Moscow Theater Hostage Crisis [Massacre]

I will archive recent major events here while deciding whether to permanently integrate them into the research catalogue.
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Moscow Theater Hostage Crisis [Massacre]

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sat Jan 26, 2019 1:22 pm ... age_crisis
Began October 23, 2002, a little after 9 PM, Dubrovka Theater in Moscow 55N43'34" 37E40'24"

Hostage crisis (lasting three and a half days until about 5 AM on the 10/26) with at least 170 deaths and over 700 other injuries. Seizure of 850-900 hostages was by at least 40 armed Islamist Chechens demanding Chechnya independence. In the end, all of the terrorists were killed, along with at least 170, and perhaps as many as 204, of the hostages (during the police siege due to the poison gas used).

The original hostage-taking began just after Saturn rose and Pluto set, with Uranus crossing MC.

Year: Capsolar {+3}
Saturn on Dsc 1°21'
Pluto on Asc 3°12'
-- Venus-Saturn sq. 0°30' PVP
-- Sun-Saturn sq. 0°46' PVP
-- Saturn-Pluto op. 1°51' in mundo
-- Sun-Venus conj. 0°16' PVP
Moon-Mercury conj. 1°00'
Moon-Uranus conj. 2°53' in mundo

Bridge {+2}
CanQ Moon sq. p Mars 0°15', s Mars 0°25'
t Pluto conj. Cansolar EP 1°28'

Quarter: Libsolar {+2}
Pluto on Asc 0°53'
Mercury & Mars more widely foreground
-- Mars sq. non-ang Jupiter 2°37'

Month: Caplunar {+1}
Neptune sq. MC 1°33'
Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars more widely foreground
-- Mercury-Venus conj. 0°37' in mundo
-- Venus-Mars conj. 0°41' in mundo
-- Mercury-Mars conj. 1°18' in mundo
-- Sun-Mercury conj. 1°56' in mundo
-- Sun-Venus conj. 2°33' in mundo
-- Sun-Mars conj. 3°14' in mundo
Venus sq. non-ang Jupiter 1°22. Mars sq. non-ang Saturn 0°26'.

Week: Arilunar {+2}
Saturn on MC 1°34'
Mars on Asc 3°43'
-- Mars-Saturn sq. 2°09' in mundo
Moon-Sun op. 2°42'

Day: Capsolar Transits {-1}
t Venus sq. s Moon 0°04'

Day: Cansolar Quotidian & Transits {+3}
p Moon sq. p Mars 0°15', s Mars 0°25'
p MC op. s Saturn 1°22'
t Pluto conj. s EP 1°28'
t Sun conj. s Moon 0°58'
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