Another way to look at the mid-term elections

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Another way to look at the mid-term elections

Post by Jim Eshelman » Fri Aug 05, 2022 12:02 pm

Mars is currently in Aries. The brutality of recent weeks has been pronounced.

On August 11, Mars enters Taurus. Historically, with Mars in Taurus the main headlines have been about stories that are more compassionate, caretaking, generally softer in tone.

Then, on October 21, Mars enters Gemini for 19 days, turning retrograde on October 30 at 0°34' Gemini, and then leaving Gemini - returning to Taurus - on November at 2:48 AM. November 8 is he date of the midterm elections.

The last time Mars was in Gemini, the most characteristic news stories were about cyber-attacks. (On the prior cycle, in 2019, it was primarily trade wars.) It's likely that, despite all precautions already in place, foreign (and even domestic) cyber-attacks will surge October 21 up to election day.

But even more interesting to me is that before the polls open anywhere in the country, Mars changes sign. That morning, and certainly by November 9, people will wake to a different kind of dominant news story that is more focused on compassion and caretaking.

I don't know for sure what this means, and certainly wouldn't call the outcome of the election based on this. I do think, though, that it makes clear that post-Roe abortion rights are thoroughly at the center of people's thoughts and feelings about this election - more than any other subject. If I'm reading previous Mars passes through Taurus correctly, the tone of the news will be tender compassion for women's rights and needs.

Mars turns direct again (13°04' Taurus) January 12, about a week after the new Congress is seated, then moves back to Gemini mid-March.
Jim Eshelman

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