Wright Brothers' first flight [SPACE]

I will archive recent major events here while deciding whether to permanently integrate them into the research catalogue.
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Wright Brothers' first flight [SPACE]

Post by Jim Eshelman » Mon Dec 17, 2018 8:39 am

December 17, 1903, 10:35 AM, Kitty Hawk, NC

Orville Wright made the first successful powered intentional human flight 115 years ago today, travelling 120 feet. They quickly got better. From that moment, something new existed in the world.

It's rather delightful to see first flight occurring with a 0°06' Mercury-Venus sextile. More to the point of impact, though, is the 1°12' Sun-Uranus conjunction which, as Fagan pointed out years ago, occurred not only in Sagittarius but exactly on the Galactic Center. No planets were exactly angular (the Mars-Saturn conjunction, thankfully, having crossed Ascendant a while before.

Overall, the charts are quite good except for a horrid Week chart. The day charts are interesting - I wouldn't say wrong, but not what was expected. They seem to relate Neptune specifically to this event and there is a sense in which Neptune relates to the feeling of flight (one of the most common recurring dreams - swimming underwater as if a fish, or soaring in the sky as if a bird).

Of great interest to me is that the charts look startlingly like those for "space race" thresholds. I'll probably add it to that chapter as an afterword.

Year: Capsolar {+2}
Something nice involving wings was going to happen here during the year!
Mercury sq. Asc 0°28'
Moon sq. Asc 1°47'
-- Moon-Mercury op. 2°13'
Sun & Saturn more widely angular
Moon-Venus op. 2°55' in mundo

t Neptune op. Cansolar MC 7/25-12/29

Quarter: Libsolar {+1}
(A mix of nice things happening + daring & precedents)
Sun sq. MC 1°23'
Moon op. Jupiter 0°09' in mundo
Moon-Mars sq. 0°21'
Moon-Venus conj. 1°13'
Moon-Pluto sq, 2°19'

Month: Caplunar {+1}
(I'm not sure this chart is related, but benefic outweighs malefic)
Venus on WP 1°13'
Mars on MC 4°51'
-- Venus-Mars sq. 1°55'

Week: Liblunar {-3}
(This one is much more severe, tragic, costly - unacceptably bad)
Moon on IC 2°03'
Saturn on Dsc 2°45'
-- Moon-Saturn sq. 0°42' in mundo
Mars on Dsc 2°25'
-- Ma/Sa on Dsc 0°10'
Venus sq. Asc 1°44'
-- Venus-Saturn sq. 1°19'

Day: Capsolar Quotidian & Transits {+1}
p Asc sq. s Neptune 1°09'
t Venus sq. s Moon 0°37'

Day: Cansolar Quotidian & Transits {+1}
p MC op. t Moon 0°09'
p EP conj. s Venus 1°37'
t Neptune op. s MC
t Mercury sq. s Asc -2°27', conj. s MC +3°16', midpoint 0°25'

Year: Moon Mercury (Sun Saturn). Moon-Mercury Moon-Venus.
Bridge: Neptune (Can).
Quarter: Sun. Moon-Venus Moon-Mars Moon-Jupiter Moon-Pluto.
Month: Venus (Mars). Venus-Mars.
Week: Moon Venus Mars Saturn. Moon-Saturn Venus-Saturn Ma/Sa.
Day (Capsolar): Neptune (CapQ). Moon-Venus (transits).
Day (Cansolar): Moon Venus (CanQ). Mercury Neptune (transits).
Jim Eshelman

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