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US forecast Sep 12 - Oct 9, 2016

Posted: Sat Jun 24, 2017 10:35 am
by Jim Eshelman
(Partial recovery of lost post from a Google cache - thanks to Scales.)

USA Mundane Forecast
for the four weeks beginning September 12, 2016

For the 12 months beginning January 15, the United States' Year Chart is dominated by angular Uranus (0°29') and Pluto (3°43'), and their close square (1°11') and a little Mars. This is a radical, uprooting influence - revolutionary, revising, remapping, anti-establishment, often anti-government, embodying a spirit of revolution that dismantles current systems and tears down iconic structures. Nor is this a gentle revolt: Foreground Mars + Uranus is explosive, unleashing sudden fiery force. These "bombshells" are mostly psychological, but physical explosions will be part of the mix, especially a little later in the year (e.g., warlike assaults, violence, fires, natural disasters, high profile deaths, and a general sense of crisis).

This pattern continues all year. Additionally, the three months beginning July 16 overlay a parallel story, more of a fantasy story. Jupiter opposes Neptune across the horizon, with both square Moon. Expect unrealistic optimism in diverse forms, especially as market inflation and binge speculation. For mid-July to mid-October, the market is likely to shoot up to as close to a cliff-edge as it can climb.

MOON-JUPITER signifies growing prosperity, economic expansion, diplomacy, dignity, and elitism. Most pronounced is a theme of “our people first,” e.g., national pride, patriotism, family, community, and standing first for those groups with which one identifies (one's tribe). This can be divisive as well as unifying. MOON-NEPTUNE anticipates extreme waves of emotional reaction, fervor, disorientation, and herd-mind arousal accompanied by confusion, disorientation, and uncertainty. JUPITER-NEPTUNE, in addition to the above, brings events of powerful inspiration, faith, and idealism, belief-driven motivation and decision-making, and powerful opposing, polarized belief in response.

One regional caveat on the Cansolar: New Orleans has Saturn on MC squared by Neptune. To keep rubbing it in... these are hurricane aspects, and this is hurricane season. (So far under this Cansolar, we have had accelerated violence and unrest in nearby Baton Rouge, and the devastatingly severe southern Louisiana floods.)

Moon-Uranus Aspects
From May through mid-November, every lunar ingress has a close Moon-Uranus aspect. Furthermore, until September 18, CapQ Moon conjoins Capsolar Uranus. In addition to break-out events for women, this aspect, affecting the entire world, indicates sudden, explosive, eruptive, shifting conditions; surprise attacks characterized by their sudden and explosive nature and by rapidly changing conditions that require quick adaptation and reorientation, new learning, and new responses; new technology, new strategic approaches, and new discoveries; and civil instability, including events that mark new levels of human freedom.

The whole tone of the Bridge changes this month. After long-term dominance by Uranus and/or Pluto, and in the wake of the events that probably peaked around September 11, this month we have briefer, more concentrated periods primarily dominated by Mars.

Continuing from the prior month and lasting September 12-18 is a MARS-URANUS Zone (marked by the last days of the CapQ's Moon-Uranus conjunction, and transiting Mars' conjunction with CanQ Moon, exact September 16). Mars-Uranus periods are explosive, with surprising, startling violence. "Bombshells" are usually psychological, and sometimes physical. Fire + explosion is the theme. To say the least, it is volatile. -- Quotidians isolate September 12 (reaching as far as the 15th) as of particular tragic concern.

September 19-20 is a brief MARS Zone. (Transiting Mars continues to conjoin Cansolar Midheaven.) Mars periods present a wide range of hurtful events, including fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, and violent explosions and accidents. High profile deaths by inflammatory illness or (more commonly) by violence, notorious shooting incidents where many are killed, significant military and police activity, the inauguration of war, actions causing great violence and damage in the name of war (including terrorist actions), and a general air of crisis and assault facing political leaders all are consistent with the energies of this transit.

Another MARS Zone then occurs October 7-10, when transiting Mars squares Capsolar Moon (exact October 9). Whereas the prior period is distinctive to Washington, DC's longitude, this one anticipates the same types of events but generalized around the world. Such Mars transits always mark concentrated periods of violence, blood, fire, explosions, and destruction, war and other attacks, and crises involving national leaders.


Canlunar (continuing from August 28)
Because three consecutive lunar ingresses are dormant (silent) for Washington, the August 28 Canlunar continues in force through September 25. It is one of the worst lunar ingresses of the year: violent, explosive, terrifying, and malignant. Most likely, its themes will be all too familiar to us before September 12 when this present forecast period begins.

Moon squares Uranus. Mars-Saturn-Neptune are all angular and tightly connected. A list of possible manifestations would be a long litany of tragedy, and mostly boils down to "anything really bad." A breakout of the individual aspects was given in last month's forecast, and also can be found in Chapter 6 of Sidereal Mundane Astrology. Additionally, the most angular planet is Sun, 0°05' from Westpoint. This places attention on the U.S. government itself, especially in the person of the head of state or another "cultural leader." (See last month's forecast for more fine points on this placement.) Sun squares Mars, emphasizing the fiery, explosive, and violent. Sun opposes Neptune, adding chaos and disorientation, ferocious and like a maelstrom.

Caplunar (September 12)
The Caplunar describes September 12 through October 9, and especially the first week (Sep 12-18). For Washington, it is dormant (though with the expected Moon-Uranus square).

Arilunar (September 18)
The Arilunar describes September 18-25. For Washington, it is dormant. However, it has lunar aspects that likely will manifest within the patterns already defined by the Canlunar. Moon opposes Venus (0°46') and conjoins Uranus (1°26'). This emphasizes a Venus-Uranus opposition (0°40') felt by the entire world, and slightly closer mundanely for Washington (0°20'). For the world in general, this describes substantial changes in relationships between nations, such as those that inaugurate new war or new peace. We also see shifting social values, including increased liberty in Venus matters, and events of high social or cultural impact.

For the world in general, though, the "substantial changes in relationships between nations" is the most likely. What is America's role in this? Given the tone of the Canlunar, the concurrent Mars zone (September 19-20), and the fact that this Arilunar has a 0°38' Moon-Mars mundane square (unique to Washington), we can expect saber rattling at least, if not something more violent or bellicose.

In particular, on September 24, quotidian angles in Washington touch two Saturns and a Mars. This day (or the wider 2° orb of September 22-29) is highly vulnerable to unusually harsh, severe, deadly, painful, and especially conflictual events for this country fixating the national attention.

Canlunar (September 25)
Replacing the old Canlunar for the new ends the month-long malefic triple-threat, but does not get us out from under the umbrella of explosive violence. Describing the period September 25 to October 2, the new Canlunar has Pluto 0°03' from Descendant (only 0°03'!). With an orb this tight, it is impossible that the U.S. government will not be confronting a major event of mind-stunning, and likely catastrophic intensity. The nature of the event is shown by Mars, within a degree of another angle.

So Mars and Pluto set the main theme for this week. This pair marks violent, ferocious, explosive unleashing of force, such as bombs, vehicular explosions/collisions, wars and similar aggression, shooting massacres, earthquakes, hurricanes, and fires that release explosive force. A Moon-Uranus square reinforces most of these possibilities.

But there is another component. Sun and Jupiter, more distantly foreground, are in close conjunction. When accompanying what are likely harsh, negative events, this aspect is notorious for politics that egg on current circumstances, motivated by a non-philanthropic tendency of people with money and power wanting more money and power. Anticipate issues of wealth, power, and elitism being at the root of this Mars + Pluto explosiveness.

PS - The first presidential debate is scheduled for September 26 at Hofstra University on Long Island where the Sun-Jupiter conjunction is exactly angular.

Liblunar (October 2)
The Liblunar describes October 2-9. It has simpler, less dramatic indications than the prior weeks, but may have some surprises. Mercury rises and Moon opposes Uranus. (There is just a wee twist of Saturn, too.) Primarily, I expect this to be a week of news, news, news (and maybe with the news media itself being the center of the most important story). I also expect significant disclosures and revelations involving data (more mailgate?).

In general, angular Mercury weeks accompany obvious themes of commerce, communication, transportation, technology, strategy, and tactical deployment, with the news media heavily mobilized. “Special broadcasts,” media events, and incidents that interrupt normal broadcasts for news reports (especially if they take over the airwaves for a long stretch) are all Mercurial.

In general, angular Mercury weeks accompany obvious themes of commerce, communication, transportation, technology, strategy, and tactical deployment, with the news media heavily mobilized. “Special broadcasts,” media events, and incidents that interrupt normal broadcasts for news reports (especially if they take over the airwaves for a long stretch) are all Mercurial.

October 4 is the Vice Presidential candidates' debate at Longwood University in Farmville, VA, where Mercury is closely rising with an unfortunate sub-theme of a foreground Saturn-Neptune square, typical for grief, loss, fear, sacrifice, and renunciation.

The end of the week (starting October 7) brings a MARS Zone, described above. Earlier in the week (October 3-7), a quotidian angle touches Neptune and Saturn for Washington. So this newsy, investigative, revealing period is not out from under the umbrella of malefics.