the power of Jupiter

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the power of Jupiter

Post by Jupiter Sets at Dawn » Wed May 17, 2017 8:13 pm

May 23, 2013 10:56 pm
Venus_Daily wrote:My Lunar Return for Apr 30-May 27 features an exact conjunction to the EQ ASC both rising.
Even though I do still have "issues" with my aunt, I continue to baby sit for her grandaughter, who I consider my niece, anyway, today she phoned me to explained that she was giving me 2,000 dollars of what is left from her teaching contract, she retired this year. On Christms 2008 there was a Venus/Jupiter conjunction on the desc when she gave me about 3-400 dollars. What a difference. She claims she will give me the money tommorow or Saturday, just 1-2 days before my lunar return is over. Jupiter has been close to angles including the MC, but never exactly conjunct since December 2008. What a difference partile aspects make. I also had this exact same configuration in December 2012 conjunct the EQ, but below the DSC. I guess it was just signifying a nice christmas.
Jim Eshelman wrote::)
SteveS wrote:Venus wrote:
What a difference partile aspects make.
Exactly! IMO, as far as potency, there is no stronger aspect in astrology than a planet partile conjunct an angle. This is consistent with Jim’s teachings where he wrote over 30 years ago:
Partile aspects (1 degree orb or less) reign supreme.

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