Pluto conjunct descendant

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Pluto conjunct descendant

Post by sotonye » Tue Dec 04, 2018 6:16 pm

Something interesting I found recently was that a decent number of eminent men and women of literature have Pluto conjunct the descendant. At least in part, writing and isolation go hand in hand, and perhaps the planet of separation, when configured on the angle of the other, tends to contribute to the kind of life that made the works of this group possible, perhaps Pluto separated them from the world and shaped them into who we know them to be.

Here's the list:

Ray Bradbury
Anton checkov
Charles Dickens
Karl May
Sigmund Freud
George Bernard Shaw
Kahlil Gebran
Michael Lewis
Mario Vargas Llosa
Amy Lowell
Marina Tsvetaeva
L. Ron Hubbard
Lin Manuel Miranda

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