US forecast Mar 22 to Apr 18, 2017

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US forecast Mar 22 to Apr 18, 2017

Post by Jim Eshelman » Thu May 11, 2017 7:01 pm

USA Mundane Forecast
for the four weeks beginning March 22, 2017

For the twelve months beginning January 14, the United States Year chart promotes greater optimism. It might be the best, most interesting year we've had in quite a while. Jupiter is most angular (IC, 0°56'). Uranus is on Midheaven (3°01') opposite Jupiter (1°41'). Sun squares MC (1°14') and Jupiter (2°37').

JUPITER OPPOSITE URANUS brings ideological rebellion - both peaceful and violent forms, as diverse as Woodstock and the storming of the Bastille. Expect remapping of the larger social contract, pushing for wider horizons and expanded opportunities. Proponents of liberal social and political agendas raise their voices, demanding civil rights and social justice.

At best, it brings collective optimism, inventiveness, new tech vision, and futurism. Science engages popular imagination. Medical breakthroughs accelerate. Political and thought leaders show more insight and resourcefulness in the face of vast complexity.

However, Sun-Jupiter promises plenty of self-serving, elitist "politics as usual" in the mix, motivated by a non-philanthropic tendency of people with money and power wanting more money and power. A shadow expression of Jupiter-Uranus historically has been a rise of suppressive radical nationalism at odds with the liberal, democratic, social-support wave more expressive of Jupiter-Uranus' symbolism.

With Jupiter most angular, the year is overall optimistic. Expect victories (e.g., military victories and athletic wins), diplomacy and peace, and heightened prosperity, economic expansion, and a spirit of abundance, celebration, and national pride. With Sun angular, the authority of government is a larger, more persistent presence in the typical American's life. As Sun is well aspected, this will be mostly a beneficent presence.

Beginning April 14, a dormant ARISOLAR brings only a Moon-Neptune mundane square (0°27') to Washington. Primarily, this filters everything else through a fun-house mirror's distortions. Possible expressions are so diverse they are hard to anticipate. Expect a heightened sense of deception and sleight-of-hand, even scandal. Extreme waves of emotional reaction, hysteria, panic, fervor, and herd-mind arousal are added to every other eventuality, accompanied by confusion, disorientation, uncertainty, and undermined feelings of safety. The world gets less rational and more emotionally reactive for the three months mid-April through mid-July.

March 22 to April 14 is a URANUS-PLUTO Zone. These weeks emphasize destabilizing, revising, remapping, anti-establishment, anti-government trends that challenge current systems and claw at iconic structures.

April 15-18 is a MARS-URANUS-PLUTO Zone. The tone is forceful, aggressive, even explosive. Startling, threatening, and seemingly unpredictable, resulting events are highly destructive if physical, assaulting of the status quo if ideological, and stressing tolerance to the breaking point if psychological. World-wide, transiting Mars squares Capsolar Moon, which always marks a few days of increased volatility and threat everywhere, typically with violence, blood, fire, explosions, and destruction - even war and other attack - often culminating in significant loss of life.


Liblunar (March 15)
As the new Caplunar is dormant, the old Liblunar describes March 15-28. It targets the president personally. Sun squares Saturn (closely angular), which anticipates sad, difficult, demanding events. Examples include limitation or constraint of national leaders, and government gridlock or other lockdown that involves suppressive, restrictive, controlling, or failing government. The main target of negative focus, though, is the president himself. Moon opposes Uranus: Expect sudden, eruptive, shifting conditions characterized by their surprising, explosive nature.

Caplunar (March 22)
The Caplunar is dormant. Its one important feature is the recurring Moon-Uranus square (1°47') and, of course, that it terminates the prior Caplunar.

Quotidian angles touch Saturn and Mars the first day of the week. Expect a really bad day for folks in Washington on March 22, or a day or two either side. Communications get quieter, more peaceful in the last two days of the week.

Arilunar (March 29)
The Arilunar covers March 29 to April 4, and seems the most important ingress of the month. Uranus, 0°08' from an angle, closely conjoins angular Moon. A more widely foreground Mars-Pluto square is even tighter (0°23' in mundo).

Therefore, we continue the trend of sudden rupture or eruption, shock, and surprise. Both of these aspects are fiercely explosive and, while this can be metaphorical explosion instead of physical bombs, Mars-Pluto anticipates violent, ferocious unleashing of force. Surprise attacks and physical bombs are as likely as Tweet-bombs. (Mars crosses CanQ Ascendant April 1, so the strongest martial eruptions are due then or within two days either side.)

Surprises continue to include significant revelations, disclosures, and leaks. A geopolitical theme threads through the chart, including changes in foreign relationships (look to North Korea for a new expression of craziness this week, for example). The three strongest aspects are also consistent with major mass murder (shootings), and the fourth strongest aspect is consistent with military-grade preparation and execution.

Third strongest is Moon square Saturn (2°05' in mundo), adding hardship, sacrifice, loss, and sadness, with little to inspire celebration. Often with this we see destructive assaults by human and nature, and other conditions of general hardship primarily focused on alienation and divisiveness. Finally, Moon conjunct Mercury (2°12') promises a big media event among other Mercury themes (see the standard interpretations).

Canlunar (April 4)
The Canlunar covers April 4-18. Mars in Aries is just over a degree from Eastpoint. This is the only active factor besides the recurring Moon-Uranus square (1°04').

Mars is angular for a wide range of hurtful events, including fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, and violent explosions and accidents. High profile deaths by inflammatory illness or (more commonly) by violence, notorious shooting incidents where many are killed, significant military and police activity, the inauguration of war, actions causing great violence and damage in the name of war, and a general air of crisis and assault facing political leaders all are characteristic of angular Mars. These, or events of a similar tone, can be expected for the United States this week.

At the very least, expect blunt aggression, sudden and outlandish, tending to upend the table and spill the ongoing game, amidst psychological "bombshells." Mars expressions to and from the U.S. will be sudden, explosive, eruptive, and shifting, especially as surprise attacks.

A quotidian angle touches Saturn April 5, and various Neptunes April 4-9. I suspect this means an acute event within a day of the 5th, with surrounding confusion and disorientation.

Liblunar (April 11)
The Liblunar is dormant for Washington, DC, so the Canlunar (above) persists for an extra week. The Liblunar has oppositions of Moon with Uranus (0°40'), Mercury (0°48' in mundo), and Sun (3°10'). None of these diverges much from the Canlunar's portents. The universal Moon-Sun aspect likely shows intensified awareness of government presence and intervention in lives more or less worldwide (consequent to the events sponsored by the Canlunar?). Mexico and India seem especially in the crosshairs. Major landmarks in the lives of heads of state and cultural heroes are always a high possibility with this. (Is there a major wedding expected to draw worldwide attention during this time?)

Watch the CapQ crossings this week. Much is happening, and it changes import rapidly through the week. The simpler CanQ has Jupiter on MC April 13.
Jim Eshelman

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