Capricorn and Cancer overlapping shadows

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Capricorn and Cancer overlapping shadows

Post by Beanies+Bad habits » Thu Nov 15, 2018 9:37 pm

Recently I starting looking into Navamsa charts. For me my Navamsa Sun is Cancer, so I read into it and it fits very well.

Then I had to ask why(?). Part of it is it adds to the nature of Jupiter in my chart. The other part is because it appears to overlap with my Mars in Capricorn as well.

"Thrives within imagination & complexity (vision; or lost in fantasy). Lives in others’ shadow; finds purpose in service & emulation. Conceive & deliver results. Persuasive, trusted, instinct for motives. Live in mystery or its resolution: create or solve puzzles. Renewed by home or sanctuary. Sensitive, moody, self-absorbed."

"Courage, stands own ground (prefers action to complaining). Confrontational, discontent: creates unnecessary struggle & conflict (over authority, control, father issues). Private, secretive, self-veiling. (Mysterious façade, or deceptive; to avoid control, look good, or not be found out). Much unresolved shadow; vulnerable to dark moods; carries past darkness around. Sexually forthright (strong needs + practicality)."

Both of them have image protection quality's. Both have a Moody underbelly. Both live in shadows of the things that they do or people that surround them. I must say both can also be stuborn, cocky, and courageous (they can also get stuff done).

Now I'm wondering why the overlap(?). Cancer is the Moon and Jupiter, Anti-Saturn and Anti-Mars. Capricorn is the other way around. I clearly see the difference between the need for independence vs the need for emulation, yet I still see more underlying similarities between these two signs than I do in others.

Is it just perhaps I understand the signs more, or understand them wrong? Or is there a connection the two have that other opposites may not? Thoughts?
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Re: Capricorn and Cancer overlapping shadows

Post by Veronica » Fri Nov 16, 2018 2:10 am

"is it just perhaps I understand the signs more...."

To me it does sound like you havent read _Taking the Kids Gloves off Astrology_ which is the foundation.

maybe Im wrong.

It sounds like to me that you have all thus sign stuff, which is like the pretty embelishments we use to decorate our home....but are taking a bath in the kitchen sink, and sleep on the couch in the living room.

If you dont grasp that we sleep in a bedroom and cook in the kitchen and wash in the bathroom then.....your needs are going to not get met and your going to walk around in circles in your home and rearranging the painting on your wall for a while.

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