US forecast Aug 15 - Sep 12, 2016

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US forecast Aug 15 - Sep 12, 2016

Post by Jim Eshelman » Thu May 11, 2017 6:53 pm

USA Mundane Forecast
for the four weeks beginning August 15, 2016

For the 12 months beginning January 15, the United States' Year Chart is dominated by angular Uranus (0°29') and Pluto (3°43'), and their close square (1°11'). This is a radical, uprooting influence - revolutionary, revising, remapping, anti-establishment, often anti-government, embodying a spirit of revolution that dismantles current systems and tears down iconic structures. Nor is this a gentle revolt: Foreground Mars + Uranus is explosive, unleashing sudden fiery force. These "bombshells" are mostly psychological, but physical explosions will be part of the mix, especially later in the year (e.g., warlike assaults, violence, fires, natural disasters, high profile deaths, and a general sense of crisis).

This pattern continues all year. Additionally, the three months beginning July 16 overlay a parallel story, more of a fantasy story. Jupiter opposes Neptune across the horizon, with both square Moon. Expect unrealistic optimism in diverse forms, especially as market inflation and binge speculation. For mid-July to mid-October, the market is likely to shoot up to as close to a cliff-edge as it can climb.

MOON-JUPITER signifies growing prosperity, economic expansion, diplomacy, dignity, and elitism. Most pronounced is a theme of “our people first,” e.g., national pride, patriotism, family, community, and standing first for those groups with which one identifies (one's tribe). This can, of course, be divisive as well as unifying. MOON-NEPTUNE anticipates extreme waves of emotional reaction, fervor, disorientation, and herd-mind arousal accompanied by confusion, disorientation, and uncertainty. JUPITER-NEPTUNE, in addition to the above, brings events of powerful inspiration, faith, and idealism, belief-driven motivation and decision-making, and powerful opposing, polarized belief in response. With ANGULAR JUPITER, I will say that America should do exceptionally well in the Summer Olympics that continue until August 21, because Jupiter signifies victories and nothing bespeaks Neptune's mob madness like a stadium crowd.

One regional caveat on the Cansolar: New Orleans has Saturn on MC squared by Neptune. To keep rubbing it in... these are hurricane aspects, and this is hurricane season. In the Cansolar's first few days, this manifest mostly through accelerated violence and unrest in nearby Baton Rouge. I don't think that's all that will hit the region. [8/15 NOTE: Since writing this two weeks ago, New Orleans has had severe flooding as well.]

Moon-Uranus Aspects
From May through October, every lunar ingress has a close Moon-Uranus aspect. Furthermore, July 28 to September 18, CapQ Moon conjoins Capsolar Uranus. In addition to break-out events for women, this aspect, affecting the entire world, indicates sudden, explosive, eruptive, shifting conditions; surprise attacks characterized by their sudden and explosive nature and by rapidly changing conditions that require quick adaptation and reorientation, new learning, and new responses; new technology, new strategic approaches, and new discoveries; and civil instability, including events that mark new levels of human freedom.

August 15-18 continues a JUPITER-URANUS-PLUTO Zone (with double Pluto). These planets emphasize revolutionary, revising, remapping, anti-establishment, anti-government, even revolutionary trends that dismantle elements of the current system and tear down iconic structures. Jupiter drives this with ideological passion - most negative events of this time will arise from religious zealotry, highly divergent and competing political polarization, and other ideology-fuelled anchors. Folks align, with populist force, along "our people first!" lines, with a possibility for either great unity or great sectarian division. A push for civil rights pairs off in a title match with forces of bigotry and suppression, with all parties strongly feeling they are doing what's best for their families and communities. National pride, patriotism, family, community, and religious zeal mark the time.

After Jupiter drops away, August 19-20 is a URANUS-PLUTO Zone. This reinforces the Uranus-Pluto trends for the whole year mentioned above under the Capsolar. These two days especially emphasize revolutionary, revising, remapping, anti-establishment, anti-government, even revolutionary trends that dismantle elements of the current system and tears down iconic structures.

After Pluto drops off for a while, for August 21 to September 3 we have a pure URANUS Zone, arising from CapQ Moon's conjunction with Capsolar Uranus. This doubles up (and at times triples up) on Moon-Uranus symbolism for the summer, discussed above in its own section. Expect an acceleration of events around August 22-23 when the Moon-Uranus aspect is exact.

September 4-12 will be the most volatile and explosive few days of the month, a MARS-URANUS Zone. The CapQ Moon-Uranus is joined by two Mars transits to the Cansolar - to Ascendant and Moon - that overlap on a single, ominous day... September 11. There is considerable concern throughout this entire week (especially in combination with the lunar ingress of the time), and especially on the significant September 11 fifteenth anniversary itself. Mars-Uranus is explosive, with startling violence. Psychological (and sometimes physical) “bombshells” ignite, "fire + explosion" becomes a theme (e.g., literal bombs, vehicular collisions, and surprise attacks as in military assaults or shooting massacres). Prior to mid-October, September 4-12 is the one week or so in 2016 that deserves the most warnings, the most prudence, and the most concern. - Houston and San Francisco are especially on my radar for this (besides the obvious East Coast locations).

Caplunar (August 15)
The Caplunar describes August 15 through September 12, and especially the first week (August 15-22). The themes are simple, and are given strength by their reiteration of the strongest patterns of the year: Everything written under the Capsolar about Uranus-Pluto, and in the separate section on Moon-Uranus, comes to a head now. (The CapQ Moon-Uranus conjunction is partile during this whole time as well.)

For the technicalities: Moon squares Uranus (0°35'), Uranus is within 3° of Ascendant, Pluto is a little wider, and the Uranus-Pluto square tightens to 2°28' in mundo.

Arilunar (August 22)
The Arilunar describes August 22-28, which will be one of the best, nicest weeks of the year. (We may even see signs of the Cansolar's progressed Mercury-Venus square this week.)

Two aspects are supremely close: The recurring Moon-Uranus (here a conjunction) is only 0°02' wide in mundo. Mercury conjoins Jupiter within 0°04'. Mercury and Jupiter are both within 3° of Ascendant (Mercury closer). Venus is widely foreground, enhancing the benefic tone of the chart. Most generally, expect broadly positive news, especially concerning communication, transportation, and commerce events. Mercury-Jupiter is notable for diplomatic success, commercial alliances, trade negotiations, successful conversations and cooperation, and major judicial action, and is broadly favorable time for conducting business.

Within all this, we can't ignore that laser-precise Moon-Uranus, closer for this country than for most of the world. This is the week to expect technological and scientific breakthroughs, surprise announcements, medical breakthroughs, revelations that make people's lives better, and, in the business world, big-deal mergers and product launches.

NOTE. An exception: August 23 will be a bad day to be in charge of things in Washington, DC.

Canlunar (August 28)
The Canlunar describes the period August 28 to September 25. (The next three lunar ingresses are all dormant.) It is one of the worst lunar ingresses of the year to the point of being violent, explosive, terrifying, and malignant. It overlaps with volatile, explosive patterns in the Bridge that "just happen" to converge on the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Moon squares Uranus, of course (0°49'). Mars, Saturn, and Neptune are all foreground and closely interconnected:
Saturn on MC (1°13')
Neptune sq. MC (1°10')
Mars on MC (5°05')
-- Saturn-Neptune sq. (0°47')
-- Mars-Neptune sq. (1°31')
-- Mars-Saturn conj. (2°18')

A list of possible manifestations would be a long litany of tragedy. You can look these up in the Sidereal Mundane Astrology textbook, but it really boils down to "anything really bad."

Here are some short summaries: SATURN-NEPTUNE means grief, loss, tragedy, fear, with consequent emotional turbulence and intensified or exaggerated negativity; sacrifice and renunciation; resignations, abdications, exiles, and other removals. MARS-NEPTUNE means panic, terror: surging adrenaline + heightened hysterical emotion, as with fires, earthquakes, other violent natural events, leader deaths/crises, populist uprisings/mobs and response they draw, financial panics, and shooting massacres. MARS-SATURN doesn't specialize in any one type of event but, rather, incites diverse destruction and hardship: harsh, hurtful, and destructive events, such as declared wars and other military attacks, murderous shooting massacres, and many others.

Some of the other chart factors may give us more details. The most angular planet is not one of the malefics, but Sun, which is only 0°05' from Westpoint for Washington. Aside from intensifying the likelihood of fires, this placement foremost puts attention on the U.S. government itself, especially in the person of the head of state. While other "cultural leaders" could be equally well represented, it would be irresponsible not to mention that this placement foremost puts President Obama in the cross-hairs - perhaps literally. Next, it suggests an attack on the body and soul of the United States government itself. Where the attack is not so precise and literal, angular Sun marks intensified government intervention (through regulations, emergency relief, etc.). But when the placement is this close, we should first expect that the person of the president (or an equivalent cultural leader) and of the government itself is a direct target.

Sun squares Mars (0°43' in mundo). This intensified all martial themes, and emphasizes the fiery, explosive, violent, and destructive. Sun widely opposes Neptune (3°03' in mundo), adding the characteristic of chaos and disorientation, ferocious and like a maelstrom. Unlike the recent Moon-Saturn plus Moon-Pluto periods, these circumstances are distinctive to the United States.

NOTE. September 3 will be a bad day to be in charge of things in Washington, DC.

Liblunar (September 4)
The Liblunar is dormant, so that the Canlunar flows through as the defining chart of the country for the last week of the month. The recurring Moon-Uranus aspect is an opposition (1°00').

NOTE. September 7 will be a bad day to be in charge of things in Washington, DC.
Jim Eshelman

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