US forecast Jan 14-26, 2017

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US forecast Jan 14-26, 2017

Post by Jim Eshelman » Thu May 11, 2017 6:59 pm

USA Mundane Forecast
for the two weeks beginning January 14, 2017

Beginning January 14, we welcome a new annual pattern (Capsolar) that promises greater optimism. It might be the best AND most interesting year we've had in quite a while. Jupiter is most angular (IC, 0°56'). Uranus is on Midheaven (3°01') opposite Jupiter (1°41'). Sun squares MC (1°14') and Jupiter (2°37').

JUPITER OPPOSITE URANUS brings ideological rebellion - both peaceful and violent forms, as diverse as Woodstock and the storming of the Bastille. We expect a remapping of the larger social contract this year, in ways that demand widening horizons and expanding opportunities. Proponents of liberal social and political agendas raise their voices, especially in demands for civil rights and social diversification - these are the issues of the time.

At its best, it brings collective optimism and a feeling that good changes are afoot. Inventiveness is strong, including new technology and tech vision, futurism, and “good science” that engages popular imagination. "Internet of Things" (IoT) and virtual and augmented reality (VR & AR) will be become more routine presences in our lives and homes. Medical breakthroughs will accelerate, e.g., there is an excellent chance that the final crack in cancer's defenses will occur this year.

Political and thought leaders show more insight and resourcefulness, more ability to understand and manage vast complexity for tackling scores of problems that will sit before our new president and Congress. Don't worry, though: Sun-Jupiter promises plenty of self-serving, elitist "politics as usual" in the mix, motivated by a non-philanthropic tendency of people with money and power wanting more money and power. A shadow expression of Jupiter-Uranus historically has been the rise and growth of fascism, a form of radical nationalism. Fascism’s totalitarian, suppressive elements are at odds with the liberal, democratic, social-support wave of Jupiter-Uranus, though it is the drum beat of that wave's foes.

With Jupiter most angular, the year is overall optimistic. Expect victories (e.g., military victories and athletic wins), diplomacy and peace, and heightened prosperity, economic expansion, and a spirit of abundance, celebration, and national pride. With Sun angular, the authority of government - both its desirable contributions and undesirable shadow - is a larger, more persistent presence in the typical American's life. As Sun is well aspected, this will be mostly a beneficent presence.

January 15-26 we find a MARS-JUPITER-SATURN Zone. Jupiter on the Capsolar is polarized against Mars and Saturn transits to the Cansolar. Expect polarization (in government and elsewhere) with unusually clear divisions between "the good guys" and "the bad guys," with plenty of back-and-forth, horse trading, and jockeying for position. These are harsh days, with a threatening, violent Mars-Saturn square on Inauguration Day, and falling on the luminaries of the new U.S. president!

In fact, Saturn's conjunction with Cansolar Moon is exact on Inauguration Day. It is 0°02' away when the new president's term begins. Mars remains partile square Saturn and Cansolar Midheaven. Imagination reels at the possibilities of what this could mean: a violent act of terrorism or attempted murder at the inauguration itself, for example, or perhaps a new president stepping into a full-scale emergency in the first minutes of a new term. Circumstances will be harsh, hurtful, destructive, and severe.


Caplunar (December 30)
The Caplunar owns December 30 to January 26, much of which is already history by the time this current forecast begins. This is seriously worrisome chart. Saturn, Mars, and Neptune are all closely angular and tightly aspecting each other. High on the list of possible events is a violent, devastating attack by our enemies in a vulnerable hour, or other events that are violent, life-taking, fear-inducing, devious, and costly. If the effects are purely psychological, we will see an even deeper entrenchment of the anger, frustration, fear, and bigotry that are dividing our nation along increasingly polarized lines. This Caplunar provides an easy environment for hate.

Against, this, CapQ Moon catches an opposition from transiting Jupiter, while square Capsolar Mercury. We persevere. Something evokes celebration and collective pride from us even in this hour.

Canlunar (January 12)
The Canlunar for January 12-19 covers the last week of the Obama administration. Mercury is on MC. Moon precisely (0°04') opposes Sun and also squares Jupiter. Mercury's focus suggests much last minute business of the paperwork variety. With the strong solar focus, expect many presidential orders, both administrative directives and, especially, acts of clemency, for there is much clemency in Sun-Jupiter's link to Moon.

Liblunar (January 19)
The Liblunar for January 19-26 welcomes in a new President of the United States January 20.

Bridge aspects show a harsh, unhappy, destructive time, including Saturn conjoining Cansolar Midheaven exactly on Inauguration Day, squared by Mars. This Mars-Saturn square falls exactly on Donald Trump's 28°56' Taurus Sun and 27°13' Scorpio Moon (both to his Sun, only Saturn to his Moon). Standing on the Capitol steps with hand on the Bible shortly past noon on January 20, he will be in the midst of violent, even deadly, turmoil.

And yet... this Chart of the Week is, simply, telling us that we have a new president, more a coronation than an inauguration - the Liblunar so spills over with marks of royalty, aristocracy, and the setting of precedents. Jupiter conjoins Moon and opposes Uranus, with all three square Ascendant. Sun and Pluto rise more widely, their midpoint half a degree from Ascendant.

Aside from the inauguration itself, this chart primarily reiterates all the main themes of the January 14 Capsolar, described above.
Jim Eshelman

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