Testing 13 Coal Mine Disasters

Analyses of distinct mundane events, using the methods of Sidereal mundane astrology
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Testing 13 Coal Mine Disasters

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sun Aug 26, 2018 12:14 pm

In his original 1957 report on Sidereal mundane astrology, "Unveiling a New Tool," Bradley gave a demonstration of how each week's lunar ingresses stood on their own and didn't need the Capsolar to back them up. (We've confirmed this in our own work: Caplunars clearly have the longer reach, covering the whole four weeks, but weekly lunar ingresses actually score higher than the monthly chart.)

For this demonstration, he reported on one of his sub-studies involving coal mines. From a list of the "126 worst coal mine disasters in U.S. history" (based on a publication from the federal Bureau of Mines), he found that 14 of them had Saturn within 100' (1°40') of an angle (horizon or meridian), measuring strictly by ecliptical longitude (instead of calculating the mundane positions: with Saturn, there is usually little difference). This 14 examples out of 126 may not sound like much if you're trying to predict coal mine vulnerability, but it's really quite impressive! As he already calculated for us, slightly about 5 of the disasters, purely by chance, would be expected to have Saturn this close: 14 instances was 4.36 standard deviations above mean expectancy, which is just a little shy of the 100,000-t0-1 level against chance occurrence.

He published the available particulars of these 14 instances, which I reproduce here:

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Lunar Ingresses and Fourteen Coal Mine Disasters
Event Date	Mine Site	Deaths	Ingress	Saturn’ Position
May 23, 1899	Cumnock, N.C.	39	Libra	1°15' West of M.C.
May 27, 1901	Dayton, Tenn.	20	Cancer	0°04' Below ASC.
July 10, 1902	Johnstown, Pa.	112	Cancer	0°46' West of M.C.
Feb. 20, 1905	Virginia City, Ala.	108	Cancer	1°35' East of I.C.
Mar. 18, 1905	Red Ash, Va.	24	Cancer	0°33' West of M.C.
Jan. 4, 1906	Coaldale, W. Va.	22	Aries	1°26' Below ASC.
Jan. 29, 1907	Stuart, Va.	84	Cancer	1°30' East of I.C.
Dec. 1, 1907	Fayette City, Pa.	34	Libra	0°56' East of M.C.
Dec. 6, 1907	Monongah, W. Va.	361	Libra	1°21' East of M.C.
Jan. 10, 1909	Ziegler, Ill.	26	Cancer	0°42' Under DESC.
Mar. 20, 1912	McCurtain, Okla.	73	Aries	1°26' West of M.C.
Mar. 28, 1924	Yukon, W. Va.	24	Capricorn	0°47' Above ASC.
Mar. 16,1940	St. Clairsville, O.	72	Aries	0°40' Above DESC.
Dec. 26, 1945	Pineville, Ky.	24	Cancer	1°40' Below ASC.
By itself, this is quite a significant findings. However, when I did my own (much smaller) study of mundane charts for the very worst coalmine disasters in world history, Saturn (though a persistent presence) was a mediocre factor in the overall planetary involvement - not meaning it was insignificantly present, but that it was somewhere in the middle of the list of most common planetary angularities. Even if we limit ourselves to all lunar ingresses, Neptune and Pluto were easily the most commonly angular.

Possibly this is due to the much smaller list I had, limiting myself to the single worst in various categories. Therefore, I'm using the above list to run some additional tests. I don't have access to the original list of 126, but I thought I'd take these 14 charts - already identified as more pronouncedly Saturnian events by one criterion - and see what else I could see.

In my SMA collection, taking angularities across all active SMA charts for each event, Mars and Uranus emerge as the most active planets, with a heavy preference for Mars. Moon-Mars and Moon-Pluto are most angular as well. There are other subtleties, such as Saturn being a persistent presence, and Venus (and to a lesser extent Jupiter) being angular if afflicted. Mars was especially the most common angular planet for the daily timing (quotidian angles or crossing solar ingress angles by transit).

I will now take the above 14 events and calculate the Caplunar (to compare against the weekly charts already catalogued); the weekly lunar (to compare mundane position angularity to the ecliptical ones already reported); and daily timing of transits to the Capsolar and CapQ angles (using noon on the event date). We'll miss some stuff, because I'm not bothering with the Cansolar as well (anyone is welcome to do that and add it if you wish), but probably will learn some things along the way.
Jim Eshelman

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Jim Eshelman
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Re: Testing 13 Coal Mine Disasters

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sun Aug 26, 2018 12:26 pm

May 23, 1899, Cumnock, NC
CAPLUNAR: Mercury most angular, with a foreground Moon-Sun-Jupiter mundane T-square. Pretty inappropriate.
LIBLUNAR: Saturn 1°19' from MC in eclipto (GA got 1°15'), 2°17' in mundo. Also Neptune 0°55' from IC, opposite Saturn.
DAILY: t Mars on CapQ EP, CapQ Moon sq. MC.

May 27, 1901 Dayton, TN
CAPSOLAR: Worth mentioning that Saturn was on IC 0°59'.
CAPLUNAR: Uranus-Pluto opposition across EP axis, all partile.
CANLUNAR: Saturn 0°13' from Asc in eclipto (GA got 0°04'), 0°36' in mundo. Moon issetting (1°51') with a Moon-Saturn op. across horizon (2°27').
DAILY: Jupiter transit Capsolar IC 1°47' (inappropriate).

Jul 10, 1902, Johnstown, PA
CAPSOLAR: Worth mentioning Neptune is 0°01' from Dsc, Saturn is 1°06' from EP.
CAPLUNAR: Quite bad, with Jupiter rising unafflicted.
CANLUNAR: Saturn 0°53' from MC in eclipto (GA got 0°46'), 1°48' in mundo. Another Moon-Saturn opposition along the meridian.
DAILY: Only ingress Mercury on CapQ angles, and also crossing Capsolar Dsc (where it conjoined ingress Neptune).

Feb 20, 1905, Virginia City, AL
CAPSOLAR: Way too positive with a foreground Sun-Jupiter square.
CAPLUNAR: Mars on WP (1°17'), Saturn widely sq. Asc (2°03').
CANLUNAR" Saturn 1°46' from IC in eclipto (GA got 1°35'), 1°21' in mundo. Also Sun and Mars near angles, mundane Mars-Saturn sq. 2°27'.
DAILY: Mars on CapQ Asc (31' at noon), Saturn on CapQ IC (20' at noon).

Mar 18, 1905, Red Ash, VA
CAPSOLAR: Quite inappropriate with Sun-Jupiter square on angles.
CAPLUNAR: Nothing much: Sun setting.
CANLUNAR: Saturn 0°39' from MC in eclipto (GA got 0°33'), 0°19' in mundo. Pluto widely rising.
DAILY: CapQ has a 37' Moon-Mars op. of note, plus t Sun on the angle for the day.

Jan 4, 1906, Coaldale, WV
CAPSOLAR: Same chart as last two events, with Sun-Jupiter square on angles.
CAPLUNAR: Neptune setting.
ARILUNAR: Saturn 1°32' from Asc in eclipto (GA got 1°26'), 2°11' in mundo. Mars also rising (4°; plus 2° from EP) in 2°33' mundane conjunction with Saturn. Jupiter sq. Asc 0°59'.
DAILY: t Sun on CapQ IC (as it was all year BTW).

Jan 29, 1907, Stuart, VA
CAPSOLAR: Mars 1°21' from Dsc, Moon 2°33' from MC, mundane sq. 1°12'.
CAPLUNAR: Mars 0°59' from EP.
CANLUNAR: Saturn 2°03' from IC in eclipto (GA got 1°30' so this one was an error; perhaps best that could be done with the tools of the time). Only 1°19' from IC in mundo.
DAILY: p Mars 0°46' from CapQ WP.

Dec 1, 1907, Fayette City, PA
CAPSOLAR: Mars 0°19' from Dsc, Moon 2°01' from MC, mundane sq. 2°20'.
CAPLUNAR: Dormant.
LIBLUNAR: Saturn 0°03' from IC in eclipto (GA got 0°56'), 1°05' in mundo.
DAILY: CapQ Asc conj. s Saturn 0°58', sq. p Venus 0°12'. CapQ MC sq. t Saturn 1°08'.

Dec 6, 1907, Monongah, WV (used actual time/place)
CAPSOLAR: Mars 0°13' from Dsc, Moon 2°40' from MC, mundane sq. 2°27'
CAPLUNAR: Dormant.
LIBLUNAR: Saturn 1°29' from MC in eclipto (GA got 1°21'), 3°12' in mundo. Additionally, Uranus 0°43' from Dsc, Neptune and Pluto more widely foreground, Saturn-Neptune mundane sq. 1°38'.
DAILY: CapQ IC conj. t/s Pluto.

Jan 10, 1909, Zeigler, IL
CAPSOLAR: Inappropriate Jupiter rising.
CAPLUNAR: Dormant.
CANLUNAR: Saturn 0°57' from Dsc in eclipto (GA got 0°42'), 1°31' in mundo.
DAILY: CapQ just had MC sq. s Sun. No transits.

Mar 20, 1912, McCurtain, OK
CAPLUNAR: Saturn on EP 2°19'
ARILUNAR: Saturn on MC 0°58' in eclipto (GA got 1°26'), 0°22' in mundo
DAILY: CapQ has only t Sun and s Mercury on angles.

Mar 28, 1924, Yukon, WV
CAPSOLAR: Inappropriate Jupiter, possibly redeemed by Uranus (especially if this was a structural collapse event)
CAPLUNAR (Week): Saturn 0°45' from Asc in eclipto (GA got 0°47'), 1°35' in mundo
DAILY: CapQ MC conj. t/s Neptune (t Neptune exactly)

Mar 16,1940, St. Clairsville, OH
CAPLUNAR: Quite inappropriate with an unafflicted Jupiter rising partile.
ARILUNAR: Saturn on Dsc 0°30' in eclipto (GA got 0°40'), 0°18' in mundo. Additionally, Pluto on MC 1°51', Saturn-Pluto sq. 1°33' in mundo.
DAILY: Transiting Jupiter to Capsolar Dsc, quite inappropriate.

Dec 26, 1945, Pineville, KY
CAPSOLAR: A devastating chart: Mars 0°14' from Asc, Saturn 1°18' from Dsc, Neptune 0°26' from sq Asc, all in half-degree T-square.
CAPLUNAR: Venus sq. Asc 2°.
CANLUNAR: An apparent calculation error: Saturn is nowhere near the angles.
DAILY: CapQ angles touch t Moon-Neptune (at MC) and a sq. of ingress Mars on EP to ingress Neptune on MC.
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