Azusa Street Revival

I will archive recent major events here while deciding whether to permanently integrate them into the research catalogue.
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Azusa Street Revival

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sun Jan 17, 2021 4:23 pm

April 9, 1906, evening, Los Angeles, CA

African-American preacher William J. Seymour led this historic revival that lasted three years. I refer you to the article for a description of the religiously passionate Pentecostal event; I'll only mention a few things here.

Seymour and seven other men were "waiting on God" (after five weeks of preaching and 10 days of fasting) when they felt the Holy Spirit strike "as though hit by a bolt of lighting" that knocked them out of their chairs and ignited speaking in tongues.

I don't have a time. They were, however, meeting at night (in the evening). From the perspective of SMA, this is close enough - I'll estimate 7 PM. (It was the era of Uranus opposite Neptune which, that night, was square Mercury closely. About 7 PM a Moon-Venus opposition crossed the horizon.)

Notice that this was just before the San Francisco earthquake. The timing for this event by the Bridge is remarkable.

Year: Capsolar {+1}
Pluto sq. MC 1°09'
Moon & Mars widely foreground
-- Moon-Mars op. 3°16' mundo
Moon-Jupiter sq. 1°55'

Bridge {+3}
t Pluto on Capsolar angles 1/14-8/21
CapQ Moon op. s/p Mars 3/29-5/29
t Jupiter on Cansolar angles 3/5-4/14
t Jupiter op. Capsolar Asc 4/9-28
Event window: Apr 4-14

Month: Caplunar
It's silent, but (allowing more orb) excellent in principle. Jupiter is most angular, 3°21' off IC.

Week: Liblunar {+2}
(Only the PVP Moon-Mercury captures the "speaking in tongues.")
Moon on Dsc 0°19'
Sun sq. MC 0°37'
Venus on Asc 2°08'
-- Moon-Mercury sq. 1°06'PVP
-- Moon-Venus op. 1°49' mundo
-- Mercury-Venus sq. 2°50' PVP

Day: Capsolar Quotidian & Transits {+3}
p Moon op. s Mars 0°35'
p EP conj. p Mars 0°00', s Mars 0°10', op. p Moon 0°15'
t Pluto sq. s MC 0°56', op. s EP 0°07'
t Jupiter op. s Asc 1°53'

Day: Cansolar Quotidian & Transits
t Venus sq. s Moon 0°33'
p Asc sq. t Saturn 0°38'
t Jupiter sq. s Asc 1°01'
Jim Eshelman

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