Cold day (minor weather flucturations)

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Cold day (minor weather flucturations)

Post by Jim Eshelman » Thu May 11, 2017 5:30 pm

(Apr 8, 2015)

Yesterday, the weather changed swiftly in LA. The temperature dropped nearly 10° (mostly only for a day, i.e., it's half way back to the prior baseline by this afternoon) and we got a tiny bit of rain as a result.

I had to pull my coat out of the closet for the first time in about three months. (Well, OK, it's been less than three months since we moved to a new place and I first put the coat in that particular closet :) But it's the first time I've pulled it out to wear.)

The rain wasn't enough to show in the lunar ingresses - with our drought, it's hardly unseasonably high precipitation.

But, for a 1-to-2-day event primarily marked by having to take a coat out of the closet, the one clear event was... CapQ MC conjunct Capsolar Saturn.

We even get some signs of precipitation (or, at least, something that, if in a lunar ingress, would mean precipitation): Capsolar Venus conjoins CapQ Ascendant.
Jim Eshelman

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