US forecast Dec 30, 2016 - Jan 14, 2017

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US forecast Dec 30, 2016 - Jan 14, 2017

Post by Jim Eshelman » Thu May 11, 2017 6:59 pm

USA Mundane Forecast
for the 16 days beginning December 30, 2016

For the 12 months beginning January 15, 2016, the United States' Year Chart (Capsolar) has been dominated by a close, angular URANUS-PLUTO square plus a little Mars. This is a radical, uprooting influence - revolutionary, revising, remapping, anti-establishment, often anti-government, desiring to dismantle current systems and tears down iconic structures.

Though "bombshells" have been mostly psychological throughout the year, physical explosions and a general sense or crisis are more likely in the present quarter. Under mid-October's Libsolar, we are in the most volatile, unstable, and threatening three months of the year. Sun, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto, all within about 1° of an angle, aspect each other. These aspects anticipate the fiery, explosive, destructive, and startling, with assaults on power, disrespect for law, and mind-stunning impact, "surprise attack" bombshells with startling violence, stress-testing capacity of people and resources beyond tolerance, and unleashing ferocious force. Our government is a specific target, with particular focus on the executive branch.

Adding Mercury, two possibilities stand out: Overt declaration of war (or other planned, strategic mobilizations) and significant transportation disasters. Mercury's aspects also speak of discovery, revelation, disclosure and being startled, threatened, and uprooted. With Venus exactly opposite Moon, we likely see love sacrificed and the masses feeling powerfully and intimately about unfolding events.

December 30 to January 8 continues a MERCURY-JUPITER-SATURN-URANUS-PLUTO Zone from last month. An optimistic feeling that good changes are coming encounters considerable, intentional opposition. We get an early taste of the Jupiter-Uranus characteristics, but there is a devil in the grass, in the form of opposing, resisting Saturn.

In particular, the Cansolar's SATURN-MOON transit (exact 12/31, lasts until 1/9) always marks times filled with tragic, deadly events worldwide. Expect nearly daily stories of hardship, sacrifice, loss, and sadness, bereavement, deprivation and disappointment, and destructive assaults by human and nature, focused on alienation, divisiveness, vast property damage, and significant loss of life.

January 9-14 adds MARS to the five planets already in play. These are also the last days of the old Capsolar. To the pattern already in play, expect more competition, conflict, and violence.


Caplunar (December 30)
The Caplunar owns December 30 to January 26, and especially the first week (Dec 30 to Jan 6). Two years ago, along with some of my colleagues on, I identified the December 30, 2016 Caplunar as the most worrisome chart on the long-range horizon. Saturn, Mars, and Neptune are all closely angular and tightly aspecting each other. Also, December 31 transiting Saturn exactly conjoins CanQ Moon and, at the stroke of midnight for New Years Eve in Washington, DC, the CanQ Midheaven is 15°43' Taurus: opposing ingress Saturn. square ingress Neptune, and square a 0°04' transiting Mars-Neptune conjunction. It is as ugly a pile-up of malefics for the nation as we have seen in many years. High on the list of possible events are cascading market crashes in the surrounding days, or a violent, devastating attack by our enemies in a vulnerable hour, or other events that are violent, life-taking, fear-inducing, devious, and costly.

Against, this, CapQ Moon catches an opposition from transiting Jupiter, while square Capsolar Mercury. We persevere. Something evokes celebration and collective pride from us even in this hour.

Arilunar (January 6)
And then comes resolution and recovery, which looks like a bail-out. The Arilunar, effective January 6-12, has a close Mercury-Jupiter-Uranus T-square foreground. Mercury-Jupiter, which is favorable for business, suggests diplomatic success, commercial alliances, trade negotiations, and successful conversations and cooperation. Mercury-Uranus means discovery, revelation, breakthrough, and, generally, surprise. Conceivably, judicial matters are at the center of things. If there has been a financial crisis, there is cause for optimism. Expect effective technical resolution of problems.

January 8, CapQ Ascendant touches transiting Jupiter opposite progressed Moon, both square ingress Mercury. CanQ Ascendant conjoins Cansolar Jupiter. This is the day the Mercury-themed victory (whether for commerce, diplomacy, technology or other) emerges.

This series of events is a big deal: see the partile foreground Sun-Pluto aspect. Orthodoxy (and its defending leadership) needs to be challenged. Those in charge need to roll up their sleeves and struggle for resolution and (if the T-square can be trusted) they succeed. Transiting Pluto exactly conjoins Capsolar Midheaven January 9: This week in general, and that day in particular, lines are crossed than cannot be crossed back - thresholds are passed that have no retreat. Something large fundamentally changes. It seems that change is required by the circumstances of the week before, in these latter days of the old Uranus-Pluto Capsolar.

Canlunar (January 12)
The Canlunar for January 12-19 covers the last week of the Obama administration. Mercury is on MC. Moon precisely (0°04') opposes Sun and also squares Jupiter. Mercury's focus suggests much last minute business of the paperwork variety. With the strong solar focus, expect many presidential orders, both administrative directives and, especially, acts of clemency (for there is much clemency in Sun-Jupiter's link to Moon).
Jim Eshelman

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