US forecast Dec 3-30, 2016

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US forecast Dec 3-30, 2016

Post by Jim Eshelman » Thu May 11, 2017 6:58 pm

USA Mundane Forecast
for the four weeks beginning December 3, 2016

For the 12 months beginning January 15, the United States' Year Chart (Capsolar) is dominated by a close, angular URANUS-PLUTO square plus a little Mars. This is a radical, uprooting influence - revolutionary, revising, remapping, anti-establishment, often anti-government, desiring to dismantle current systems and tears down iconic structures.

Though "bombshells" have been mostly psychological throughout the year, physical explosions and a broad, heightened sense or crisis are more likely part of the mix in the present quarter. Under mid-October's Libsolar, we are in the most volatile, unstable, and threatening three months of the year. Sun, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto, all within about 1° of an angle, aspect each other. These revolutionary, revising, remapping, and anti-establishment aspects anticipate the fiery, explosive, destructive, and startling, with assaults on power, disrespect for law, and mind-stunning impact, "surprise attack" bombshells with startling violence, stress-testing capacity of people and resources beyond tolerance, and unleashing ferocious force. Our government is a specific target, with particular focus on the executive branch.

Adding Mercury, two categories of event possibilities stand out: Overt declaration of war (or other planned, strategic mobilizations) and significant transportation disasters. Mercury's aspects also speak of discovery, revelation, disclosure and being startled, threatened, and uprooted. With Venus exactly opposite Moon, we likely see love sacrificed and the masses feeling powerfully and intimately about unfolding events.

For the entire month, we have one, long, complex Bridge: five planets which mark the whole month with complex, overlapping themes that we will do our best to disentangle.

First, the technicalities to make this clearer: Uranus and Pluto transit Capsolar angles all month, maximizing the core meaning of the Capsolar. (Uranus also conjoins progressed Capsolar Moon nearly all month, until Christmas.) Additionally, Jupiter crosses one or another Capsolar angle all month, something that changes the Year Chart's basic tone - for the better. Jupiter also opposes progressed Capsolar Moon beginning December 27, as 2017's headliner, the Jupiter-Uranus opposition, comes into play; and that same CapQ Moon squares Capsolar Mercury.

Against this, transiting Saturn squares Cansolar Ascendant all month until the 22nd, and that same day begins to conjoin Cansolar Moon, an aspect exact on December 31 and lasting until January 9. Every year or so when Saturn forms this latter aspect, we get a daily barrage of tragic, deadly events world wide. Expect two and a half weeks of stories of hardship, sacrifice, loss, and sadness, bereavement, deprivation and disappointment, and destructive assaults by human and nature, focused on alienation, divisiveness, vast property damage, and significant loss of life.

But domestically, after a year of surprises and change, Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto gives the optimistic feel that good changes are coming. There is, however, considerable opposition to this trend - along political party polarities, and perhaps between the U.S. and its enemies. Because of this polarized opposition, one expression of these planets could indeed be attacks driven by antipathetic belief and religious and cultural divisions.

Most likely, though, this Bridge is an early expression of the rising energies of Jupiter opposite Uranus, the hallmark aspect of the new year. In addition to "good Uranus" (new technology and technological vision, "good science") and "shaken Jupiter" (ideological rebellion), Jupiter-Uranus primarily marks good times in which progressive social and political agendas flourish, civil rights breakthroughs queue up, and people seem to have more insight and resourcefulness, more ability to understand and manage vast complexity, for seriously tackling the multitude of problems that will sit before our new president and Congress. Despite the outcome of the November elections, I need to stand by this prediction because it is the historic nature of this aspect - even though it appears that most of the political power and purpose in Washington is opposed to these very things.

In any case, there is a devil in the grass, in the form of those oppositional, adverse concurrent Saturn aspects already explained. There is a vast, deep division.


Liblunar (November 25 & continuing)
The Liblunar covers November 25 to December 15 because the new Caplunar and Arilunar have nothing to say for Washington. Mid-November's time of uncertainty is dispelled. What dispels it is the certainty of a decisive call to action, if not a call to arms. Mars is 1° from Midheaven. Sun is 1° from Descendant. Their mundane square is only 0°13' wide. Mercury and Saturn are in partile foreground conjunction. Sun-Mars expresses a bold, decisive, targeted show of strength. All Mars themes are intensified and highlighted. Events under this aspect are typically fiery, violent, explosive, and destructive, but also can be heroic, with a righteous pride in strength. Those charged with the president's (or president-elect's) safety may need to be extra alert: The non-fatal shootings of Presidents Ford and Reagan both occurred with this aspect foreground in the Chart of the Week. Mercury-Saturn speaks to the main themes of this show of force. We can expect restrictions, delays, failures, or calamity relating to transportation, and breakdowns in communication. The simplest interpretation is that a travel (vehicular) disaster occurs. Diplomacy suffers. Votes may still be undergoing recount (since Mercury-Saturn dominated a lunar ingress for the drama following the 2000 election).

Caplunar (December 3)
The Caplunar owns December 3-30, and especially the first week (Dec 3-9). However, it is dormant (no planets tightly angular for Washington), and therefore yields to the prior Liblunar (immediately above).

The Caplunar has two significant features not dependent on angularity. One is a Moon-Venus conjunction (0°08') shared by the entire world. The other is an even closer (0°02') Moon-Jupiter mundane square, unique to the general Washington, DC region. These are aspects of success and celebration, which are hardly in conflict with the Liblunar's martial themes.

Moon-Jupiter aspects mark periods of growing prosperity. Diplomacy, dignity, and elitism prevail. Expect national pride, patriotism, family, and community. Moon-Venus is more distinctly a party aspect: We find themes of peace, public happiness, and celebration, with more alliances than antipathies. Stories about love focus and hold the public’s attention more than usual. Both of these aspects mark times of fewer newsworthy disasters than usual. People are happier and feeling better off.

Arilunar (December 9)
The Arilunar, marking the week December 9-15, is dormant for Washington, and yields to the last active lunar ingress for the region, the November 25 Liblunar.

Canlunar (December 15)
A new Canlunar covering December 15-22 describes a difficult, even dire week. Saturn is closely, and Sun almost as closely, on IC (one on each side). Though they are out of useful aspect orb, their midpoint is within a degree of the angle, which we treat like a Sun-Saturn aspect.

Sun-Saturn marks especially sad events. Even happy events now occur under arduous, demanding conditions. Examples include the death or other restraint of national leaders; government gridlock or other lockdown that involves suppressive, restrictive, controlling, or failing government or management, causing or enhancing disaster; structural collapses, especially of bridges; and other events mandating government oversight and control. If an attack is not aimed at the president, it may be aimed at the presidency itself: On December 19, the Electoral College meets to formalize the selection of the next president.

We expect a downhill slide of the stock market in December. This Canlunar has two of the three planets most often angular for economic crisis. (Most likely the Fed will have raised interest rates a bit, and there will be at least short-term negative consequences in the stock market.)

Liblunar (December 22)
The Liblunar for December 22-30 continues the Saturn trend, with the ringed planet about 1° from IC again. Moon opposes Uranus for Washington suggesting a shock or disruption. The one salvaging economic indicator is that Moon also (distantly) has a mundane opposition with Jupiter. This is the first hint of the Jupiter-Uranus themes that will dominate 2017 (see above).

The closer we get to the end of the year, the greater the risk of an economic crisis. This is a main theme of the December 30 Caplunar that will headline next month's forecast. It is unclear whether the weak Moon-Jupiter in the present chart holds it at bay, buoyed by the Christmas holiday. In any case, the stock market windows are rattling in the economic winds.

December 22 brings a lovely, optimistic Jupiter to a quotidian angle. The latter part of the week, though, has painful planets rise to the fore from about Christmas Eve through New Years Eve.
Jim Eshelman

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