Testing Mars ingresses

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Testing Mars ingresses

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sun Jan 07, 2018 3:04 pm

A question, never adequately addressed (unless, say, Bradley researched this and set it aside), is the question of whether non-luminary planetary ingresses have value in mundane prediction. If they do, it is most likely in areas consistent with their nature. To put this question to rest, I will test Mars ingresses for inauguration of war and, if that seems to prove valuable, for fires.
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Jim Eshelman
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Testing Mars ingresses - War

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sun Jan 07, 2018 3:04 pm

U.S. Enters World War I (Mars in Pisces)
Cap-Mars. Dormant, with a wide Moon-Mars square background, and mundane Moon-Saturn square.
Lib-Mars (flow-through). Sun exactly setting is distinctive but not very explicit on what it means.
CapM-Q. Q Asc sq. t Jupiter. p Moon-Mars sq. 0°21' (makes this impressive).
Transits to CapMars. t Uranus op. s MC(0°20').
Overall. The ingresses don't impress me, but the final timing does!

Pearl Harbor (Mars in Pisces)
CapMars. Sun sq. MC. Again, distinctive without actually detailing anything. (Add a Venus-Neptune opposition foreground.)
CapM-Q. Progressed Moon-Mercury conjunction (OK, but not much).

(Switching to Washington:)
Cap-Mars. Bizarrely bad unless from the angle of betrayal: Partile Venus-Neptune opposition right along the meridian, plus more distant Sun.
CapM-Q. Besides progressed Moon-Mercury conjunction, Q Asc sq. t Uranus (0°47') is pretty good!
Transits to CapMars. Transiting Mars sq. s Asc (1°35'), while t Uranus sq. s Moon (0°56')!
Overall: Again, the ingresses are boring or worse, but the two timing techniques are stunningly good.

Korean War Began (Mars in Virgo)
(For Pyongyang:)
CapMars. Dormant. with Moon conjunct Venus (1°15') and square Saturn (2°22').
CanMars. Moon on IC (1°07'), Pluto on Asc (2°42').
CapM-Q. p Moon-Uranus op. (0°02')!
Transits to CapMars. t Saturn op. s Asc (1°47') triggered by t Mercury sq. s Asc (0°36').
Transits to CanMars. t Pluto conj. s Asc (0°27').
Overall: The consistency of the daily timing phenomena is impressive. (This time, one of the underlying ingresses showed well also.)

(Switching to Washington:)
CapMars. Saturn on Asc (0°47'). Moon conjunct Venus (1°15') and square Saturn (2°22').
CanMars. Neptune on MC (1°04'), Venus 4° on other side. (Not nearly as good, not horrible.)
CapM-Q. p Moon-Uranus op. (0°02'), but t Venus on Q IC.
Transits to CanMars. Neptune continues to conjoin MC.
Overall: Some really good, some distinctly wrong.

Hiroshima (Mars in Taurus)
(For Hiroshima:)
CapMars. Dormant.
AriMars. Moon square Sun-Uranus. Jupiter on MC (1°21'). [As bad as can be.]
CapMars dailies. Dormant.
Transits to AriMars. t Uranus sq. s MC (1°53').
Overall: Mostly, this is quite poor. The two Uranian ideas don't overwhelm the Jupiter.

(Switching to Washington:)
CapMars. Uranus sq. Asc (0°54'). Moon-Mars sq. (0°20' in mundo). (Great!)
AriMars. Moon square Sun-Uranus is on angles. in mundo, pick up a wide Moon-Jupiter opposition for victory.
CapM-Q. t Uranus on Q MC (0°12').
Transits to CapMars. t Uranus on s IC (1°21'). t Mars sq. s Asc (1°00'), conj. s Uranus (0°04'). (Phenomenal!)
AriM-Q (checked out of curiosity). Q MC conj. s Mars (0°30'). p Moon right in the middle of square the Sun-Uranus conjunction (+18', -18' respectively = 0°00' to Su/Ur).
Transits to AriMars (checked out of curiosity). t Mars conj. s Asc (0°16').
Overall: This is mind-blowingly excellent.

Great Britain enters World War II (Mars in Capricorn)
(Due to retrogradation, Mars at 0°46' Cap had been there since May 8.)
CapMars. Neptune on Dsc (0°56'), Jupiter-Venus rising (3°-7°). So-so, mixed...
CapM-Q. Q MC conj. s Saturn, sq. s & t Mars, all tied into same degree! (Phenomenally tight. Could only be improved by being 12-23 hours earlier, but well within orb.)
Transits to CapMars. Neptune is still on ingress Descendant (0°59').
Overview: Once more the ingress is not exciting, but the daily marks are sterling.

Britain enters World War I (Mars in Virgo)
CapMars. Pluto on MC (2°25'). Moon close aspects to Venus-Jupiter. (Mixed.)
CanMars. Sun rises (1°05'). Moon-Uranus conjunction close, Moon-Jupiter wide. Some Mercury and Venus. Mixed.
Transits to CapMars. t Saturn conj. s MC (1°44'), conj. s Pluto (0°07'). t Mars conj. s EP (1°22'). Outstanding!
(CanMars Q is then mixed-to-poor, but it isn't needed)
Overall: Same as we've been seeing: The daily timing is outstanding!

Fall of Saigon (Mars in Aquarius)
CapMars. Jupiter on IC (1°11'), Venus foreground, Moon-Uranus sq. (0°25'). Overall quite poor, unless you are a North Vietnamese.
Transits to CapMars. t Venus on s Dsc (1°28'). - Well, the war was over, but this hardly describes the day.
Overall: The worst one yet.

D-Day (Mars in Cancer)
CapMars. Uranus on Asc (2°37'), Mars & Saturn more widely foreground. (Good!)
CanMars. Jupiter on WP (1°04'). Sun on IC (3°09'), Mars on Dsc (3°37' other side). Overall not too descriptive of the actual event.
CapM-Q. p Moon-Venus sq. (0°02'), Q Asc conj. t Jupiter (1°12'), Q EP conj. s Pluto (1°23'), p MC sq. t Mercury (0°11'), Q MC sq. t Mars (1°42'). More bad than good: This was not the day of victory or peace. I would expect the charts to show the horror. But it might be more complicated than my expectations.
(CanMars isn't needed, but also is poor, with Jupiter transiting sq. CanMars MC.)

200d Iraq War (Mars in Sagittarius)
(For Baghdad:)
CapMars. Moon sq. Asc (1°21'). Insufficient detail.
LibMars. Dormant.
CanMars (flow-through). Venus sq. Asc (0°30'), Uranus widely foreground. Quite poor!
CapM-Q. Q MC sq. s Neptune (0°56'). Q Asc op s Jupiter (0°09'), sq s Mercury. t Mercury sq. p Moon (0°23'). On balance, poor.
Transits to CapMars. t Uranus op. s EP (0°10'). Good!

(For Washington:)
CapMars. Dormant.
LibMars. Sun sq. MC (0°19'). Mercury on EP (0°51'). Uranus 6° from IC. So-so.
CapM-Q. t Mercury sq. p Moon (0°23'). Q Asc barely op. t Sun.
(LibMars dallies were mixed but mostly decent - tragedy + change in foreign relations.)

2001 Afghan War (Mars in Sagittarius)
(For Kabul:)
CapMars. (Dormant.)
LibMars. Moon-Venus op. (2°43'). IC has Pluto (1°57'), Mercury (0°51'), Sun wider. (Good!)
CapM-Q. Q Asc conj. p Mars (1°21'), s Jupiter (0°52'), t Mercury (0°02'). Q MC conj. p Mercury (0°01'). Q EP conj. s Uranus (0°48'). p Mars-Jupiter sq. (0°18'). (Yowsa!)
Transits to CapMar. t Venus op. (0°52').
(LibMar dilies are mixed, tending toward quite good.)
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Jim Eshelman
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Re: Testing Mars ingresses

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sun Jan 07, 2018 3:04 pm



Things just got a lot more complicated!

I guess I need to get back here and calculate the Mars ingress quotidians and transits for the worst fires. Maybe I'll just do the five worst as a start...
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Testing Mars ingresses - Fires

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sun Jan 07, 2018 3:04 pm

Let's start with the five deadliest fires on record.

1. Peshtigo 1,500+
2. Iroquois Theater 605+
3. Niteroi Circus 500+
4. Cocoanut Grove 492
5. Cloquet 452

Cloquet Fire (Mars in Scorpio)
CapMar. Saturn sq. Asc (0°42'), Mercury sq Asc (0°24'). Wider angularities of Moon, Jupiter, Neptune. Moon-Mars sq. (2°54'), Moon squares to Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune. (Not bad.)
LibMar. Mars on Asc (0°48'). Moon-Sun conj. (1°34'). Yes!
CapM-Q. Q EP op. s Uranus (0°57').
LibM-Q. Q MC conj. t Venus (0°08'), sq. t Pluto (0°51'), s Pluto (0°11'). Q EP op. s Jupiter (0°24'). Q Asc sq. p Mercury (0°25').

Cocoanut Grove Fire (Mars in Libra)
CapMar. Mars on Dsc (2°07'), Sun on MC *2°37'), Sun-Mars sq. (0°30'). Venus-Neptune op. + Pluto more widely foreground. (Yes!)
LibMar. Moon aspecting Sun, Venus, Mars, Jupiter. Mercury on Dsc (0°09'); wider Mars, Venus, Sun, Neptune, Moon. (OK, not focused or great).
CapM-Q. Q Asc sq. s Uranus (0°00'). Q MC op. t Saturn (1°00'), conj. t Venus (0°56'), Venus-Saturn op. (0°04'). (Yes!)
Transits to CapMar. t Neptune on s IC (0°12')

Niteroi Fire (Mars in Sagittarius)
CapMar. Saturn on MC (1°22'). Moon-Jupiter sq. (1°27').
LibMar. Saturn on Dsc (1°14'), Mars sq. Asc (2°09'), Mars-Saturn sq. (0°57'). Jupiter-Neptune sq. more widely foreground. Moon-Pluto op. (3°29'). (Outstanding!)
CapMar-Q. Q EP op. s Uranus (1°). (OK, not exciting.)

Iroquois Theater Fire (Mars in Capricorn)
CapMar. Moon on Asc (0°28'), Sun on Dsc (1°51'), Moon-in op. (3°20'), some Mercury.
CapMar-Q. Q Asc conj. t Neptune (1°20').Q EP op. s Sun (1°30'). (Adequate.)

Peshtigo Fire (Mars in Scorpio)
(This occurred the same day at the same longitude as the Chicago fire. Anything on MC-IC or EP-WP is also identical for Chicago.)
CapMar. Moon on Dsc (1°10'), Jupiter on Asc (*2°51'), Moon-Jupiter op. (1°41'); also foreground Uranus and Neptune. (Not great.)
LibMar. Moon-Sun op. (1°03'). Mercury on MC (2°55'0, Pluto on Dsc (6°), Mercury-Pluto s.
CapMar-Q. Q Asc conj. p Sun (1°13'). Q EP op. t Uranus (0°20').
Transits to CapMar. t Jupiter sq s Moon (0°45').

OK, there's enough here to make me feel the burden of looking further. Understand that this means that, potentially, the quotidians of and transits to the cardinal ingresses of ANY planet may be valid timers under the right conditions.
Jim Eshelman

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