Werner Heisenberg

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Werner Heisenberg

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sun Apr 07, 2019 5:53 pm

Dr. Werner Heisenberg, to whom is credited the Uncertainty Principle, was born December 6, 1901, 4:45 PM CET, Wurzburg, Germany according to a biography by David C. Cassidy who reports seeing the birth certificate with time on it.

As I write about Neptune-Pluto natal aspects, I was exploring the possibility that this expresses some form of comfort with the malleability of reality. I wanted to check Heisenberg's chart. His mathematical and physical sciences genius is reflected in his Scorpio-Virgo luminaries and, while I didn't see what I was seeking as I stared at the chart, I did see one clear sign of a radical way of viewing reality and its rules:

23°29' Scorpio - Uranus
24°24' Taurus - Pluto
27°44' Taurus - Ascendant

Not bad! A partile Uranus-Pluto opposition across the horizon. But then I wanted to see how close they really were to the angles and saw that while Uranus is only about 2° in altitude below Dsc (being always close to the ecliptic), Pluto had latitude 9S18 and was much further from the horizon, so I did a full mundoscope... and got a really sweet surprise!

Pluto 7°22' below Asc
Neptune 8°07' below Asc

A partile Neptune-Pluto mundane conjunction in the foreground - the exact aspect I first calculated his chart in order to see!
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Re: Werner Heisenberg

Post by SteveS » Mon Apr 08, 2019 2:54 am


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