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Cyril Fagan on Sidereal Moon signs

Posted: Mon May 08, 2017 3:19 pm
by Jim Eshelman
Cyril Fagan's Moon-sign interpretations, first published in The Symbolism of the Constellations (Moray Press, 1962), are rarely seen. Years ago I excerpted the main bullet points in a list structure similar to the other lists given here. Below, I give my extractions of Fagan's Sidereal Moon-sign interpretations.

Fagan's gigantic and honored roll in the history of Sidereal astrology was that of pioneer. His sign-interpretations had all of the strengths and weaknesses of pioneering work. On the one hand, he saw the broad strokes with astonishing raw insight. On the other hand, on the fine points he sometimes really missed it! (They also reflect social perspectives of the 1950s and early '60s which, in places, thankfully seem bizarre half a century later.) This is no slight upon him - the work of reconstructing ancient knowledge of zodiacal meaning was far more than a single person could do. That's the main reason that I'm posting here the persepective of numerous Sidereal pioneers.

The following, then, should be taken as premises to investigate, or starting points for further observation.

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Moon In Scorpio ... p=636#p639
Moon In Sagittarius ... p=636#p642
Moon In Capricorn ... p=636#p645
Moon In Aquarius ... p=636#p647
Moon In Pisces ... p=636#p650
Moon In Aries ... p=636#p651
Moon In Taurus ... p=636#p653
Moon In Gemini ... p=636#p654
Moon In Cancer ... p=636#p656
Moon In Leo ... p=636#p657
Moon In Virgo ... p=636#p659

Moon in Libra

Posted: Mon May 08, 2017 3:20 pm
by Jim Eshelman
1. Suave, polished, charming, gentle, persuasive, graceful, courteous.

2. Moves easily, softly, and without apparent effort among people.

3. Addicted to finery, stylish attire, and even "fine-feathers," usually in good taste but sometimes in excess.

4. Not given to much exertion, easy-going, loves idling in elegant ease, prone to dalliance and poetic utterances when the mood takes them.

5. At times, reserved, somewhat despondent, even melancholic.

6. Liable to be pushed aside and ignored by the ruthless and ambitious.

7. WOMEN: Rather than endure the unpleasant consequences of a refusal, they allow themselves to be imposed upon and may even welcome it.

8. MEN: At time of crisis, sometimes find themselves deserted and defenseless, often made the sacrificial victim, left to face the attack alone.

William IV, Dr. Livingston, Louis XIII, Louis XVII (Dauphin), Maximilian of Mexico, Sir Walter Scott, Lord Randolph Churchill, Torquato Tasso, Philip Bourke Marston, Prince Albert (Consort), Barbara Villiers, General Eisenhower, Charles Chaplin, Beatrice Cenci, Lorenzo the Magnificent, Louis XVI, Thomas Grey, William E. Henley, Lord Lascelles, Sir Anthony Eden, Edward W. Whiteman, Henry Burton, Theresa Neumann, Longfellow, General L.H. Lyautey, Beau Brummel, Alphonso XIII, G.K. Chesterton, Nostradamus, Farouk, Hector Berlioz, Lord Haig, Cardinal Mercier
[From intervening years, add: Jimmy Carter]

Moon in Scorpio

Posted: Mon May 08, 2017 3:20 pm
by Jim Eshelman
1. Their charms proffer a great challenge to the adventurous, reckless, daring, militant, and sea-faring.

2. Their amorous escapades are likely to be heated, turbulent, and passionate, thereby conditioning their lives in the same vein.

3. AFFLICTED: Their talk is venomous and their behavior outrageous.

4. Serpentine in movement, they tend to shroud themselves in mystery, and what are apparently candid remarks are statements really cloaked in semi-concealment.

5. Strong sense of the dramatic and mysterious is added to all they say and do.

6. Popular story-tellers. Love to hold audience's attention.

7. WOMEN: Due to daring and freedom from taboos, social convention, etc., often make conquests with men where more attractive women fail. Very popular among those serving in the armed forces, mercantile marines, etc.

Domitian, William II, Maurice Utrillo, A.R. Wallace, Sir Sven Hedin, Eon of Beaumont, Lawrence of Arabia, Raphael of Urbino, Harry Houdini, Vaslav Nijinsky, Charles Gounod, Casanova, F. Nietzche, Gabrielle d'Annunzio, Charles Dickens, Honore de Balzac, Franz Liszt, Harry Thaw, Leggs diamond, Reinhart Heydrich
[From intervening years, add: Gerald Ford]

Moon in Sagittarius

Posted: Mon May 08, 2017 3:21 pm
by Jim Eshelman
1. Popular personality.

2. Likely to prosper.

3. Addicted to "churchianity" and the study of theology or philosophy, especially attending meetings where such things are discussed.

4. Live lives of rectitude and decorum; many become vegetarians, non-drinkers, and non-smokers.

5. Prone to moralize.

6. Feel they have a divine mission to perform: an "itch" to ascend the pulpit.

7. Firmly believe in disciplining the young: the first to clamor for "the return of the birch."

George Colman (the Younger), Ramon Navarro, Neville Heath, David Lloyd George, Victor Hugo, Ivor Novello, Charles de Fourcauld, Yuri Gagarin, Billy Graham, Charles IX, Field Marshal Montgomery, Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler, Prince Aly Khan, Thomas Alva Edison, Mary Queen of Scots, Bismark, Theophile Gautier, Rubens, Marchal Foch, George Washington, Adolf Eichman (27°27'), and Peter Kuerten (27°55')

Moon in Capricorn

Posted: Mon May 08, 2017 3:21 pm
by Jim Eshelman
1. Indulgent in all forms of sensuous pleasures to excess.

2. Austere, parsimonious, imposes severe restrictions and hardships on its children.

3. In professions, many are called upon to endure many trials, privations, discomfitures, possibly even a barrack existence.

4. Tend to adopt barrack existence by choice, stinting themselves (and sometimes their families) in every direction.

5. Doesn't object to working, often laboriously, under conditions that would drive others to more comfortable scenes.

6. Indolence, depression, melancholy.

Napoleon I ("The Eagle"), Nelson, Rudolf of Austria, "George Eliott," Isaac Pitman, Voltaire, George Stephenson, Ernest Shackleston, Baden Powell, havelock Ellis, Regs Parkes, John Dee, Henry Cavendish, Van Dyck, Rupert Brooke, Henry Ford, Pierre Loti, Marcus Aurelius, Brigham Young, Mary I, William Crooks, Lavater, Pietro Arentino, Richard Wagner, Agrippina, Rider Haggard, Huysmans, W.B. Yeats, R.H. Benson, Magnus Hirschfeld, Von Molthe
[Add: Richard Nixon, Abraham Lincoln, William McKinley, Woodrow Wilson]

Moon in Aquarius

Posted: Mon May 08, 2017 3:22 pm
by Jim Eshelman
1. Deviation of sexual impulse. Attractions are wide and considerably varied, rarely conforming to expectations. Frequent attraction to women much older or younger than oneself. Always something unusual about the mating instinct and the chosen menage. Consorting with those of humble birth.

2. Peculiar, difficult to pigeon-hole even in everyday life.

3. Self-made people.

4. Tastes verge on the peculiar; imagination inclines to the fantastic or bizarre.

5. Prefer to mingle with ordinary folk, shunning the society of those of their own status, avoiding ordinary dress and avoiding publicity.

Alexander II, General Boulanger, Cadbury, Cardan, "Charubel," Aleister Crowley, Deibler (Executioner), Alfred Dreyfus, Francis I, goethe, Fritz Haarman, Emperor Hadrian, Pope Julius III, Rimsky Korsakoff, Louis XII, Mata Hari, Michelangelo, Napoleon III, Petrarch, Edgar Alan Poe, Franz Schubert, R.C. Smith (Raphael I), R.L. Stevenson, Shelley, Sir Philip Sydney, Victor Emmanuel

Moon in Pisces

Posted: Mon May 08, 2017 3:22 pm
by Jim Eshelman
1. Craving for subtle sensation (even those not obvious to the casual observer).

2. Celibates in "Holy Orders," finding satisfaction in "Spiritual Communion."

3. Pisces women, mindful of the "sins of the flesh," treat their marriage as a sacrament in the real, religious sense of the term.

4. Those not influenced by religious fervor may demand more from the act of union than the partner suspects or is capable of giving.

5. Craving and concealment go hand in hand.

6. "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" sort of existence is possible.

7. Sado-masochistic.

8. Physical mediums, healers, sympathizers. Adroit in the art of "laying on of the hands" etc., because very psychic.

Cardinal Richelieu, Edward V (strangled in the Tower), C.W. Leadbeater, Dr. W.J. Simmonite, Charles VIII (Orleans), August Sternickel, Regiomontanus, St. Francis de Sales, "Lethal Louise," "Masochista," H. Himmler, Sir W. Gilbert, Dr. J.M. Peebles, Madame le Laurie, Earl of chesterfield, Frederick William I, Archduke Frans Ferdinance, Leopold Duke of Albany, Duke of chambridge, Johann G. Fichte, Baldur von Schirach, Nicholas II, Tikel, Paul I, Johann Strauss, Rabindranath Tagore, Horatio Bottomley, Pierre Laval, Algernon Swinburne, Huey Long, Alan Leo, Cardinal Dubois, "Carmen Sylvia," Benvenuto Cellini, Joseph Vacher, Isabelle Eberhardt, Emile Zola, Henry the Navigator, Edward Carpenter ,Morin de Villefranche, Samuel Johnson, Cardinal Manning, H. Daath

Moon in Aries

Posted: Mon May 08, 2017 3:23 pm
by Jim Eshelman
1. Easily and quickly excited erotically; impatient for immediate gratification. Sexual activity in the course of a single day can be quite phenomenal.

2. Difficult to be faithful, succumb easily to temptation without any apparent show of resistance.

3. Live very active lives, always occupied, rarely relax or take a rest.

4. Advancing years still find them useful members of the community.

5. Sometimes a little too restless, wanting to change residence at the slightest whim.

6. Difficult to sit still in company, jumping up every few minutes to be of some service or other.

7. As youngsters, squirm so much in bed that the morning condition of the bed clothes is a sorry sight.

8. When occupied with a job: complete attention to the task, resisting all distractions.

9. In the face of domestic tragedy they prefer, then and there, to do something practical rather than give vent to useless sentiment.

10. Vivid imagination works overtime and always fears the worst.

Gaby Deslys, Renois, Schweitzer, Copernicus, George Sand, Paracelsus, Verdi, Rogespierre, Prince Charles, Henri IV, General Gordon, Henry II, Francis Bacon, Marcel Proust, Myers, Thomas Arnold, Captain Roehm, Rousseau, Hans Christian Anderson, Matthew Arnold, Aldous Huxley, Karl Marx, Elizabeth I, George IV, Descartes, Von Kleist, Muret, Carl Jung, Rommel, Swedenborg, Virgil, Edward III, Titus, Tito, Don Juan, Caesar Borgia
[From intervening years, add: Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton]

Moon in Taurus

Posted: Mon May 08, 2017 3:23 pm
by Jim Eshelman
1. Quiet, simple, wholesome lives. Settle down easily to a domestic existence. Not "gad-about" or likely to change residence.

2. Most fertile of parents, delighting in large families. Pronounced degree of sex appeal, make friends easily with opposite sex. Desire for love and companionship always uppermost in their minds, and if not happily mated they go to any lengths to satisfy their desires.

3. Gentle, humorous, placid, easy-going, rarely ruffled, a trifle lazy, inclined to seek comfort first and foremost.

4. Largely creatures of routine and habit. Little desire for change.

5. Spend their days in serious study or other work.

6. Indifferent to publicity. A penchant for the tranquility of a university or the academic life, where they can pursue their studies unmolested.

Charles II, Henri III, Sacher-Masoch, Louis XI, Koerning, Sarah Siddons, Jannings, Alexander Dumas, Hanratty, Milton, Lord Snowdon, Karl Schoch, Ludwig II, Queen Victoria, Ruxton, Kepler, Mussolini (with Mars and Saturn), Wren, Freud, Pater, Franco, Bunyan, Tennyson, Durer, Pasteur, Millet, Haydn

Moon in Gemini

Posted: Mon May 08, 2017 3:24 pm
by Jim Eshelman
1. Feelings and emotions expressed on the verbal plane (through words, symbols, and ideas rather than through real life action).

2. The play of ideas, imagination, and fantasies usurps the place of existence.

3. Orators, lawyers, actors, conversationalists, raconteurs, lecturers, etc. Gifted writers.

4. Live and have their being in a realm of ideas and counter-ideas, rarely coming down to earth.

5. Could write convincingly a news column every week on a subject even if they had no practical knowledge of the subject. Great "armchair philosophers" with a great show of erudition will discuss everything from a needle to an anchor.

6. Possess much information on a wide variety of topics, usually garnered from newspapers and the like.

7. Delight in talking, poor listeners, mind too full of own opinion to hear another.

8. Quick to see the humor of a situation, enjoys modern life fully.

9. "White-collar workers," found in officers, libraries, book shops, schools, universities, lecture halls, post offices, telegraph officers, or at home surrounded by office equipment and bookshelves.

Baudelaire, Bernado, Annie Besant, General Booth, Calvin Coolidge, Canova, Edward Carson, Catherein II of Russia, Nurse Cavell, Charles B. Cohran, Commodus, Robert Cross (Raphael), Culpepper, Guy de Maupassant, Alfred de Musset, Margaret de Valois, Stephen Foster, Garibaldi, Andre Gide, McLiammoir, John Stuart Mill, Sir Isaac Newton, Madame Patti, William Pill, Proclus, Puccini, Cecil Rhodes, Will Rogers, Franklin Roosevelt

Moon in Cancer

Posted: Mon May 08, 2017 3:24 pm
by Jim Eshelman
1. Soft, super-sensitive, tender, gentle, delicate, timid, yielding, graceful, dependent, and somewhat effeminate, reacting to every shade of emotion which is instantaneously reflected in his expressive features.

2. Popular, especially with opposite sex.

3. Willing to listen patiently to any tale of woe, and tend their sympathy.

4. "Long to be the darling of the crowd." Best suited for a career which brings them into close contact with people.

5. MANETHO: "...the Moon in her own house makes men noble in action and honour, and, if on the Midheaven, in a nocturnal nativity, makes kings..."

6. Very conscious of their appearances - many noted dandies.

George H. Bailey (on Asc.), Anna Bonus Kingsford, Byron, Samuel T. Coleridge, Count d'Orsay, Duke of Marlborough, Emerson, Gracie Fields, Frederick the Great, Mahatma Ghandi, James I, James II, Marc Edmond Jones, James Joyce, Junctinus, Karl Josef of Austria, La Place, Leopold III, Louis XIV, Bulwer Lytton (on Asc.), Messonier, Jawarlal Nehru (on Asc.), Simon Newcomb, OUida, Charles Stuart Parnell, Evita Peron, Philip III, Philippe II, Queen Alexander, Ripley, John Ruskin, Sepharial, Bernadette Soubirous, A.P. Sinnett, Oscar Wilde, William III

Moon in Leo

Posted: Mon May 08, 2017 3:24 pm
by Jim Eshelman
1. Strength and dynamic force of personality. Overawe and "cow" wherever they go; others make way for them. When they talk, others listen and make obeisance.

2. Centers of attention (which they demand and immediately get).

3. Fully self-contained.

4. Seldom can they be pushed aside.

5. Appear to talk as from a rostrum, striking terror into listeners' hearts with their sweeping statements and tendency to generalize. Judge prematurely, condemn, exaggerate, castigate; pronounced prejudice.

6. Rarely can they be soft or sybaritic.

7. One is always conscious of a "bigness" about them.

8. WOMEN: Queenly figures, erect postures, inwardly despising a display of weakness & lack of self-reliance in others. Never "clinging vine" type. Independent, soon cut out a line in life for themselves.

9. Rarely seek sympathy or complain about their health, and have a contempt for those that do. Always appear healthy and happy, strong and capable, but with a horror of illness and old age, and a dread of doctors and hospitals.

10. Hot-tempered and impetuous, but seldom violent.

11. Graceful in speech, action, and movement only rarely.

12. Never like to be taken advantage of or put in embarrassing situations. Pride is fierce!

13. Not gregarious, keep much to themselves, a tendency to be "snobs."

14. In married life, a dread of scandal and exposure.

15. Not given much to sentiment, though they adore their children, identifying themselves with them, sacrificing all for the progeny's worldly success.

16. Dislike visitors who walk in unexpectedly and find them unprepared.

17. Unless they can "put on a show," they seldom entertain or go visiting, especially if their means are limited.

18. In love: ardent, passionate, impulsive, forthright. Devoid of coyness and other feminine artifices, they do not seek to charm or entice, but without preamble declare themselves overtly. Superb sex appeal and magnificent womanhood.

19. Vulnerable to flattery, which is sometimes their undoing.

John F. Kennedy, Sir Winston Churchill, Pope Alexander VI (Borgia), Roger Casement, Francisco Cenci, Charles X, Cicero, Lord Craigowan, Thomas Cranmer, Grace Darling, Marquis de Sade, Benjamin Disreaeli, Don Pedro I of Portugal, Madame du Barry, Edward II, Abbas Effendi, Flammarion, Emperor Franz Josef, "Cheiro," Robert Graves, Emperor Hirohito, Baron Houghton, Sarah Jennings, Lord Kitchener, Leopols II, Louis XV, Ludwig I, Mohammed, Emperor Nero, Sir Lawrence Olivier, Ovid, Pius X, Pius XI, Steve Reeves, vivian Robson, Guiseppe Sarto, Schopenauer, Robert Schumann, Stalin, Leo Tolstoy, Harry Tracy, Paul Verlain, Vespasian, Whistler, Walt Whitman
[From intervening years, add: Lyndon B. Johnson]

Moon in Virgo

Posted: Mon May 08, 2017 3:25 pm
by Jim Eshelman
1. "Cinderella" of the zodiac.

2. Super-sensitive minds, capable of E.S.P. reception.

3. Peculiar, eccentric, original, because they live in inner worlds of their own, bordering on the unseen and the occult, and they have an abiding interest in out-of-the-way subjects. Taste for divination, markedly clairvoyant and clairaudient.

4. Averse to business and commercial life; unworldly, largely divorced from the affairs of this world, burying themselves in research or study.

5. Curious hypnotic power which they exercise unconsciously.

6. Often the future is an open book to them. Their minds are mirrors that reflect the unseen.

7. Impression of great erudition and scholastic learning, but they may not have that background. The gift of seeing into the heart of any subject, culling its essential content.

8. Considered odd and even irresponsible by their more conventional and obtuse confrères. Seldom taken seriously, frequently ignored, pushed aside, derided, humiliated, victimized, slighted, rebuffed, treated with scant courtesy.

9. As children, treated badly by schoolmates and often made the scapegoat of wild escapades of others.

10. Few make it through life without there being made an attempt to besmirch their fair name or to dishonor them. In youth, especially likely to be attacked.

11. Too serious and impersonal in thought to be socially acceptable. Prefer solid study or experimentation to a life of frivolity and worthless gossip.

12. Travel to distant out-of-the-way parts for curious reasons, alone.

13. WOMEN: Interested in "masculine" subjects: math, engineering, mechanics, science, aeronautics, etc., paying scant attention to dictates of fashion and the blandishments of the feminine world.

14. Patient, gentle, tactful, discerning and usually intelligent, simple, unaffected.

15. Manually dexterous. Pliable in physique.

16. Seldom make ideal spouses. Find it impossible to whisper sweet nothings, not "given" to gushing sentimentality or expressions of sympathy.

Joan of Arc, ("The Maid of Orleans"), Ampere, Marie Antoinette, Lord Birkenhead, H.P. Blavatsky, Niels Bohr, Tycho Brahe, Eva Braun, sir Richard burton, Cagliostro, T. Carlyle, Charles I, Charles VI, Claudius, Thomas Clifford, Frederic Chopin, Catherine de Medici, Mrs. Despard, Lord Alfred Douglas, Amelia Earhart, Edward VII, Edward Fitzgerald, W.E. Gladstone, George V, Jay Gould, Amy Johnson, Agha Khan, Omar Khayyam, K.E. Krafft, D.H. Lawrence, Le Verrier, Ludendoff, F.A. Mesmer, R.H. Maylor, Ernest Renan, Jean Rimbaud, Victor Sardou, Crown Princess Tephanie of Austria, Nikola Tesla, Swami Vivekananda, James Watt, the Duchess of Windsor
[From intervening years, add: George Bush, George W. Bush]