December SLR

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December SLR

Post by mikestar13 » Sun Dec 02, 2018 5:28 am

My December SLR is on the 17th. Venus is 21' in mundo from the IC, the only foreground transiting planet. It's only aspect to my natal planets is a 2' orb semisquare to Jupiter. My natal Sun-Venus conjuction are background, with the Sun being just a shade over one degree from the ninth cusp.

On the next day, Mary my girlfriend (my fiancee in all but name) is moving out to an apartment in Riverside, CA, which was the closest to here that could be found for her. Her insurance has a program to get people out of nursing homes. She will have subsidized rent and in home supportive services.

Some information on how the relationship is going: We have weathered all the storms, but since my June stabbing incident, we have grown steadily more in love and now relate to each other with an easy grace, the like of which I've never known, not even when it was the very best with Sue. Though for religious reason, I have not formally spoken the actual words "will you marry me?" and will not do so until 3/26/2019 when my divorce is final, we fully understand and agree that I will ask her that very day and her answer will be "yes", to be followed by as long or a short an engagement as she needs. She knows very well I will marry her that very day or wait as long as she needs. She has suffered hurt and abuse in relationships and may (or may not) need additional healing time before she's ready for the final commitment--she will have all the time she needs.

We have plans in place for keeping in touch daily via phone and PM. Daily nothing, if the internet goes down in mid December, you'll known Mary and I have shut it down with the volume of our messages :D We average around five PM's a day now when we are across the hall from each other, for a time we'll be in different counties.

We both are feeling unease and a bit of depression that we'll be unable to see each other face-to-face daily for a time, though she will visit here, and I will visit her if insurance will ever get me my power chair so I can travel without an attendant. On January 1, my insurance will be changed to her company, so I will be able to take advantage of their "nursing home escape" plan. I will be looking into transferring to a facility nearer to her in the interim if that's feasible, as I'll need time to be physically/medically ready to leave skilled nursing.

I would love to hear more about what the SLR has to say about all this, as well as any other astrological insights.
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