Hurricane Fox

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Hurricane Fox

Post by Jim Eshelman » Fri Apr 12, 2019 3:38 pm

October 25, 1952, 10 AM, near Cienfuegos, Cuba

In Cuba, 601 deaths, $10 million in damages (especially severe crop damage). 150 mph sustained winds and gusts of 170-180 mph at Cuban landfall.

One map online seems to be showing the hurricane leaving Cuba between 10 and 11 AM. However, another reference vaguely says it struck nearby island "late" on the 24th before moving to Cuba, where it swiftly moved across the island. Various reports then say it entered the Atlantic "early" on 10/25. All these snippets support a Cuban landfall of about 10 AM on the 25th. This is about two hours after Moon entered Capricorn.

Year: Capsolar (Dormant.) Moon-Pluto.

Year: Cansolar {+1}
Sun on MC 1°57'
Neptune on Asc 3°03'
Venus widely foreground

Bridge {+1}
t Neptune conj. Cansolar Asc 0°10'

Quarter: Libsolar {0 Mixed}
Mercury on Asc 2°16'
Jupiter on WP 1°14'
Moon-Mars sq. 1°19' in mundo

Month: Caplunar {0 Mixed}
Venus on EP 1°05'
Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto more widely foreground
-- Mercury-Pluto sq. 2°09'
-- Mercury-Jupiter op. 3°09'
Moon-Neptune sq. 2°14'

Day: Capsolar Transits {-1}
p EP op. t Jupiter 1°04', conj. t Mercury 1°09'

Day: Cansolar Quotidian & Transits {+2}
p Asc op. s Sun 1°32', sq. t Neptune 0°44'
p EP op. s Venus 1°03'
t Neptune conj. s Asc 0°10'
Jim Eshelman

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