Jupiter-Pluto in the 2014 Capsolar

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Jupiter-Pluto in the 2014 Capsolar

Post by Jim Eshelman » Thu May 11, 2017 3:28 pm

Jupiter-Pluto. Events challenge or assault existing value systems, ideologies, and the political and other power systems that support them. Attempts at regime change or political destabilization may occur. – Also, a stunning blow to economic conditions (even economic devastation).
This is my current standard paragraph for interpreting Jupiter-Pluto aspects in mundane astrology. The economic conditions should be less judgmental - more speaking of dramatic changes (since it can be a positive turn-around). Besides this, the major expectation is a confrontation, challenge, reassessment, etc. of the prevailing paradigm, a government, or general establishment system. It is especially politically volatile and challenges existing nations and their endurance.

The 2014 Capsolar had a close Moon-Jupiter conjunction opposite Pluto. This Moon-Jupiter-Plut pattern was operative in every part of the world for the entire Capsolar year. In event after event, I noticed how the Jupiter-Plutp (and, more broadly) Moon-Jupiter-Pluto themes operated. In locations with planets tightly angular in the Capsolar, Moon-Jupiter-Pluto worked through the angular planets. In other places, where it was the only operative factor, it carried the tone on its own.

I'm going to add to this post all the main events I can think of during the last year that express different versions of this. I think the themes will be simple and repetitive.

-- Pewshawar, Pakistan - December slaughter at school by Taliban.
-- Kano, Nigeria - November suicide bomber at school (plus persistent Boko Haram violence in Nigeria more generally).
-- Paris - Charlie Hedo massacre in January
-- Paktika, Afghanistan - Taliban suicide bomber at volleyball match in November
-- Jerusalem synagogue killings in November

-- Fergusson, MO events & those spilling into other parts of the country ("People vs. The System" in some big ways).
-- The recent activity in Paris has highlighted a growing unrest and pending volatility in Europe over immigration (especially Muslim immigration), the economic troubles, etc. - all building to a complex social breakdown or possible outbreak combining many Jupiter-Pluto themes.
-- On a good note, U.S.-China climate deal

-- First female Anglican bishops
-- Shootings in the Canadian parliament in October
-- The U.S. election tone
-- Marriage rights thresholds & litigation continue
-- ISIS insurgence & related ideological & religious conflict
-- Scotland secession attempt in September
-- Ukraine riots (and the general Ukraine conflict)

-- Philippines - Typhoon Hagupit - also "extreme precipitation"
-- Japan's recession has been almost immobilizing (and European countries still have economic volatility that has kept them on the bring of crisis)
-- Argentina default in July
-- Bosnian floods in May (extreme precipitation!)
-- Soma, Turkey - devastating coalmine disaster

-- King Juan Carlos of Spain abdicated in June
-- Coup d'état in Thailand in May
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