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Progressed Moon enters Virgo soon

Posted: Wed May 11, 2022 7:30 am
by Jim Eshelman
Near the end of this month, my progressed Moon enters Virgo. I've noticed over the years (from very early in my studying Sidereal astrology) that progressed Moon's sign often marks the more significant general themes of its (on average) two-and-a-half-year duration.

Moon in Virgi takes me back to my astrological roots because it marked the time I first started study astrology beyond the Sun-sign magazines. My progressed Moon was in Virgo November 1967 through May 1970: In September '68 I got my first serious astrology magazine and had two years of piecing together everything I could limited resources until early '70 when someone's idle suggestion led to my buying my first issue of American Astrology, the one that announced Cyril Fagan's death soon before.

During that same period I completed 7th and 8th grade plus half my freshman year of high school. I still had my paper route most for most of the first couple of years, and then had small age-appropriate jobs instead.

My progressed Moon was next in Virgo February '95 through August '97. This was a strange time - that seemed busy at the time but, in hindsight, was transitional. My spiritual work was cranking along. I still had my work injury law practice, but the law a had changed so I couldn't take new clients as of '92 (without making changes I didn't want to make) so I was working though the many-year process of completing my last 500 or so cases. Anna-Kria and I separated as a couple in the middle (November '86) and were only communicating for business necessities during the last half of the time (that changed later). I started publishing Black Pearl at the very end of that, so the whole time was probably preparing for and launching that. Windows 95 came out early in the period, so there was a significant tech revolution in the world, including my own first introduction to the Internet. - So I guess, in hindsight, it was a very tech-focused time when I was doing a lot of writing and being involved in "doing business" almost all the time.

The next period will begin May 28, 2022 and last until November '24.

Re: Progressed Moon enters Virgo soon

Posted: Wed May 11, 2022 7:40 am
by Jim Eshelman
I suppose I should look back on my Moon in Leo period that is concluding. The tone has felt right, although details aren't obvious as I write this.

I first had progressed Moon in Leo June 1965 to November '67. This included 5th and 6th grades, so I got my paper route halfway through - I think the Uranus and Pluto transits of the time were more important, because the net effect was freedom, initiative, and opening up to a much wider view of my community and what was "out in the world" overall. This might have been a Leo theme as well, but only in a vague way.

The next period was September '92 to February '95. I was in the first year of that phase of my law practice where I was taking no new cases but was working off the ones I had, still quite a big deal (most of my actual trial experience was in this period). My spiritual work had its greatest acceleration beginning just a few months into this, and the most important months-long magical focus of my life was in the first year. I can, therefore, clearly say that it was intensely solar on many levels. This was also a time I spent almost half a year trying to help a friend conceive a child, though the main next effect was an allegorical equivalent result for me personally. The story of most of this time is told in the very long Chapter 32 of my book Pearls of Wisdom, - As best I can remember, the rest of the time after spring '93 was the natural development of things set in motion during those first six to mine months.

My most recent Moon in Leo time has been The Pandemic Years, starting January 23, 2020 and continuing until the end of this month. The first year was quite Leonian with the form of virtual wine tastings (usually two or three a month) that Marion and I ran and a resulting surge and new dignity (including titles) of our small wine business. I think it noteworthy that I spent almost the whole of the Moon in Leo period isolating at home with my Leo Moon wife and my cat (an obvious Leo symbol). Nothing else concrete seems to mark the time (just a tone or feeling about it) and I may need to move on a few months - at least to close the book on the passage - before I have the full perspective.


Re: Progressed Moon enters Virgo soon

Posted: Sat May 28, 2022 5:10 am
by Jim Eshelman
Today's the day: Progressed Moon enters Virgo, soon to square progressed Sun newly entered Sagittarius. A new adventure is ahead.

Nonetheless, for one last Leo burst, we're probably off to see one or two of the Frank Lloyd Wright houses today.

Re: Progressed Moon enters Virgo soon

Posted: Sat May 28, 2022 6:32 am
by Veronica
What an outstanding way to say bye bye to Progressed Leo Moon! Enjoy!!!

My Progressed Moon will be leaving Virgo into Libra shortly. I have plans to visit a few art museums and have a bunch of creative ideas for my own artistic expression to work on.

Re: Progressed Moon enters Virgo soon

Posted: Sat May 28, 2022 7:59 am
by Jim Eshelman
Marion, who has never been big on cosmetics etc. (Taurus more natural beauty, rather than Libra's beauty by artifice) had progressed Moon enter Libra and, within the month, found herself marketing and repping high-end scents in fancy department stores. Suddenly she has to be all about perfume :)

Re: Progressed Moon enters Virgo soon

Posted: Sun May 29, 2022 5:54 am
by mikestar13
I had to laugh. Terry with Sun at 25 Libra is the very definition of "beauty by artifice" and she can do amazing things with 99 cent makeup, never mind the good stuff. As befits Saturn's exaltation in Libra, she has more natural beauty to work with than she gives herself credit for.

I still remember my interior monologue when I first saw her in the nursing home where we were both resident: "That young, that beautiful HERE? Lord God that's not even possible, but THANK YOU." Yes had I spoken aloud you would have heard the capitals. It's now been four years, and I haven't lost that feeling and am fine with never losing it. We feel that reverential awe for one another physically (never mind wheelchairs, ostomy bags, and the external consequences of dead broke poverty, for example do it yourself haircuts), emotionally (we know what wonderful people each of us can be, and what monumental a**holes each of us can be), and spiritually.