame dates of your current bigger transiting cycles operative; you can read about each of them here:

t Neptune - n Pluto
3/31/20 - 1/27/22

t Uranus - n Sun
6/26/20 - 5/19/21

t Uranus - n Venus, n Mars
5/14/21 - 4/18/22

t Saturn - n Mercury
2/10/20 - 11/27/20
and to nat Jupiter too, dur approx same time, given the orb of Me-Ju conj.

t Jupiter - n Mercury, n Jupiter
12/6 - 12/15 2020

t Jupiter - n Pluto
1/7 - 1/16 2021
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Re: Jess' Sidereal Birth Chart

Post by Soft Alpaca » Wed Sep 02, 2020 4:14 pm

Based on what was said above in your chart, you would be a great fighter. Capricorn and Aries both being Mars oriented and Pisces being notorious to have a liking to a high drama stage (and being a statistic for boxers) I wouldn't even want to go toe to toe with you.

However your chart could be used in a business sense as well. With the ego, restraint, and power core of your Sun/Moon combo with the creative-imaginative Pisces placement, you could very likely start up a business. The Venus touch on your luminaries/Mars will help even out the harshness normally associated with those respective signs & aspects. Also that Uranus can be down right visionary.

Curious am I now as to what you had in mind..

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