Ennead For For Firing

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Ennead For For Firing

Post by Venus_Daily » Tue Nov 07, 2023 8:39 pm

The ennead for 10/6/23 is as follows.

Natal Saturn Conj Zenith Less than 2 Degrees.
Natal Moon Opp radical moon less than 30 MINUTES
Tr. Saturn Sesquisquare Tr. Moon within 32 minutes
Tr. Saturn Semi-square N. Moon
Tr. Saturn Opp Natal Mercury
Tr. Mercury Sq. Radical Jupiter (for some reason).

November's Ennead looks kind of dead with tr. Moon Conj the IC Square Tr. Uranus both in exact minor hard aspect to N. Venus. Family Maybe

Jan/Feb seem kind of upbeat.
Jan has Natal Venus/Jupiter close on the angles and even on the Eq

Feb has an exact Moon/Jupiter opposition mundane two degrees of the ASC/Dsc Axis with Mercury/Mars close to the MC

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