Here's a challenge to test your skills

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Jim Eshelman
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Here's a challenge to test your skills

Post by Jim Eshelman » Thu Nov 09, 2017 9:09 am

I'm working on next month's mundane forecast for the U.S., and found two fascinating lunar ingresses. I thought some of you might like to test your mundane astrology skills on them.

First of all, the Caplunar is overall quite positive, with Venus and Jupiter angular as its main parts (plus Moon closely aspecting Mars and Uranus). Then we have an Arilunar and Canlunar for the second and third weeks, and they look like this. (I'm giving the breakdown for you to use, or to compare against your own working up a breakdown.)

Arilunar (Nov 30)
Sun on Asc (0°55')
Saturn on EP (1°55')
Mercury on EP (2°57')
-- Mercury-Saturn conj. (0°59')
Neptune sq. Asc (2°55')
Moon-Uranus conj. (0°02')
Moon-Mars op. (0°34')

Canlunar (Dec 6)
Sun on Asc (2°00')
Saturn on Asc (9°22') [conj. Mercury 0°01']
Moon-Uranus sq. (0°07')
Moon-Mars sq. (2°10/)
Moon-Pluto op. (3°54')
Moon-Sun PVP sq. 0°43'

I'll be writing interpretations over the next week but, meantime, anyone else want to play?
Jim Eshelman

Avshalom Binyamin
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Re: Here's a challenge to test your skills

Post by Avshalom Binyamin » Thu Nov 09, 2017 10:45 am

My attempt

Angular Sun = matters around heads of state
Angular Saturn = war, loss of life, deaths of leaders
Angular Mercury = news media focus
Sun-Neptune square = chaotic
Mercury-Saturn conj = communication failures
Moon-Uranus = surprising
Moon-Mars = violent

Moon-Pluto = stunning uprising/rejection of head of state
Moon-Sun = governmental agency oversight kicking in

So I'd expect some bombshell media coverage centered on Trump. Maybe news of a surprise attack, or some other bombshell revelation. And then the Canlunar leads me to expect the hammer of the law, most likely in the form of Mueller indictments.

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