US forecast Nov 6 - Dec 3, 2016

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US forecast Nov 6 - Dec 3, 2016

Post by Jim Eshelman » Thu May 11, 2017 6:56 pm

USA Mundane Forecast
for the four weeks beginning November 6, 2016

For the 12 months beginning January 15, the United States' Year Chart (Capsolar) is dominated by a close, angular URANUS-PLUTO square plus a little Mars. This is a radical, uprooting influence - revolutionary, revising, remapping, anti-establishment, often anti-government, desiring to dismantle current systems and tears down iconic structures.

Though "bombshells" have been mostly psychological throughout the year, physical explosions and a general sense or crisis are more likely part of the mix in the present quarter. Under mid-October's Libsolar, we are in the most volatile, unstable, and threatening three months of the year. Sun, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto, all within about 1° of an angle, aspect each other. These revolutionary, revising, remapping, and anti-establishment aspects anticipate the fiery, explosive, destructive, and startling, with assaults on power, disrespect for law, and mind-stunning impact, "surprise attack" bombshells with startling violence, stress-testing capacity of people and resources beyond tolerance, and unleashing ferocious force. Our government is a specific target, with particular focus on the executive branch.

Adding Mercury, two categories of event possibilities stand out: Overt declaration of war (or other planned, strategic mobilizations) and significant transportation disasters. Mercury's aspects also speak of discovery, revelation, disclosure and being startled, threatened, and uprooted. With Venus exactly opposite Moon, we likely see love sacrificed and the masses feeling powerfully and intimately about unfolding events.

Moon-Uranus Aspects
From May through mid-November (and spottily thereafter), every lunar ingress has a close Moon-Uranus aspect. Furthermore, transiting Uranus conjoins progressed Capsolar Moon all month. In addition to break-out events for women, this aspect, affecting the entire world, indicates sudden, explosive, eruptive, shifting conditions; surprise attacks characterized by their sudden and explosive nature and by rapidly changing conditions that require quick adaptation and reorientation, new learning, and new responses; new technology, new strategic approaches, and new discoveries; and civil instability, including events that mark new levels of human freedom. We have seen these trends all summer and into the fall.

URANUS AND PLUTO conjoin Capsolar angles all month: This period brings the final fulfillment of the specific promise of the Uranus-Pluto Capsolar, reinforced by the Uranus-Pluto Libsolar. Everything written above comes to a head in events from late October to the first week of January when transiting Uranus and Pluto conjoin, respectively, Capsolar Eastpoint and Midheaven. Uranus doubles down from November 19 to December 25 by concurrently conjoining progressed Capsolar Moon.

Within this larger pattern, we find four distinct Bridge zones in the current astrological month.

Continuing from last month, November 6-12, is a week-long MARS-URANUS-PLUTO Zone. This includes Election Day, which will be startling and disrupting, shredding sacred cows into machaca. In many countries, with different social and governmental forms than ours, this would be the mark of a coup d'état attempt. There will at least be newsworthy reports of violence.

November 13-17, Mars drops away to leave a pure URANUS-PLUTO Zone. The election is over, the dust is settled, and a time of transition ensues.

November 18-20 is a SATURN-URANUS-PLUTO Zone. (Saturn joins the Uranus-Pluto mix until December 22.) The forces of revolutionary change run into a wall of conservative survivalism, a bubble-bursting forced confrontation with harsh reality. For example, expect intensified political gridlock in a lame-duck session of Congress. The usual polarizations are in play, e.g., freedom vs. restriction, liberal vs. conservative, a struggle between forces of change and the status quo. This also begins a few weeks when stock market destabilization is more likely than not.

November 21 to December 3 is a MERCURY-JUPITER-SATURN-URANUS-PLUTO Zone. All of these are in the Capsolar except Saturn, which is in the Cansolar, as if standing opposed to Mercury-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto as a separate voice. This period is much like the last, but with more obvious political, economic, and informational (data-flow) themes


Caplunar (November 6)
The Caplunar describes November 6 through December 3, and especially the first week (Nov 6-12). This includes Election Day, November 8, and, with Sun partile square Ascendant, the message is clear: It's all about the president (or, more likely, the presidency).

Non-astrological forecasters are anticipating unusually low voter turn-out. I think such predictions are wrong. We would have this election exactly on this date even without Sun angular in a Caplunar, so I'm led to read this precisely angular Sun as meaning that this presidential election is unusually centric in the collective mind of this country. Logic says that this means a surprisingly high voter turnout.

Additionally, Moon conjoins Mars closely, and squares Uranus much more closely for Washington than for the rest of the world. This is a pattern of bloodshed, violence, and conflagration. Strong expressions of this surely will be part of this election. (Mars squares Midheaven through the heart of Ohio, so the biggest fights likely will be there.) Remember also, all week transiting Mars squares Capsolar Ascendant: From the beginning, this was going to be a hard fought, highly competitive, and likely volatile election, and these charts suggest this remains true, to the last day.

Arilunar (November 12)
The Arilunar describes November 12-18. There is enormous confusion and uncertainty. People are busy asking, "What happens now?" Neptune is exactly on Eastpoint (partile square a more distantly foreground Saturn), Mercury exactly squares Ascendant. Moon opposite Uranus remains within a distant but acceptable orb.

So there are new surprises, but we're getting jaded about them, and there is new turf that people are adjusting to, and the overall tone is grim and uncertain in the nation. All the usual Saturn-Neptune characteristics apply, including a negative impact on the market. (Given the Mercury, I just hope some state isn't still counting "hanging chad" or their electronic equivalent.)

Canlunar (November 18)
The Canlunar, describing November 18-25, substantially repeats the prior week. Neptune exactly rises (0°10' from square a Mercury which, itself, is not angular), and Saturn widely conjoins Midheaven. There is no close Saturn-Neptune aspect. The focus is more on Neptune itself, albeit a dour, untrusting expression: uncertain, confused, emotionally caught up in events, disoriented, with that persistent sense of, "What happens now?" (And remember the Bridge: Transiting Saturn this week enters orb of Cansolar Ascendant.)

Liblunar (November 25)
The Liblunar describes November 25 to December 3. For Washington, it lasts November 25 to December 15, due to dormancy of the next two lunar ingresses.

Uncertainty is dispelled, and what dispels it is the certainty of a decisive call to action, if not to arms. Mars, exalted in Capricorn, is 1° from Midheaven. Sun, just entered Mars own constellation of Scorpio, is 1° from Descendant. Their mundane square is only 0°13' wide. Additionally, Mercury and Saturn are in partile foreground conjunction.

Sun-Mars expresses a bold, decisive, targeted show of strength. All Mars themes are intensified and highlighted. Events under this aspect are typically fiery, violent, explosive, and destructive, but also can be heroic, with a righteous pride in strength. Those charged with the president's safety may need to be extra alert, as the non-fatal shootings of Presidents Ford and Reagan both occurred with this aspect foreground in the Chart of the Week.

Mercury-Saturn surely tells us the main themes of this show of force. We can always expect restrictions, delays, failures, or calamity relating to transportation, and breakdowns in communication with this aspect. The simplest interpretation is that a travel (vehicular) disaster occurs. I repeat my prayer that ballots are not still being counted, since this aspect dominated a lunar ingress for the drama following the 2000 election.
Jim Eshelman

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