Grover Shoe Factor disaster

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Grover Shoe Factor disaster

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sun Jan 17, 2021 11:05 am

March 20, 1905, 7:50 AM EST, Brockton, MA: 42N03'59", 71W01'00" ... y_disaster ... y-disaster

Industrial explosion, fire, and building collapse: Boiler explosion in the R.B. Glover shoe factory causing the large four-story wooden building (covering half a block) to collapse entirely and then catch fire, burning trapped workers. One of those early industrial accidents like the Triangle that brought close scrutiny to safety laws. 58 people died, 150 others injured.

The timing is given as a few minutes after 7:45 AM: An old boiler had been temporarily put back in service while the newer boiler was being flushed. At 7:45, the plant manager telephoned the chief engineer about some strange noises; the explosion was "a few minutes later." I'll use 7:50, which is also what the Library of Congress research guides say. (There is a timeline on that page.)

The explosion occurred with Jupiter the most angular planet (about 2° from EP). Mars, Jupiter, and (to a lesser extent) Venus were foreground, which perhaps matches in the sense of "boiling water" as the effect. Moon-Pluto squared within 0°01'!

The Canlunar is stunning. It would be OK without considering PVP aspects, but PVP aspects blow it out of the hot water.

Year: Capsolar {+2}
Moon on Dsc 1°20'
Mars on Asc 1°50'
Sun & Jupiter widely foreground
-- Mo/Ma on horizon 0°15'
-- -- -- Moon-Mars op. 2°31'
-- Sun-Jupiter sq. 1°43'

Bridge {+1}
CapQ Moon op. s/p Mars 3/1-5/4
t Jupiter sq. Capsolar MC 3/12-30
Event window: March 12-30

The narrow period is defined by the Jupiter. I still think this has a "hot water" effect, but I can't justify giving it more than +1.

Month: Caplunar {0? +1?}
Pluto on MC 0°34'
-- Sun-Pluto sq. 0°03' PVP
-- Mercury-Pluto sq. 0°19' PVP
-- Sun-Mercury conj. 0°22' PVP
Moon-Venus sq. 0°36' mundo
Moon-Jupiter sq. 0°52' mundo

Week: Canlunar {+3}
Uranus on Dsc 0°10'
Neptune on Asc 2°21' stationary
Mercury sq. Asc 1°53'
Pluto more widely foreground
-- Mars-Uranus sq. 0°26' PVP
-- Uranus-Neptune op. 1°22' [azimuth 0°07']
-- Mars-Neptune sq. 1°41' PVP
-- Mercury-Uranus sq. 2°19'
-- Ne/Pl on Asc 0°45'
Moon-Sun sq. 2°14'

Day: Capsolar Quotidian & Transits {+3 / -2 = +2}
p Moon-Mars op. 0°28'
p Asc op. s Pluto 1°41', op. t Pluto 1°18', sq. t Moon 1°17'
-- t Moon-Pluto sq. 0°01'
p MC op. t Mercury 1°23'
t Jupiter sq. s MC 0°20'

Day: Cansolar Quotidian {+2}
p MC op. t Pluto 0°08', sq. t Moon 0°07'
-- t Moon-Pluto sq. 0°01'
p EP op. p Moon 0°43'
Jim Eshelman

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