Prinz Valdemar sinking

I will archive recent major events here while deciding whether to permanently integrate them into the research catalogue.
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Prinz Valdemar sinking

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sat Dec 22, 2018 9:00 am

January 10, 1926, hour unknown, Miami, FL

A grand schooner built in Denmark 1891 had, by the mid-1920s, been turned into a cargo vessel and was going to be turned into a floating hotel. When it ran aground of a sandbar and overturned in Miami Harbor it blocked the mouth of the turning basin, blocking harbor traffic for over a month and having cascading negative impact o local commerce (for example, being the pin that popped the southern Florida real estate bubble of the '20s).

Since there is no available time, I'll use noon.

Year: Capsolar {0}
Moon on MC 0°47'

Bridge {+3}
(This is remarkable! The Bridge alone times the event to the exact day, give or take a single day.)
t Uranus op. CapQ Moon 11/6-1/14
t Saturn conj. Cansolar EP 1/7-5/19
t Mars sq. Capsolar MC 1/9-1/14
t Mars op. Cansolar Moon 1/8-1/11
Event window: January 9-11

Quarter: Libsolar {-2}
Venus on Asc 2°58'
Moon-Sun conj. 1°36' in mundo

This is a pathetic and inappropriate chart. In contrast, though we normally wouldn't examine it except for the utterly neutral, inexpressive Capsolar, we do have a startlingly expressive CANSOLAR from July 16, which even shows impact on Florida land speculation for the period. Here is the breakdown:

Neptune on MC 0°12'
Mercury sq. Asc 0°25', on MC 2°52'
Venus sq. Asc 1°23'
Mars more widely foreground
-- Mercury-Venus conj. 1°27' in mundo
-- Mercury-Neptune conj. 3°04' in mundo
-- Mercury-Neptune conj. 3°12' in mundo
with Jupiter & Pluto spread across the prime vertical, add:
Jupiter-Pluto op. 1°21' PVP
Neptune-Pluto sq. 1°40' PVP
Jupiter-Neptune sq. 3°01' PVP

Month: Caplunar (+3)
Finally an EXCELLENT chart!
Saturn on Dsc 0°02'
Mars on Dsc 0°07'
Neptune sq. Asc 1°28' [sq. non-ang Mercury 0°56' in mundo]
-- Mars-Saturn conj. 0°05'
-- Mars-Neptune sq. 1°38'
Venus on MC 3°15'
Moon-Jupiter conj. 1°57'

Week: Liblunar (Dormant.)

Week: Canlunar {+2}
Mercury on EP 0°50'
Mars on Asc 3°53'
Uranus widely foreground
-- Mercury-Uranus sq. 1°35' in mundo

Day: Capsolar Quotidian & Transits {+2}
t Uranus op. p Moon 0°47'
p MC sq. t Mars 1°41'
t Mars sq. s MC 1°23'

Day: Cansolar Quotidian & Transits {+1}
p MC op. s Venus 0°49', s Mercury 0°59', midpoint 0°05'
t Saturn conj. s EP 1°33'
t Mars op. s Moon 0°28'
Jim Eshelman

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