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Demi-SSRs for Nursing School

Posted: Wed Aug 21, 2019 10:35 pm
by Venus_Daily
Alright, I finally and officially start nursing school this semester, needless to say I'm feeling a bit neurotic, so please bear with me. I was awarded a huge scholarship, which covered most of my tuition (a good thing). The course is 5 semesters back to back with strong encouragement to attend graduate school and graduation in the Spring of 2021. My 2019 return is amazing, there's a ton going on with a nice Moon/Jupiter conjunction along with moon aspecting most planets apart from Saturn, Pluto, and Uranus. Uranus is also close to the eastpoint.

My Demi-SSR is very discouraging, it's also very active with Jupiter/Pluto & Saturn closely on the IC. Also, there's a Venus/Saturn square.

My 2020 SSR is very mixed. There's a close moon Jupiter/Square, but the moon will eventually make its way to square with Solar Saturn. Uranus is on the MC, and it's about 2 degrees from opposing my natal Saturn. The West Point is only 3 minutes away from my natal Saturn. Also, the Demi-SSR moon is squaring Demi-SSR Saturn

The 2021 Demi-SSR is atrocious. The Demi-SSR Moon will be closely conjunct my natal Saturn on the West Point. To add injury to insult, Saturn is on the MC making a partile square to Uranus. The last time I had Uranus aspecting Saturn in a Solar return, I had to check into a psychiatric facility and was later diagnosed with a brain tumor.
I'm trying to have as much confidence in this as possible, but the planetary symbolism is staggering. Am I being overly dramatic, or should I just drop out on Monday?

Sorry, I wanted to add the feeling I got during orientation. It was very, very strange. It was nothing but women, and even though the course leaders and Deans (who were all Doctors) told us to leave the competition behind, it gave me the same vibe as that film by Dario Argento called Suspiria.

Re: Demi-SSRs for Nursing School

Posted: Thu Aug 22, 2019 7:42 am
by Jim Eshelman
Venus_Daily wrote:
Wed Aug 21, 2019 10:35 pm
My Demi-SSR is very discouraging
Then my opinion will be good news to you: I've lost all confidence in Demi-Solars as "on their own" charts, i.e., the way they're usually used. (I still consider them important in helping determine what quarters of the year things in the main Solar Return will come to a head, when the same planet is angular in the Demi or Quarti that was angular in the full SSR; but not as "stand by themselves" charts.)

Your incoming (9/5) SSR is quite good, with one down-and-distracted period in about 4 months (from 3 to 5 months from your birthday). I'm getting all these from Moon aspects with Moon square a nearly partile Sun-Mars conjunction (Moon-Sun 23'), Moon about 2° from a 15' Mercury-Jupiter square, Moon moving on in 6 months to square Venus... but in about 4 months Moon squares Neptune and that could be a heightened anxiety time. Moon to all the other planets is quite positive for assertion and growth, with Moon-Mars the worst of it and probably just showing hard work, periods of stress and competition, etc. (Watch out for your health.) Similarly, natal Saturn is widely angular, which I take to mean a nose-to-the-grindstone year.

Now, actually, you'd be better off if I were wrong about the Demi. It's a pretty decent chart! the worst feature is a foreground Venus-Saturn square (but, then, this is going to be a year that is "all work and no play," right?). I'm not crazy about the Moon-Neptune square but love Jupiter 1°37' above Ascendant and Pluto 2°36' below Asc - these form the core of the chart, and the other, wider angular planets (Saturn and Uranus) fit in around this fundamentally positive chart. Furthermore, Jupiter conjoins your Moon. And the fact that both transiting and natal Pluto are so close to angles means we'd read it as a breakthrough, life-transforming year. - I wish I could tell you it was a valid chart, but I don't actually think you'll feel it one way or the other, except perhaps for the first few days of March.
My 2020 SSR is very mixed.
It is. But it's good on balance. First impression is Uranus at MC - new things, new life situations, discoveries. Moon is 1°20' from square Jupiter as a definition for the whole year, though you'll have some rough months when Moon progresses through Pluto (4 months in) and Saturn (7 months in). But these are months, not the whole year - a month for each as it approaches, and another month as it leaves.

Also, natal Saturn is quite close to IC. Again, this won't be a year for playing or conventional happiness (though that Moon-Jupiter goes a long way to keeping conditions positive, especially with Jupiter almost within 1° of conjunct your natal Moon).

The worst thing about the 2020 SSR (other than the few months of Moon progressions) is if you are anxious about change. An important aspect is transiting Uranus on MC - and transiting across that MC through the year - opposite natal Saturn. This isn't good if you're trying to hold onto things, to keep stable matters concrete and unmoving. It shakes them up a lot. The best way to use the chart, therefore, is to intentionally break up stuck and rigid conditions in your life that have been make your life smaller. It needs to be a blast out, break out year, and your angular natal Saturn may be anxious about that, trying to hold things down that keep flying away. I suggest you make the conscious choice to go with bold, unreasonable changes as they present themselves for your consideration.
The West Point is only 3 minutes away from my natal Saturn.
Not true. You misread something.
The 2021 Demi-SSR is atrocious.
I don't believe in Demi-Solars anymore. Don't stress this.

Your 2021 SSR, though, is rough with two Saturns extremely close to angles. I suggest you plan now to have your 2021 birthday somewhere else where you get a great chart. Moon opposes Jupiter and sits along the meridian in the eastern U.S. There's a Jupiter line through (roughly) Miami and all spots exactly north of there, such as Charlotte, Charleston, and other spots. Make the decision (and pocket some cash for it) now and finalize the plans later. Farther south is better than farther north along that line (to keep natal Saturn from creeping in) so I'd suggest (on a first impression) somewhere around Miami.

Re: Demi-SSRs for Nursing School

Posted: Fri Aug 23, 2019 3:08 pm
by Venus_Daily
Damn, do I have to spend the entire year there? I don't think that will be an option for me. :shock:
I really wanted to begin the Master's program in 2021. I've been studying the 2021 SSR return for a while as well. I don't pay too much attention to signs in SSRs, but the 2021 SSR has Venus in the degree of it's fall partile square Pluto. With Saturn so close to the IC, I can't help but think this will be a personal family issue like a death or illness of a loved one. Maybe, the close Moon/Jupiter opp signifies financial gain. I don't think I've ever experienced the opposition before.

Re: Demi-SSRs for Nursing School

Posted: Fri Aug 23, 2019 3:29 pm
by Jim Eshelman
Not the whole year. Just the exact minute of your SSR and, if possible, 30 hours after.