US forecast Oct 9 - Nov 6, 2016

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US forecast Oct 9 - Nov 6, 2016

Post by Jim Eshelman » Thu May 11, 2017 6:55 pm

USA Mundane Forecast
for the four weeks beginning October 9, 2016

For the 12 months beginning January 15, the United States' Year Chart is dominated by a close, angular URANUS-PLUTO square plus a little Mars. This is a radical, uprooting influence - revolutionary, revising, remapping, anti-establishment, often anti-government, embodying a spirit of revolution that dismantles current systems and tears down iconic structures. Nor is this a gentle revolt: Foreground Mars + Uranus is explosive, unleashing sudden fiery force. These "bombshells" are mostly psychological, but physical explosions will be part of the mix, especially after mid-October (e.g., warlike assaults, violence, fires, natural disasters, high profile deaths, and a general sense of crisis).

Through the first half of October, a subplot to the above is all about fantasy and entertainment. Jupiter opposes Neptune across the horizon, with both square Moon. Expect unrealistic optimism in diverse forms, especially as market inflation and binge speculation. Taking investment risks is not recommended right now unless you find a brief window with very short-term advantage.

Libsolar (October 17) Map 1 Map 2
With the Libsolar, we enter the most volatile, unstable, and threatening three months of the year: violent, aggressive, explosive, unleashing ferocious energies with distinct governmental and political overtones. Of 18 active astrological factors in this one chart, 16 reiterate these dangerous, destabilizing themes.

First, the technical particulars: Sun, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto are all within about 1° of an angle. Each aspects the others. A close Uranus-Pluto aspect has its midpoint only 0°02 from the angles. Briefly, these aspects anticipate the fiery, explosive, destructive, and startling, with assaults on power, disrespect for law, and mind-stunning impact, "surprise attack" bombshells with startling violence, stress-testing capacity beyond tolerance, and unleashing ferocious force. They are revolutionary, revising, remapping, and anti-establishment, tearing at iconic structures.

All of these may be purely psychological instead of physical. For example, we may have psychological "bombshells" and assailing of conceptual structures rather than physical ones. This difference matters, of course, in terms of loss of life and property damage and yet, in another sense, doesn't matter: The psychological impact is much the same either way.

Mercury is only a little more widely angular and connected. In particular, Mercury's aspects to Mars and Uranus are historically consistent with two categories of events: Overt declaration of war (or other planned, strategic mobilizations) and significant transportation disasters. They also speak of discovery, revelation, disclosure and being startled, threatened, and uprooted.

All of this speaks of an unstable, apprehensive time. The one, often charming and protective aspect, Moon exactly opposite Venus, usually brings occasion for celebration but, with these other factors, most likely means that love will be a sacrifice and the masses feel powerfully and intimately about these unfolding events.

Moon-Uranus Aspects
From May through mid-November, every lunar ingress has a close Moon-Uranus aspect. In addition to break-out events for women, this aspect, affecting the entire world, indicates sudden, explosive, eruptive, shifting conditions; surprise attacks characterized by their sudden and explosive nature and by rapidly changing conditions that require quick adaptation and reorientation, new learning, and new responses; new technology, new strategic approaches, and new discoveries; and civil instability, including events that mark new levels of human freedom.

Bridge zones change rapidly this month. Most only last a few days as Mars darts in and out around other planets. This suggests that things are happening quickly, the tone of the times changing faster than the normal news cycle. Pay attention this month, or you might feel a bit of whiplash.

A MARS Zone (Mars square Capsolar Moon) continues from the prior month and lasts October 9-10. Such Mars transits always mark (for the whole world, and not just the U.S.) concentrated violence, fire, explosions, and destruction, war and other attacks, and crises involving national leaders.

October 12-18 is a one-week JUPITER Zone (transiting Jupiter opposes Capsolar Moon). This (affecting the whole world) is the most positive indication in a hard, harsh month. At best, it offers diplomacy and dignity. Elitism prevails. Most pronounced through all events are strong elements of national pride, patriotism, family, community, and standing first for those groups with which one identifies ("my kind first"). This can, of course, be divisive as well as unifying.

October 19-20, as the new Libsolar and Arilunar settle in, brings a MARS-JUPITER Zone. Confidence inspires boldness. Ideology turns aggressive. This combination normally sponsors economic crisis. Heroic victories shine with achievement and causes for public celebration. Expect religious evangelism and other belief-driven aggression.

October 21-22 is a MARS-JUPITER-URANUS Zone as Uranus begins a long-term crossing of Capsolar Eastpoint. Cracks begin to show in the illusion of security and stability. Another side of Mars with Jupiter-Uranus is great passion for human (civil) rights; but if Congress is still in session, expect childish tantrums and throwing things - even more than usual.

October 23-26 is a MARS-URANUS Zone, explosive, with surprising, startling violence. "Bombshells" are usually psychological, and sometimes physical. Fire + explosion is the theme - particularly in light of the new, volatile Libsolar.

October 27-30, Mars drops out and we get a simpler URANUS Zone. For a few days, expect simple surprises, disclosures, and revelations, perhaps fostering "turning point" changes.

October 31 to November 5, as Pluto returns for a long-term conjunction with Capsolar Midheaven, we get our first new URANUS-PLUTO Zone. This reinforces what was said above (in both the Capsolar and Libsolar) about Uranus-Pluto. This time especially emphasizes revolutionary, revising, remapping, anti-establishment, anti-government trends that dismantle elements of the current system and tear down iconic structures.

November 6, nearly on Election Eve, begins a MARS-URANUS-PLUTO Zone that carries through the election. (Mars squares Capsolar Ascendant.) There is nothing to say not already mentioned under the Libsolar: This election will be explosive and disrupting, shredding sacred cows into machaca. In many countries, this would be the mark of a coup d'état attempt.


Caplunar (October 9)
The Caplunar describes October 9 through November 6, and especially the first week (Oct 9-16). Neptune on Ascendant (partile) squares Saturn. Moon squares Uranus.

This is conceivably the chart of an abdication or other resignation. However, as common sense suggests that neither presidential candidate is likely to step out of the race (and October 9 is the second presidential debate, in St. Louis, where Venus is angular), Saturn-Neptune likely refers to some national sorrow: Grief, loss, fear; sacrifice and renunciation; resignations, abdications, exiles, and other removals. Saturn-Neptune is also discouraging for the stock market. (Uranus dominates quotidians for the first four days of this period. Jupiter makes October 13 the best day of the week, though stormy.)

Arilunar (October 16)
The Arilunar describes October 16-22. Its main feature is more pleasant and relaxed than anything else we see all month: Venus is exactly angular (0°06'). With Jupiter's concurrent transit of Capsolar Moon, we may get a week's deferment on the Libsolar kicking in.

Life doesn't stop, though: The final presidential debate is in Las Vegas October 19. With Arilunar Moon in background aspect with Sun and Uranus, expect even more surprises in a year filled with them. Moon, Sun, and Uranus are angular for Las Vegas, along with a "you can't wiggle out of this" Mercury-Pluto square! On October 19, Hillary Clinton has harsh, merciless, skewering aspects, and Donald Trump's transits show depression and resignation. Pugilistic Mars and Pluto conjoin on Washington's CanQ Descendant the same day.

Canlunar (October 22)
The Canlunar describes October 22-29. Two themes predominate. (1) A Moon-Mercury-Uranus T-square sits right on Washington's angles, with the Moon-Uranus square (widening for the rest of the world) only 0°05' in mundo in DC. (2) Mars conjoins Pluto on angles.

This promises to put the surprise into the traditional "October Surprise." Expectation of Russian malicious hacking of American information systems and explosive, embarrassing disclosures are realistic. The dual Mercury-Uranus emphasis anticipates discovery and revelation, information disclosure, and generally being startled and taken by surprise. It stirs a sense of emergency and alarm. Crises with information and transportation mark the headlines. Mars-Pluto points to the violent, ferocious, often explosive unleashing of force of many kinds.

With Moon's prominence, there is an intense populist fever in this chart. Moon-Uranus is particularly known for civil instability and masses besieging the gates leading to greater freedom and life-quality. Massive local protests in responsive to new police violence are just one possibility. (October 26-27 shows a significant victory and good news.)

Liblunar (October 29)
The Liblunar describes October 29-November 6. This new week is no calmer, except that the information storm will have settled down. For the week immediately prior to the U.S. elections, a Moon-Mars-Uranus T-square rides the angles for Washington. Mars-Uranus is closest (0°22'), and Uranus is most powerfully angular.

Therefore, many themes itemized above will continue. Explosive, startling Mars-Uranus highlights surprise attacks and bombshells. Moon square Mars stirs a more physical violence and especially increases the risk of fires and physical harm, with a tone of crisis for those in power. Moon especially stirs a wave of populism.

October 30-31 places Mars on a quotidian angle (with a New Moon conjunct the Mars), and November 1-2 brings two Plutos plus Uranus. Expect the week's shock and impact on these latter days especially.
Jim Eshelman

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