Moon in Gemini sign project

This is where I am temporarily filing the Sun- and Moon-constellation discussions of the last year if I have dug through the content yet, matching them to my own data pools.
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Jim Eshelman
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Moon in Gemini sign project

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sat Jun 16, 2018 12:51 pm

Welcome to the Moon in Gemini discussions project, which will run June 16 - July 16, 2018 (and then will remain around in case people want to revisit it in the future). Please gather your list of Moon in Gemini people (especially those you know personally) and join us.

Here are Moon in Gemini interpretive resources on the forum:
Primary section:
Cyril Fagan: ... p=636#p654
Garth Allen:

My current concise summary of Moon in Gemini (always subject to change) reads:
Intellectual, curious, talkative (charming, engaging). Passions drive intellect & interests. Needs constant input. Attention & interests shifting, varied. Hyper-sensitive (psychic); touchy, edgy (irrational); withdraws, hides. Stability from companionship (does better paired). Needs approval, acceptance.
Jim Eshelman

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Re: Moon in Gemini sign project

Post by FlorencedeZ. » Wed Jun 27, 2018 4:09 am

Okay, will try :)

my two children: fond of games. When they were young they couldn't get enough of rush hour, block by block and shape by shape. Outsmarting each other. Couldn't stand when one was better. Our cabinet is still filled with games and whenever there's a family moment, it's games. Both have a youthful appearance and both do everything to avoid to act or look childish. Always curious, lots of mental activity and smart. Of course mum is not smart. :? They are worriers and need lots of reassurance. Thomas the doubters. You can tell when they are not grounded when they shoot in all directions. Then all is lost and hopeless and they battle with oversensitivity vs being irrational.They are charming and are engaging, aware people. However, they both are sensitive and withdraw when hurt, as long as there is someone at home with them, don't want to be alone. (son: Aquarius-Gemini. Daughter: Gemini-Gemini)

my collegue, a supervisor: When she is doing interviews for hiring people she totally forgets about the business aspect after a while as she is enjoying the companionship of the applicant too much we think. The purpose of the conversation is forgotten and chit chat takes over. Life is wonderful. :) This has caused some problems. When she loses track of situations she seems hopefully lost with anger and needs to withdraw. Very charming in conversations. (Capricorn-Gemini)

friend: A professor. Has about 10 university degrees and is always studying and reading. Collects books and (erotic) art. He also is an artist, a painter. Also teaches graphic design. Multitalented and nervous person.

psychic/clairvoyant: Her answers to questions always turned out to be accurate and spot on. She has Moon, Mercury and Uranus angular. (Sagittarius-Gemini)

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Re: Moon in Gemini sign project

Post by SteveS » Wed Jun 27, 2018 6:54 am

Flo wrote:
psychic/clairvoyant: Her answers to questions always turned out to be accurate and spot on. She has Moon, Mercury and Uranus angular. (Sagittarius-Gemini).
I can relate to this Mercury-Uranus signature with a Gemini light. Most accurate psychic I have ever worked with:

James Condor
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Re: Moon in Gemini sign project

Post by James Condor » Wed Jul 04, 2018 7:11 am

Both my parents, my sister and friends T and L, all Gemini moons.
Avoid, and/or try to escape talking about personal issues or don't want to listen to others opinions. They continue to express their own opinion emphatically even after contrary evidence. All think they know everything and won't completely let it go or admit they don't know something. Example- ask them a specific yes or no question and they'll have no problem saying no, if they don't know, but then they will act like they do know after you give them the answer. Always have a comeback whether relevant to the topic at hand. Will change the subject when feeling uncomfortable, which in my experience is often, because I call them out until they admit there's another perspective than their own.
Experiential indeed. Good at practical hands on work with tools and machines. Do share much information but only know what they are obsessed with. My father knows his work and hobbies very well, but outside of personal hands on, invested time experience has little common sense and is way off base. Its like they try and pretend they know everything because they are good at knowing a few things and it doesn't line up.

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