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Prior Bridge Zone predictions

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sun May 07, 2017 11:12 pm

As I write the monthly forecasts, I'm writing multi-planet interpretations for the Bridge zones. I wanted to harvest these to possibly reuse them. It occurred to me it might be interesting to others to have these multi-planet interpretations (and convenient to me to have them in stored in the same spot where I write the monthly forecasts). - It might also be an interesting tour of the kinds of primary planetary energies we have been living through recently.

Pluto signifies events that stun the senses and halt the mind, most often separating or severing connections, or a confrontation between mainstream and counter-establishment sensibilities. Human events tend to be fiercely political (terrorist attacks, catastrophic destruction, severing historic relations). For Washington, Pluto commonly reflects profound national impact of an event elsewhere in the country that Washington must confront, and with which it quickly must come to terms.

These few days emphasize unstable, revolutionary, revising, remapping, anti-establishment, anti-government trends that dismantle current systems and tear down iconic structures.

Uranus is explosion, though more often metaphorically than literally. Sudden rupture or eruption, shock, and surprise are its unique contributions. Many of these events involve disclosures and revelations. These basic themes generalize through several types of specific events catalogued in our standard references.

Saturn stands out for significant loss. This may mean losses in general (whether of life, loot, or an athletic competition); or specific losses such as economic crises (financial crisis, or periods of scarcity, loss, economic narrowing, and deprivation), earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, severe cold, and other “act of God” natural disasters characterized by hardship, tragedy, and death. These basic themes generalize through several other types of events catalogued in our standard references.

This pair brings harsh, dramatic hardship with profound feelings of irrevocable loss or separation, sometimes with an apocalyptic feel, a sense that we have lost something unrecoverable.

Expect intensive geopolitical power-plays and maneuverings, noteworthy even within a year filled with such things. Jupiter + Pluto marks extremes which - good or bad - challenge existing value systems, ideologies, and the political and other power systems that support them. At one extreme, this suggests ideological attacks that assault existing systems, seeking to destabilize governments, ethnicities, and economies. On the positive side, it is capable of an emergent ideology that cuts past old political limitations to empower our best. (Cynicism discourages overly high expectations of our best side in an election year.)

These planets emphasize ideological rebellion and remapping of the larger social contract. They are remodeling, anti-establishment, generally anti-government, and tend to dismantle icons of the current system. Jupiter drives this with ideological passion: Most negative events will arise from religious zealotry, ethnic and cultural divisions, highly divergent political polarization, and other ideology-fuelled anchors. A push for civil rights pairs off in a title match with forces of bigotry and suppression, with both sides certain they are right.

[Moon-Saturn, Moon-Pluto + Jupiter]
Periods of such Moon-Saturn aspects fill the world (and each day's news) with stories of hardship, sacrifice, loss, and bereavement, whether from local human violence, acts of war, or natural disasters: diverse forms of hardship primarily focused on alienation and divisiveness, vast property damage, and significant loss of life. Moon-Pluto periods mark events that stun sensibilities and halt the mind with their intensity. Combined, they portend harsh, dramatic tragedies and catastrophic disasters bearing profound feelings of irrevocable loss or separation. Through it all streams Jupiter. If these events are human-caused, they likely are motivated by all-consuming religious or other ideological extremism. If they are natural, then they are likely from weather extremes dominated by rain and ferocious storm, such as a devastating hurricane.

Transiting Mars squares CanQ Moon. Whenever this occurs, across the globe we get a serious spike of violence, blood, fire, explosion, and destruction often culminating in significant loss of life. For the U.S., a concurrent Mars-dominated lunar ingress and the decisive presidential primaries occur at exactly this time, so we have some ideas of where the psychological and physical violence will be. More generally, combinations of Mars and Pluto signify violent, ferocious, often explosive unleashing of force in both human-originated crises and natural disasters.
[Alternative paragraph:] This brings violent, ferocious, explosive unleashing of force. Some possible expressions are bombs, vehicular explosions/collisions, wars and similar aggression, shooting massacres, earthquakes, hurricanes, and fires that release explosive force.

Mars-Uranus periods are explosive, with surprising, startling violence. "Bombshells" are usually psychological, and sometimes physical. Fire + explosion is the theme. It is, to say the least, volatile.

The tone is forceful, aggressive, even explosive. Startling, threatening, and seemingly unpredictable, resulting events are highly destructive if physical, assaulting of the status quo if ideological, and stressing tolerance to the breaking point if psychological.

Besides the usual litany of fires, bombs, and personal violence (all an unusually high risk), this aspect does not specialize in any one type of event but, rather, incites destruction and hardship wherever it occurs. (Please see our standard reference if you want a longer list of specific possibilities.)

The first three thoughts with this trio are (1) economic crisis, (2) ferocious and explosive ideological violence, and (3) heightened industry and productivity.

Trends of the prior (Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto) period grow more aggressive, even violent. Adding fury and force, Mars puts Washington under broad stresses. Mars' transits are typical of diverse hurtful events, including fires, hurricanes, violent explosions and accidents, military escalations, and open political war. A general air of crisis and assault faces political leaders, and their adrenaline gets pumping. Anytime Mars, Pluto, and Jupiter are together, expect extreme events (including extreme, destructive weather) that are costly and financially destructive. Mars-Jupiter suggests economic crisis, heroic action, and evangelistic aggression. Mars-Uranus is explosive with psychological (or occasionally physical) bombshells. Mars-Pluto is a ferocious (psychological or occasionally physical) unleashing of force.
Jim Eshelman

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