Inauguration Day 2021

Q&A and discussion on progressions of Sidereal Solar Returns.
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Inauguration Day 2021

Post by Jim Eshelman » Tue Aug 04, 2020 7:58 am

StarAgeWiz drew my attention to this the other day - we haven't dug into Inauguration Day factors for the two (presumptive) candidates yet, and we should. (This sub-forum as as good as any - I'll be all over the place on techniques.)

The new presidential term begins January 20, 2021, 12:00 PM, Washington, DC. Though I don't know if there will be public festivities, I'll calculate everything for the steps of the Capitol (though anyplace in DC is about the same).
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Donald Trump for Inauguration Day 2021

Post by Jim Eshelman » Tue Aug 04, 2020 7:58 am

t Pluto op. r Saturn 0°01'
t Neptune sq. r Uranus 0°00'
-- t Saturn sqq. r Neptune 0°00'
t Uranus sqq. r Moon 0°30'
-- t Jupiter ssq. r Moon 0°8'
-- t Mars sqq. r Moon 0°35'

Though some of these aspects individually look auspicious, even the Jupiter-Uranus to Moon is compromised by Mars. The Pluto and Saturn-Neptune transits are completely shattering. The negligible orbs (everything climaxing more or less on that exact day and time) suggest something climactic. - Taking transits by themselves (and they are quite a strong set), they are personally devastating.

Secondary Progressions
0°04' p Moon sq. r Moon
-- 0°07' p Moon-Uranus sq.
-- 0°11' p Uranus op. r Moon
0°06' p Mars ssq. r Mars
0°14' p Mars-Pluto sq.
0°16' p Saturn ssq. r Uranus
0°32' p Mercury sx. r Uranus
-- 0°58' p Mercury sx. r Jupiter
0°33' pL MC conj. p Saturn
0°50' p Jupiter sq. r Saturn
0°51' p Sun-Venus ssq.

Excluding the outer-to-outer aspects that cover years or decades, the three widest are the only truly positive aspects, and they are all separating. The rest most clearly show a clear turning point, a time when everything is made new - and he brings significant surprises in a combative, antagonistic, conflict-driven way. - The p MC-Saturn conjunction occurred for birthplace early in 2018 and he escaped it (though at serious cost). Now, the local p MC for Washington is doing the same thing.

Since progressed Moon is exactly square natal Moon, notice that the Mars-Jupiter-Uranus transits to natal Moon are also partile to progressed Moon (with Jupiter's transit being only 0°04' wide).

Solar Arc Directions
+0°13' d Mars sqq. r Sun
+0°07' d Moon sqq. r Jupiter
-0°39' d Saturn conj. r Neptune
-0°41' d Neptune op. r Uranus
-0°42' d Uranus conj. r Asc
-0°58' d Mercury sq. r Moon

It is hard to overlook the Moon-Jupiter direction, especially since it was exact nearly at Election Day. Though there are difficult aspects here, the Solar Arcs - especially if we concentrate on aspects involving personal points - are positive on balance and could show a victorious Trump surprising everyone with a new turn of affairs.

Tertiary Progressions
Selective listing of aspects (not exhaustive):
0°02' p Mercury sq. L MC
0°39' p Moon-Sun sq.
0°52' p Sun op. r Uranus

Because strong advocates of Terts emphasize transits to them, I'll also mention:
0°24' t Venus sq. p Neptune
0°38' t Mercury conj. p MC
0°51' t Saturn ssq. p Sun

These look like a major change, similar to what we've seen above. They don't clearly tip the scales on whether he is seen as a winner or loser that day.

Sidereal Solar Return (SSR)
This has been examined previously. Uranus is the dominant feature (at MC) with secondary Saturn. Uranus' square to natal Pluto in the foreground is surely it's most important aspect - but it isn't clear whether it totally disassembles him or, in the alternative, sees him rising as a phoenix from the ashes. SSR Moon emphasizes his natal Mercury-Neptune square (but, then, what else is new?). I think this chart tips negative for him, but that could be deceptive.

One enormously positive thing occurs for him in this chart: For Inauguration Day, transiting Jupiter squares SSR MC within 1°. That alone, despite all the other destruction, struggle, and surrealism, could be enough to show him the top-of-the-world victor that day. However, that transit isn't alone, since transiting Saturn crosses SSR Westpoint within half a degree. There are other transits to the SSR for inauguration but many are ambiguous (part of complex good-plus-bad patterns). The one that straightforward aspect is transiting Sun conjunct s Saturn 0°11'.

I conclude that the chart and its transits weighs against him, though there is a non-trivial win for him then or soon after. (Though I can't believe Biden would do this, an example of the non-trivial win would be a presidential pardon.)

Sidereal Lunar Return (SLR)
Without doing a full breakdown, just eye-balling the details, there are no close transiting angular planets and the chart seems most marked by natal Pluto and Mars having moderate dominance. Interestingly, the angles tighten for Palm Beach, FL (Mar-a-Lago), where a transiting Mercury-Jupiter conjunction is on WP square Uranus near MC. (Of course, if he's at Mar-a-Lago, he isn't at the inauguration.)

Sidereal Natal Quotidian (SNQ)
No natal, progressed, or transiting planets fall on angles for Washington.

If I check the Q1 variant (which does not have my confidence), we get mixed signals. Natal Sun squares Q Asc. Transiting Neptune opposes progressed Moon (0°37')

I'm considering this chart non-contributory.

Solar Quotidian (SQ)
No natal, solar, progressed solar, or transiting planets fall on angles for Washington. SQ Moon makes no partile aspects to solar or natal planets. It does receive a transit by Venus, which suggests he is happy and receiving love, but does not seem a very powerful aspect in comparison to his other laser-exact transits. (If he has won, it means the cheering crowd. If he has lost, there probably will be a small cheering crowd wherever he spends the day.)

I'll treat this chart as non-contributing.

Progressed Sidereal Solar Return (PSSR)
PSSR angles produce different results depending on whether we use the mean or apparent rate. (Over the last year, the mean rate has performed far better for me than the apparent.)

By Mean Rate: MC 10°51' Capricorn, Asc 2°07' Taurus, EP 15°38' Aries
Within 1° t Uranus sq. MC (0°52'), t Mars sq. MC (0°47'), r Mars sq. Asc (0°40')
Within 2° t Jupiter (1°30') & t Saturn (1°57') on MC

By Apparent Rate: MC 14°06' Capricorn, Asc 6°06' Taurus, EP 18°59' Aries
Within 1° s Uranus sq. MC (0°07')
Within 2°t Jupiter on MC (1°45'), r Pluto on IC (1°57')

The usual orb is 1°, with a 2° orb usually used only when there is birth time uncertainty. Trump's birth time seems quite exactly known. Neither chart clearly gives an outcome, though both are volatile (and the first one, which I think more likely the correct method, is downright explosive). Unfortunately, this could be a result from his winning or his losing - there is no telling.

Kinetic Lunar Return (KLR)
His January 4 KLR has transiting Neptune exactly square MC (and square natal Uranus, which is on IC). It doesn't show strength. (At most, it shows theatrics.)

Kinetic Demi-Lunar Return (Demi-KLR)
His January 17 Demi-KLR, right before inauguration, has Venus on MC, tied into his natal Mercury-Neptune and his progressed Mars. Progressed Mars, Neptune, Venus, and Jupiter are setting. Overall, it's not a bad chart - the lunar itself (what the world brings to him) is positive, his reactions are less clearly so.

Sidereal Anlunar Return (SAR)
The January 18 Anlunar, right before inauguration, is quite similar to the new Capsolar, with Mars conjunct Uranus square Jupiter and Saturn with various orbs (Mars-Uranus with Jupiter are closest). The most angular planets are Saturn 0°21' from WP and Mercury 0°34' from Dsc. Next closest are Uranus (1°21') and Mars (2°543') form MC. The chart is volatile to say the least, and appears to weigh heavily against him with malefics outweighing benefics (at least by orb).

Excluding methods that are inconclusive or that mostly show collateral issues like change and surprises, we have:

Transits: Extremely negative
Solar Arc directions: Positive on balance
SSR: Negative (including transits for the day), with some silver lining
PSSR: Negative leaning, though mostly volatile and explosive
KLR: Somewhat negative.
SAR: Negative

Based on this, I predict it will be a negative, difficult day for him. Other factors have been disclosed along the way, including much Uranus and a focus of the Mars-Uranus conjunction that is so strong in his charts and surrounding national and event charts.
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Joe Biden for Inauguration Day 2021

Post by Jim Eshelman » Tue Aug 04, 2020 7:58 am

t Neptune op. L MC 0°37'
t Jupiter op. r Pluto 0°56'
t Venus ssq. r Venus 0°28'

(Since I think his birth time might be as much as five minutes earlier, it's hard to know how seriously to take t Neptune op. his local MC; but I list it.)

Not much here! One possible conclusion from this is that January 20, 2021 is not a significant day in his life (certainly not as significant as the day will be for Trump). Given that the only two reliable transits are one from Jupiter and one from Venus, I'm going to call this mildly favorable.

Secondary Progressions
p Mercury op. r Jupiter 0°09'
pL Asc sq. r Mercury 0°29'
p Moon-Mercury ssq. 0°42'
p Moon sq. r Saturn 0°44'
t Jupiter ssq. r Uranus 0°50'
p Uranus tr. r Neptune 0°57'

The two most important aspects give mixed messages: The 09' Mercury-Jupiter opposition is quite positive; the Moon-Saturn square is quite negative.

Solar Arc Directions
Again we have to be careful not to overly emphasize the angles because the birth time is uncertain within a few minutes. Nonetheless, there is an extremely negative angle direction.

+0°52' d Saturn sq. r Venus
+0°42' d Uranus sq. r Mercury
+0°30' d Sun sqq. r Neptune
-0°35' d MC op. r Saturn

Though the MC-Saturn is uncertain and the others are nearly expired, the only way to read this as it stands is that it is negative for him.

Tertiary Progressions
(Selective aspects, rather than an exhaustive list: The positive angle progression shouldn't be taken as seriously.)
0°02' p Mars tr. r Mars
0°18' p Sun sx. r Pluto
-- 0°24' p Sun ssq. r Mercury
0°26' p Asc sq. r Jupiter
0°34' p Moon-Uranus ssq. 0°34'
0°42' p Sun-Jupiter conj.
-- 0°46' p Sun-Neptune conj.
-- 0°46' p Mercury-Neptune conj. (Ne = Su/Me 00')

Even ignoring the Asc-Jupiter progression, the Sun-Jupiter conjunction makes this quite positive. Transits to terts include only very slow and impersonal aspects, though they are a little harsh.

Sidereal Solar Return (SSR)
I've expressed concern for Biden's SSR set up for Atlanta. It is pretty similar for Washington, with Neptune exactly on IC and Sun moderately rising. The angles are identical with his natal angles so his natal Sun, Venus, Uranus, and (to a lesser extent) Saturn are foreground, not a bad mix. Moon opposite his Pluto (partile) says this marks a decisive life-change (which is probably true either way).

I don't take this chart as clearly showing the outcome. It can be theatrical. It could be negative, showing him deflated, or positive, showing him inflated! It does tend to show solar leadership, though not without compromise.

Transits to the SSR tip it mildly in has favor, especially with Venus opposite SSR Moon among others.

Sidereal Lunar Return (SLR)
Biden's SLR about 6 PM January 20 will already be felt during inauguration, and will be in full swing that night. For Washington, it places his Moon exactly on MC - a clear sign that he is the center of attention at that meridian of longitude. It is a dangerous chart, though - I don't know that it speaks well for his well-being. Besides threat, it is also combative, with natal Mars square Ascendant.

But on the single question of whether is shows more that he did or did not win the presidency, it is positive for him: He seems to be the man of the hour.

Sidereal Demi-Lunar Return (Demi-SLR)
Furthermore, his January 7 Demi-SLR - the chart leading up to the inauguration, when a new president's transition team is active and when Biden, in particular, would be very active gearing up, we have a chart of executive authority, readiness for change, and an enormous amount of business (but also conflict). Sun rises (1°35') with Uranus on IC (2°32'). Jupiter is 0°35' from EP on one side, Saturn 1°25' away on the other (more positive than negative, but very business and politics driven). Moon-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn aspects bind these together.

This chart is consistent with his having won.

Sidereal Natal Quotidian (SNQ)
Quotidians will be difficult to assess because we haven't fully tested Biden's birth time. I think it is somewhere between exactly right and (more likely) as much as 5 minutes earlier, so we should consider that all of these quotidian angles should be somewhere between "just right" and 1° earlier.

His SNQ is excellent yet threatening. Within 1° t Jupiter is on MC opposite natal and progressed Pluto (the latter on IC), squared by transiting Mars-Uranus. If his birth time is exactly right, natal Sun is within 1° of Descendant.

Solar Quotidian (SQ)
Seems to show him in power and in the limelight. Relying only on contacts within 1° either for the given birthtime or one slightly sooner, we get: Q Asc conj. t Sun, sq. r Moon. Q EP conj. t Mercury, Q MC conj. r Mercury. SQ Moon makes no aspects unless you want to count the 0°02' trine to natal Uranus (which I do not). Positive.

Progressed Sidereal Solar Return (PSSR)
The two PSSR possibilities are quite a bit different this time.

By mean rate (which I think more likely valid):
MC 13°07' Scorpio, Asc 27°22' Capricorn, EP 9°30' Aquarius
Q Asc sq. r Mercury 0°14'

By apparent rate:
MC 20°36' Scorpio, Asc 9°26' Aquarius, EP 18°03' Aquarius
Q Asc sq. r Uranus 0°36'

Inconclusive. (I do think it shows him giving a speech or being in the news, but I won't call that conclusive.)

Kinetic Lunar Return (KLR)
The January 16 KLR has a progressed Venus on MC within reasonable orb of conjunct Moon. It does, however, also square progressed Saturn, so it's a strong Venus reflecting tragedy. It weighs against him.

Sidereal Anlunar Return (SAR)
The January 14 Anlunar has many small details but the only really strong feature is that natal/SSR Sun rises. There is some natal Saturn involved (square MC a little widely, moving out of orb if his birth is earlier than 8:30), but not transiting Saturn. The angular Sun closely rising Sun prevails.

Transits: Mildly favorable.
Secondary progressions: Mixed - strong messages on both sides.
Solar Arc directions: Negative.
Tertiary progressions: Positive.
SSR: Mildly favorable.
SLR: & Demi-SLR Positive (both).
SNQ: Excellent.
SQ: Positive.
KLR: Negative.
SAR: Positive.

Only the Solar Arcs and Kinetic Lunar lean against him. Though there are many difficulties and some mixed messages, most of the charts lean clearly with him, especially for assuming the dignity and power of a solar office.

I predict, therefore, that January 20 will be a day that he is the center of attention at the longitude of Washington, DC, will own a position of leadership and dignity, and will find himself in the middle of enormous threat and emergency.
Jim Eshelman

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Side-by-Side Comparisons

Post by Jim Eshelman » Tue Aug 04, 2020 11:33 am

There is another way to compare these - one that has served well in athletic competitions - and that's to see who has better charts for each individual chart checked.

Transits: Biden
Trumps are personally devastating. Biden's are mildly favorable.

Secondary Progressions
Trump's are inconclusive but show a clear turning point. Biden's are starkly mixed. These are inconclusive.

Solar Arc Directions: Trump
Trump's are positive. Biden's are negative.

Tertiary Progressions: Biden
Trump's are inconclusive but do show a major change. Biden's are quite positive.

Sidereal Solar Return (SSR): Biden
Trump's SSR and its transits are negative but with a silver lining. Biden's are weakly positive (but I rely more on Trump's bad ones).

Sidereal Lunar Return (SLR): Biden
Trump's looks like he's not in town or nothing important is happening. Bien's looks like he's the man of the hour.

Sidereal Natal Quotidian (SNQ): Biden
Trump's does not contribute. Biden's is excellent for the purpose under discussion.

Solar Quotidian (SQ): Biden
Trump's does not contribute. Biden's is positive.

Progressed Sidereal Solar Return (PSSR)
Neither contributes anything conclusive.

Kinetic Lunar Return (KLR): Trump
Trump's KLR shows drama or weakness (not sure which); his Demi-KLR is positive. Biden's is negative.

Sidereal Anlunar Return (SAR): Biden
Trump's weighs heavily against him. Biden's is positive.

I think you can do the math...
Jim Eshelman

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