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New Acquaintance

Post by SteveS » Sat Feb 24, 2018 9:03 am

I have looked at 23 new SSR’s this past week (love it) of several new acquaintances, and here is an interesting one for a male. First note his Natal Chart (1), and t. Saturn around his Natal MC, Neptune, and soon to be Moon.


Now, look at his current 2018 SSR (2). Mundo Saturn is 1,06 cnj his SSR Dsc, with SSR Neptune foreground. Not a pleasant SSR.


Now look at his 2018 SSR BI-wheeled with his Natal (3). Note SSR/TRANSITING Saturn is partile cnj his Natal Neptune and SSR Dsc. This is one of those rare ‘outstanding incident’ SSR. With his SSR Neptune foreground, we have a double whammy of Saturn-Neptune symbolism.


The Native asked me when I thought this Saturn-Neptune would manifest during the year. I told him this is a difficult matter to pin down. I looked at all his SLR’s and saw no outstanding event SLR. So, next, I looked at his Demi SSR. Below (4) is his DSSR. Here again, we see an ‘outstanding incident’ Return Chart with Venus partile cnj DSSR Asc and Saturn partile cnj DSSR IC. Actually, this is a Venus-Saturn Paran, very potent. It is also important to note this DSSR Saturn partile cnj his Natal Moon. My best guess is the Saturn-Neptune event foretold in his 2018 SSR will probably manifest in the second half of his solar year, and it will not surprise me if the event manifests close to or on the date of his DSSR (Aug 9, 2018). I will try to remember to report back with event.


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