Shocking Upset

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Shocking Upset

Post by Jim Eshelman » Wed May 17, 2017 11:35 am

SteveS wrote:There was a shocking upset in a major UFC fight Sat night (Nov 14th) in Melbourne, Australia between Holly Holm & Ronda Rousey. Rousey was favored by large odds but was KO by Holm. The weekly Nov 10th Liblunar (Melbourne) featured a partile Mundo Moon-Pluto (shocking) 90 near the angles and mundo Uranus (upset) partile cnj Dsc. For possible learning purposes, I will file this away in my memory for future sporting events with large favorites.

PS: Just noticed there is a partile Venus-Mars cnj. This major fight (Mars) was between 2 Women (Venus).

This major fight is the fourth time I have seen major sports upsets associated with major sporting events, pertaining to angular Uranus-Pluto symbolism. I will be taking a short road trip and when I get back I will post about the other 3 major sporting upsets. Understand, this means that major sponsored Uranus-Pluto symbolism with SMA charting is 4 for 4 in calling major sporting upsets where a high favored Vegas odds contestant was upset. Also understand I have not analyzed all major sporting upsets for lack of proper data.

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