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Re: My 4/3/2019 SLR

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sat Apr 13, 2019 1:58 pm

Jim Eshelman wrote:
Sun Mar 31, 2019 11:20 am
t Mars sq. Asc 0°05'
t Venus on EP 0°12' (on Asc -4°55')
t Neptune on Asc -9°16'
t Mercury on Asc -9°21'
-- t Mercury-Neptune conj. 0°05' in mundo (Venus distantly linked)

Mercury, Venus, and Neptune to natal Moon and Pluto, but especially:
t Venus op. r Pluto 0°57' in mundo
t Neptune op. r Moon 1°56' in mundo
t Mercury op. r Moon 2°01' in mundo
t Venus conj. r Moon 2°25' in mundo
Within the above SLR, my Demi-SLR comes Tuesday. It's a bit unpleasant looking - sort of like the above SLR with the nice stuff missing. Here's the breakdown:

t Mars on MC +1°45'
t Neptune on Dsc -3°15'
t Moon on Asc -7°23'
r Moon on Dsc -9°04'
-- t Moon-Neptune op. 4°08'

t Moon-Jupiter sq. 1°53' [Jupiter not foreground]
t Sun op. r Neptune 0°19'
t Pluto conj. r Mars 0°47'

In case there weren't enough Mars + Neptune, the culminating Mars is 20' from sesqui-square my natal Neptune (reinforced by Sun), which will at least be a transit in force on Tuesday. OTOH the foreground Moon is very nicely aspected, even if the aspecting Venus and Jupiter aren't quite foreground themselves.

Other good news is that Mars and Neptune are not in aspect. That is, Mars is angular, Neptune's angular, is there is no Mars-Neptune aspect. That's a different matter altogether.
Jim Eshelman

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