Timing for receiving money.

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Timing for receiving money.

Post by Danica » Tue May 09, 2017 3:14 pm

Aug 07, 2016
SteveS wrote:Several weeks ago I did some consultation work with a Theatre owner in Florida, who owns a classic old 1940’s single screen theatre. I have a friend I have known for over 20 years who has been booking his movies for 18 years. The Theatre owner has been thinking about renovating his Theatre which is what I specialized in before I retired, I know how to organize renovations to old single screen Theatre buildings in very economical ways. My friend hooked us up and the Theatre owner asked me my fee. I told him I would travel to his location for only my travel expenses, and then he could pay me what he thought my consultations was worth to him. I had several follow-up phone consultations with him, and last week two money things happened in my life.

1: I received a check, much more than I expected from the Theatre owner.
2: I was paid off (after Rep Convention) on my +700 bet (placed on July 30th 2015) on Trump to win Rep Nomination.

Both of these checks arrived in the mail within 2 days. This extra money in retirement will allow my wife and I to take a nice vacation. My p. Natal Moon 13,43 Tau partile 180 my p. Natal Jupiter 13,43 Scorpio.

Timing is everything!
Jim Eshelman wrote:1. Congratulations! :)

2. Fabulous example :D

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