Santa Maria School massacre

Analyses of distinct mundane events, using the methods of Sidereal mundane astrology
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Santa Maria School massacre

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sun Jan 17, 2021 1:42 pm

Dec 21, 1907, 3:30 PM, Iquique, Chile21' ... l_massacre

The Chilean Army massacred striking workers (mostly nitrate miners), their wives, and their children, especially at Domingo Santa Maria School. Estimated deaths are 2,000 workers (a number that is pretty uncertain, though) and 300 soldiers. The massacre and a subsequent "reign of terror" broke the strike and left the Chilean workers' movement in shambles for a decade or more. Many details of the event were kept under wraps for a century.

At 2:30 PM, the strikers were told they had an hour to disband. When the time passed, the troops opened fire on them.

The one ingress that has anything to say that fits is the Caplunar, which is quite horrible. The Libsolar probably fits better than first impression in the sense of people of entitlement and wealth holding onto it, but I rate it as poor. The Capsolar is silent with respect to final timing, but the Cansolar carries the Bridge and the daily timing. Notice that the general strike started December 10, a few days after the Bridge conditions were setup.

Year: Capsolar (Silent.)
Year: Cansolar (Silent.) Moon-Venus.

Bridge {+2}
t Uranus sq. CanQ Moon 11/22-5/15
CanQ Moon sq. s/p Neptune 12/3-1/28
Event window: Dec 3 to Jan 28

Quarter: Libsolar {-1}
Jupiter on IC 2°07'
Mercury, Venus, & Mars more widely foreground
-- Venus-Mars sq. 0°28'

Month: Caplunar {+2}
Pluto on MC 0°04'
Saturn on Dsc 0°42'
-- Saturn-Pluto sq. 0°47' mundo

Week: Arilunar (Silent - but interesting aspects in wider foreground
Day: Capsolar Quotidian & Transits (Silent.)

Day: Cansolar Quotidian {+2}
p Moon sq. Neptune 0°22'
t Uranus sq. p Moon 0°27'
p Asc sq. s Pluto 1°12', t Pluto 1°30'
Jim Eshelman

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