Prinz Valdemar sinking [VEHICLE]

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Prinz Valdemar sinking [VEHICLE]

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sat Dec 22, 2018 9:00 am

January 10, 1926, hour unknown, Miami, FL

A grand schooner built in Denmark 1891 had, by the mid-1920s, been turned into a cargo vessel and was going to be turned into a floating hotel. When it ran aground of a sandbar and overturned in Miami Harbor it blocked the mouth of the turning basin, blocking harbor traffic for over a month and having cascading negative impact on local commerce (for example, being the pin that popped the southern Florida real estate bubble of the '20s, and it shows as much as a market crash event as a transportation event).

Since there is no available time, I'll use noon.

Year: Capsolar {0}
Moon on MC 0°47'

Bridge {+3}
(This is remarkable! The Bridge alone times the event to within a day.)
t Uranus op. CapQ Moon 11/6-1/14
t Saturn conj. Cansolar EP 1/7-5/19
t Mars sq. Capsolar MC 1/9-1/14
t Mars op. Cansolar Moon 1/8-1/11
Event window: January 9-11

Quarter: Libsolar {-2}
Venus on Asc 2°58'
Moon-Sun conj. 1°36' in mundo

This is a pathetic and inappropriate chart. In contrast, though we normally wouldn't examine it except for the utterly neutral, inexpressive Capsolar, we do have a startlingly expressive CANSOLAR from July 16, which even shows impact on Florida land speculation for the period. Here is the breakdown:

Neptune on MC 0°12'
Mercury sq. Asc 0°25', on MC 2°52'
Venus sq. Asc 1°23'
Mars more widely foreground
-- Mercury-Venus conj. 1°27' in mundo
-- Mercury-Neptune conj. 3°04' in mundo
-- Mercury-Neptune conj. 3°12' in mundo
with Jupiter & Pluto spread across the prime vertical, add:
Jupiter-Pluto op. 1°21' PVP
Neptune-Pluto sq. 1°40' PVP
Jupiter-Neptune sq. 3°01' PVP

Month: Caplunar (+3)
Finally an EXCELLENT chart!
Saturn on Dsc 0°02'
Mars on Dsc 0°07'
Neptune sq. Asc 1°28' [sq. non-ang Mercury 0°56' in mundo]
-- Mars-Saturn conj. 0°05'
-- Mars-Neptune sq. 1°38'
Venus on MC 3°15'
Moon-Jupiter conj. 1°57'

Week: Liblunar (Dormant.)

Week: Canlunar {+2}
Mercury on EP 0°50'
Mars on Asc 3°53'
Uranus widely foreground
-- Mercury-Uranus sq. 1°35' in mundo

Day: Capsolar Quotidian & Transits {+2}
t Uranus op. p Moon 0°47'
p MC sq. t Mars 1°41'
t Mars sq. s MC 1°23'

Day: Cansolar Quotidian & Transits {+1}
p MC op. s Venus 0°49', s Mercury 0°59', midpoint 0°05'
t Saturn conj. s EP 1°33'
t Mars op. s Moon 0°28'

Year (Capsolar): Moon.
Year (Cansolar): Mercury Venus Neptune (Mars). Mercury-Venus Mercury-Mars Mercury-Neptune Jupiter-Pluto Neptune-Pluto.
Bridge: Mars Uranus (Cap). Mars Saturn (Can).
Quarter: Venus. Moon-Sun.
Month: Mars Saturn Neptune (Venus). Moon-Jupiter Mars-Saturn Mars-Neptune (Mercury-Neptune).
Week (Liblunar): (Dormant.)
Week (Canlunar): Mercury (Mars Uranus). Mercury-Uranus.
Day (Capsolar): Mars Moon-Uranus (CapQ). Mars (transits).
Day (Cansolar): Mercury Venus (CanQ). Saturn Moon-Mars (transits).
Jim Eshelman

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