2018 Libsolar

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2018 Libsolar

Post by Jim Eshelman » Tue Sep 04, 2018 6:12 pm

Libsolar, Oct 18, 2018, 6:36 AM EDT, Washington, DC
Pluto on IC (1°33')
Sun on Asc (9°29')
Moon-Mars conj. (0°34' in mundo)
Moon-Mercury sq. (0°24' in mundo)
-- Mercury-Uranus PVP op. (1°47')

Nearly on the eve of the mid-term elections (less than three weeks later), this ingress is volatile. "Combative" doesn't do it justice; it is more intensely confrontational than the obvious and expected loud competitiveness of a significant off-year election.

We aren't surprised, or overly concerned, with the angular Pluto, which we expect. It does echo a similar angularity in the Capsolar, as the Libsolar tends to do, and likely brings the year's high-impact, severing, clashing, almost revolutionary twists to a head. But the nature of those twists disclosed by Moon's aspects: She conjoins Mars within half a degree (partile for the whole world, closer for Washington). This conjunction is outright bloody, and in parts of the world it will be literally tearing, spilling blood, and counting bodies. Yet the conjunction closely squares Mercury, so the "bloodying" we see will especially be with words.

Also with disclosures: Mercury means information, documents, the press and other publications. Furthermore, Mercury is in close PVP opposition to Uranus, the two aligned exactly along the east-west axis in azimuth, so this information is in the form of disclosures and revelations. These start spilling forth at a much accelerated pace beginning October 16, flowing freely through the last half of October and on into the early November elections.

Besides the politics, a late hurricane season is likely to impact the Gulf. Saturn is on Libsolar IC near New Orleans and due north along the Mississippi Valley where the worst effects of the quarter likely will land. As Neptune and Pluto are the only other two planets crossing large swaths of continental U.S., local climate and cultural crises can be expected. Neptune sets from Columbia Valley in eastern Washington down to the California-Arizona border, but the really worrisome line is that Pluto on IC which passes through IC in Washington, but also along the coast from North Carolina to about New York City, while squaring Ascendant through New England. The Eastern Seaboard, therefore, is as vulnerable to severe autumn storms blowing in from the Atlantic as is the Gulf.
Jim Eshelman

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