Kid Gloves, House Affinity, and the Life Cycle

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Kid Gloves, House Affinity, and the Life Cycle

Post by mikestar13 » Sat Aug 19, 2017 7:38 pm

This is a recontrution of something I wrote in the 1980's but have never published. It is freely available to anyone who wants to use it.

Let's consider the system of sign-house affininty. The tropical astrolger equates the ascendant to 0 Aries [in current tropicalist practice].
Siderealists (in so far as they give any significance to the subject) more often link the asendant to 0 Libra. Those who prefer to consider
the cusps as the centers of the houses rather than the boundaries use 15 Libra. Let's see what happens if we set the ascendant to 30 Libra
(= 0 Scorpio).

WARNINGThis scheme is of no use in delinating Sun in eighth house, etc. I've tried it and it doesn't work. Don't say I didn't warn you.

This puts 30 Cancer/0 Leo at the MC in our symolic chart. Visulize how the signs and there rulers line up with the houses. Now we will start at the MC
and proceed clockwise, twice around the circle. This depicts the human life cycle from before the womb until after the tomb.

The Midheaven - In the begining God, the Prime Miracle, the Alpha. The creation of a human soul.

Our first experience is Ninth House/Cancer/Moon where we reflect the Divine Image. We do not yet posses any diffences from other souls,
we are pure reflection.

Our second experiance is Eighth House/Gemini/Mercury. We are given Mind, the programming for the life to come.

Our third experience is Seventh House/Taurus/Venus. We are sent forth in Love, ideally corresponing to love between our parents. This leads to:

The Desendant -- The First Miracle. Conception. We descend into the darkness (NOT Hell) of self.

Our fourth experience is Sixth House/Aries/Pluto. The miraculuos growth and differentiaton of the single cell created sperm and egg.

Our fifth experience is Fifth House/Pisces/Neptune. Garth Allen's "nine months of Eden". The period where all of our needs are met without
us even being aware of them.

Our sixth experience is Fourth House/Aqurius/Uranus. The birthing process, the expulsion from Eden. The ultimately benevolent pain of
being born, resulting in:

The Lower Heaven -- The Second Miracle. Birth. We emerge into separate existence. Our natal chart.

Our seventh experience is Third House/Capricorn/Saturn. Our first experience of radical aloneness. "Anal fixation."

Our eighth experience is Second House/Saggitarius/Jupiter. Reaching out to the God of our understanding (= Mom). "Oral fixation".

Our ninth experience is First House/Scorpio/Mars. The climb out of the cradle. Mastering the phyical. Assertion. "The age without pity".

The Asendant -- The Third Miracle. Emergence into the world of others.

Our tenth experience is Twelfth House/Libra/Venus. Our first real awareness of others as entities distinct from ourselves. Our first reaction
to them is to love then. A reaction than is not always (indeed not often) reciprocated.

Our eleventh experience is Eleventh House/Virgo/Mercury. Intense learning, very asexual. The primary grades in the US school system.

Our twelfth experience is Tenth House/Leo/Sun. We experience ourselves as a fully realized individual. (So we believe, we are in for a surprise.)

We're halfway there -- to be continued.
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Re: Kid Gloves, House Affinity, and the Life Cycle

Post by mikestar13 » Sun Aug 20, 2017 12:06 am

The second time around:

The Midheaven -- The Fourth Miracle. Puberty. The surprise we were in for.

Our thirteen experience is Ninth House/Cancer/Moon. A new kind of desire, qualitatively different from the eroticism of infancy. Very diffuse at this
point but definitly directed toward others.

Our fourteenth experience is Eighth House/Gemini/Mercury. More learning in more depth, for many a "second latency" -- a temporary retreat fron our
blossoming awareness of our sexuality.

Our fifteenth experience is Seventh House/Taurus/Venus. Deepening of our self-understanding as romantico-sexual beings, with the emphasis on romance.

The Descendant -- The Fifth Miracle. Breaking free--becoming an independent person in our own right, apart from our parents.

Our sixteenth experience is Sixth House/Aries/Mars (Notice the reversal of rulerships this time around). Striving for autonomy. Romantico-sexual awareness,
with the emphasis on sex.

Our seventeenth experience is Fifth House/Pisces/Jupiter. Majority/Maturity. Career while its new and joyful.

Our eighteenth experience is Fourth House/Aquarius/Saturn. Working for a living, accumulating wealt. Not intrinsically joyful, but may be if we're lucky or
foesighted enough to have chosen a career the we find both lovable and remunerative. (Good luck with that.)

The Lower Heaven -- The Sixth Miracle. "Life begins at forty". Indepencedence from social norms. Another "birth".

Our ninteenth experience is Third House/Capricorn/Uranus. The new freedom and challenge of middle age. Not coincidentally starts at about the
time of the Uranus demi-return. Can be very seperative.

Our twentieth experience is Second House/Sagittarius/Neptune. "The wonton insult of old age." -- Mark Twain. Senensence/senility. Preparation for the final journey.

Our twenty-first experience is First House/Scorpio/Pluto. The dying process. Post-conception growth in reverse. Decay of mind and body.

The Ascendant -- The Seventh Miracle. Death. Going into the light.

Our twenty-second experience is Twelfth House/Libra/Venus. Our first post-corporeal encounter--Love Absolute.

Our twenty-third experience is Eleventh House/Virgo/Mercury. Our individul minds upoaded to the Divine Mind.

Our twenty-fourth and last experience is Tenth House/Leo/Sun. The encounter with the Devine.

The Midheaven -- In the end God, the Ultimate Miracle, the Omega. Oneness with God. For those of us who believe in reincarnation, this is also the Prime Miracle.

Make of this what you will. It is not intended to be any kind of delineation. It is the outcome of my own meditations on the circle of life.
Primary sources of inspiration are Bradley's Taking The Kid Gloves Off Astrology and the clockwise houses concept
which I learned from Rob Hand's Horoscope Symbols) and which Jim E. has eloquently written about. Asc = Libra 30 is my own idea
to the best of my knowledge and belief.

I'm in that second Neptune phase now. And while my mind is intact, there is no cosmic guarantee how long this will last. My health is gradually failing.
I fear not the Reaper, but I was struck today with the need not to let this idea perish from the earth/the internet. Blessings.
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