Obama’s Secondary Progressed Chart in RA (2010)

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Obama’s Secondary Progressed Chart in RA (2010)

Post by David Stanton » Tue May 09, 2017 5:24 pm

by SteveS on Thu Feb 11, 2010 9:32 am

I have previously posted where Obama’s 09 SSR and some of his SLR’S contained considerable harsh symbolism. We can now see where this harsh symbolism has manifested itself pertaining to the MA. Election Results, which abruptly put a halt to Obama’s primary agenda’s. I also previously posted, pointing out Obama’s Secondary Progressed Natal Chart was absolutely loaded with Partile aspects reflecting harsh planetary symbolism. After further reflections, I now believe Obama’s Secondary Progressed Natal Chart is the tell-tell Chart explaining Obama’s present political predicament. The Solunar Charts and their symbolism have added strong corroborated symbolism to Obama’s tell-tell Secondary Progressed Chart, with the SLR’S offering monthly time windows for more ‘powerful an immediate effects.’

Fagan states pertaining to the Secondary Progressed Chart:
“The old fashioned system of progressions still holds sway. Rightly used it is the main source of prediction and has at times given astonishing results; for this reason it is still deservedly popular. Attributed to the Arabs, it is styled the “secondary system of directing” to distinguish it from the “primary system” devised by Claudius Ptolemy, which long ago went out of fashion. In astrological language, the secondary system seeks to interpret the ancient legend that states:

“A year is as a day in the sight of the Lord.”

According to Jim’s teachings in his book ‘Interpreting Solar Returns,’ the main ‘theme-setter’ of any chart will be angular planets and their aspects. Jim teaches partile aspects ‘reign supreme’ but ‘it is when angularity and aspect partility coincide that outstanding incidents are most likely to come about.’ The main ‘theme-setter’ with Obama’s Secondary Progressed Chart is Saturn conjunct the progressed Descending angle; this May 2010 p. Saturn will be partile p. Descendant and will remain in this angular partile position for the next two years. Partile p. angular Saturn receives a partile 90 from p. Mars and a partile 135 from p. Pluto. Progressed Mercury and p. Mars are partile conjunct; p. Mars & Pluto are partile 45. I have never seen a Secondary Progressed Chart with so many partile aspects, all very malefic in the context of the whole Secondary Chart. Obama finds himself in his astrological life in the ‘wrong place at the wrong time,’ with his Secondary Progressed Chart. It should be noted that Obama’s p. Saturn conjuncting his p. Descendant is only celestially made possible with his relocated Secondary Progressed Chart to Washington DC as President of the US. The ‘outstanding incident’ occurring to Obama is clearly symbolized with this malefic p. angular Saturn receiving partile aspects from two other strong malefics, Mars & Pluto. His political career is seriously falling apart with the possibilities of large Party losses in the up-coming Mid-Term Elections.

Using Bradley’s delineated words from his book ‘Solar & Lunar Returns,’ pertaining to Obama’s Secondary Progressed Natal Chart.
“Saturn, as a malefic, is essentially destructive, and when it is on an angle, the native’s whole well-being is in the balance. Saturn angular may also be expected to curtail the native’s social interest and activities, for it places him at distinct disadvantage, making him subject to criticism by others.”

Obama’s secondary progressed Saturn, partile conjunct the 7th angle, receives a partile 90 from secondary progressed Mars. Bradley states:
“No more destructive influence can be found than this planetary combination in major aspect, for it cannot possibly result in good, even when in trine or sextile. “Brute force” is the apt keynote, for it destroys, pillages, and lays waste. Of course, these are the extreme effects of Mars-Saturn. In everyday life, this vicious partnership inclines to delays and obstacles, which cause the native to strike out clumsily and blindly in an effort to “save himself and his,” or avert possible misfortunes which may threaten. To be sure, there is no such salvation in the offing, so the erstwhile valiant attempt does more harm than good.”

Obama’s secondary progressed Saturn conjunct his secondary 7th angle also receives a partile 135 from Pluto. Bradley states on Saturn-Pluto symbolism:
“These are aspects which result in the shouldering of unwanted burdens. They denote worries which lead up to some climax in the life. Psychologically, the native becomes calloused in his attitude, bluntly saying what his sentiments are, viz., instead of invoking heaven’s blessing on poor, old Aunt Emma’s soul, he declares outright his hope that she sizzles in Hades.”

Secondary progressed Mercury is partile conjunct secondary progressed Mars. Bradley says pertaining to Mercury-Mars:
“These configurations result inevitably in such unpleasantries as arguments, accusations, slander, libel, and jumping to conclusions with unfortunate results.”

Progressed Mars is partile 45 p. Pluto. Bradley states pertaining to Mars—Pluto symbolism:
“Swift meting out of justice is the surest token of strong aspects between Mars-Pluto. Suspense, as tense as a fictional serial chapter-ending, clutches the native’s senses sometime during the period covered by the chart. A crisis which calls for the native taking of the initiative and responsibility is in the offing, for a keyword of Mars-Pluto is “the blame.” The native may actually perpetuate misdeeds for which retribution follows swiftly and mercilessly.”
In order for the celestial mechanisms of our Solar System to get all of these partile planetary aspects, associated with a partile angular Saturn for a secondary progressed natal chart, for a President relocated to DC, is astronomically mind boggling. Obama is rapidly losing his popularity with independent voters—the same voters who elected him—and is in jeopardy of doing serious damage to his own party. The Mid-Term Elections will further tell us the real truth pertaining to all of this malefic symbolism in his return charts and secondary progressed natal chart. TIME always tells!

Regards, Steve

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