Boston Tea Party [UPRISING]

I will archive recent major events here while deciding whether to permanently integrate them into the research catalogue.
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Boston Tea Party [UPRISING]

Post by Jim Eshelman » Fri Dec 14, 2018 6:07 pm

December 16, 1773, 7:00 PM Boston, MA (42N21'13'' 71W03'09'')
in response to the Tea Act of May 10,1773.

Open resistance began in September and October. The event spilled out of a public meeting led by Sam Adams. The dumping of tea into Boston Harbor took about three hours from about 7 to 10 PM.

The event occurred the night of a Sun-Saturn square shortly after Pluto set.

Year: Capsolar (Dormant.)
Moon-Uranus sq. 2°33'

Year: Cansolar {+3}
Mars on MC 0°25'
Neptune on MC 1°20'
-- Mars-Neptune conj. 0°55' in mundo
Uranus on Dsc 3°58'
-- Uranus-Neptune sq. 2°38' in mundo
Saturn on MC 7°52'

Bridge {+2}
t Saturn conj. Capsolar MC Nov 18-Jan 11

Quarter: Libsolar {+2}
Jupiter on IC 1°10'
Moon on MC 2°10'
-- Moon-Jupiter op. 0°05'

Month/Week: Caplunar {+2}
Uranus on EP 1°29'
Moon-Pluto conj. 0°19'
Moon-Neptune sq. 1°17' in mundo
Sun more widely foreground [sq. non-angular Saturn 1°29']

Day: Capsolar Quotidian & Transits {+3}
p Asc op. s Uranus 1°54'
t Saturn conj. s MC 0°24'
t Sun sq. s MC 0°46'
-- Sun-Saturn sq. 0°22'

Day: Cansolar Quotidian & Transits
p MC sq. p Moon 0°35'
p Asc sq. s Neptune 0°38', s Mars 0°20'
-- Mars-Neptune conj. 0°58'
p EP conj. t Uranus 0°24', s Uranus 1°46'

Year (Capsolar): (Dormant.) Moon-Uranus.
Year (Cansolar, +3): Mars Neptune (Saturn Uranus). Mars-Neptune Uranus-Neptune.
Bridge (+2): Saturn.
Quarter (+2): Moon Jupiter. Moon-Jupiter.
Month/Week (+2): Uranus (Sun). Moon-Neptune Moon-Pluto (Sun-Saturn).
Day (Capsolar, +3): Uranus (CapQ). Sun Saturn Sun-Saturn (transits).
Day (CanQ, +3): Moon Mars Uranus Neptune. Mars-Neptune.
Jim Eshelman

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