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Donald Trump's secondary progressions

Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2018 2:26 pm
by Jim Eshelman
I looked through Trump's secondary progressions for the next couple of years. Several persist long past that point, but those don't interest me: I am looking especially for changes. Here's what stands out:

1. P SATURN conj. P MC. His worst progression ends March 2019. If he has not been removed or at least seriously wounded by then, it's hard to see anything else taking him out (especially since his next two Solar Returns show change but don't show any real damage to him.)

2. P VENUS conj. N JUPITER. His best progression (along with the Sun-45-Jupiter) ends May 31, 2019. Given the change in SSR two weeks later, this probably isn't needed anymore.

3. P SUN ssq. N JUPITER ends March 2020. Presuming he is still in office, this shows a loss of popularity and success just as the primaries are hitting their peak.

4. p MARS ssq. N MARS. Conflict, battle, and the rest beginning in May 2019 as Venus-Jupiter ends, and peaking November 2020 - the month of the next elections.

This set of progressions (taken only by itself) suggests, as its simplest reading, that serious threats are repelled by spring 2019 and, from about that point on, he's hard-driving toward re-election - losing his campaign magic by March 2020 and getting trounced in November. This is only one way to read these, but it's a simple one that is consistent with simple expectations.

The most important lunar progressions - just mentioning when they are exact, but understanding that they run a month before and after these dates - are as follows:

sq. r MC Jan-Feb 2019
ssq. p Mars 3/2019
conj. r Mars 4/5/2019
conj. r Asc 6/2019
ssq. r Jupiter 8/2019
conj. p Sun 8/19/2019
ssq. p Venus 9/2019
ssq. r Saturn 1/2020
ssq. p Jupiter 2/9/2020 [These highlight p Ju = r Sa]
ssq. r Venus 3/2020
sq. r Uranus 9/2020
ssq. p Saturn 9/2020

Re: Donald Trump's secondary progressions

Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2019 6:45 pm
by By Jove
How likely do you think is the possibility that Trump will be impeached?