Indonesia jet disappeared (Sriwijaya Air Flight 182)

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Indonesia jet disappeared (Sriwijaya Air Flight 182)

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sat May 01, 2021 11:01 am

January 9, 2021, 2:40:08 PM, near Laki Island in the Thousand Islands (at 5S57'50", 106E34'28")

Sriwijaya Air Flight 182, carrying 62 people, has disappeared. It departed Jakarta at 2:36 PM and lost contact with air traffic controllers (disappeared from radar) four minutes later. The plane had been ordered to ascend to 13,000 feet and, when starting that, suddenly swerved sharply to the right, then dived. Fishers reportedly heard "an explosion like the sound of thunder" then found aviation fuel, cables, and metal scrap in the water, so it seems pretty clear the plane went down. This is reportedly near Thousand Islands (another source says Laki Island, but this doesn't show up on any references.)

The 2:40:08 PM time is the moment of the dive, apparently. The last recorded signal was at 2:40:27 at an altitude of 250 feet after dropping 10,455 feet in those 19 seconds.

UPDATE 1/10/21: There was no distress call at any time. We now know that the plane went off course during its climb, ground asked the crew about this and got no answer. (I'm not clear if this is the "sharp veering to the right" originally mentioned.) A few seconds later, the plane dropped off radar. The half-hour delay in the plane's take-off was reportedly due to heavy rain, not mechanical issues, with agency reports of heavy rain with thunder at the time of the incident but in a small, concentrated area: Investigators are exploring whether this was a factor.

The disappearance occurred a shortly after Moon set (in the degree of its Fall and partile square MC) with a 0°15' Mercury-Mars square in space. Will we see this fall on angles for the event? - Yes! Do not miss the CapQ below. (From, beginning with the Capsolar, the fundamental event of the year was defined.)

Year: Capsolar {+3}
Mercury on IC 2°08'
Uranus on Dsc 3°27'
Sun, Saturn, & Pluto widely foreground
-- Saturn-Pluto conj. 0°10' mundo
-- Mercury-Uranus sq. 1°19' mundo
-- Sun-Saturn conj. 1°53'
-- Sun-Pluto conj. 2°08'
-- Sun-Uranus sq. 2°42' mundo

Bridge {+3}
t Uranus op. Capsolar Asc 11/1-1/15
t Mars sq. Capsolar MC 1/3-1/12
Event window: January 3-12

Quarter: Libsolar {+3}
Saturn on IC 0°07'
Sun sq. MC 0°34'
Pluto on IC 3°11'
Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, & Uranus more widely foreground
-- Mercury-Uranus op. 0°09' mundo
-- Mars-Jupiter sq. 0°31'
-- Sun-Saturn sq. 0°36'
-- Sun-Jupiter sq. 1°34' mundo
-- Sun-Pluto sq. 2°10' mundo
-- Mars-Pluto sq. 2°42'
-- Saturn-Pluto conj. 3°06'
-- Jupiter-Pluto conj. 3°13'
-- Sun-Mars op. 3°21' mundo
-- Ma/Ur on angles 0°24'
-- Me/Ma on angles 0°32'
Moon-Mercury conj. 0°42'
Moon-Uranus op. 2°07'

Month: Caplunar (Silent.) Moon-Pluto.
Week: Liblunar (Silent.) Moon-Mercury Moon-Pluto.

Week: Canlunar {0}
Venus on Dsc 2°09'
Neptune on MC 3°36'
-- Venus-Neptune sq. 1°12'
Moon-Pluto op. 0°52'
Moon-Mars sq. 2°04'

Day: Capsolar Quotidian & Transits {+3}
p Asc sq. t Mercury 0°21', op. t Mars 0°36', sq. t Saturn 0°53', op. s Uranus 0°59'
-- t Mercury-Mars sq. 0°15'
-- t Saturn sq. s Uranus 0°06'
p MC op. s Sun 1°13', op. t Pluto 1°47'
t Uranus op. s Asc 0°05'
t Mars sq. s MC 0°27'
t Mercury op. s MC 0°42'
-- t Mercury-Mars sq. 0°15'
t Venus sq. s Moon 0°13'

To display this more interestingly & coherently:

29°26' Sag - t Pluto
0°00' Cap - Capsolar Sun
1°13' Can - CapQ MC
3°14' Cap - Capsolar Mercury
5°37' Can - Capsolar MC
6°04' Ari - t Mars
6°19' Cap - t Mercury
7°33' Cap - t Saturn
6°40' Lib - CapQ Asc
7°39' Ari - Capsolar Uranus
11°37' Lib - Capsolar Dsc

Day: Cansolar Quotidian & Transits (Silent.)

With such a powerful Capsolar Quotidian, we don't need anything further for the day, but I checked the lesser ingresses anyway. There were some "bonus points" in the results:

Day: Arisolar Quotidian & Transits {+2}
p Asc op. s Mars 0°26'
t Sun conj. s Moon 0°40'

Day: Libsolar Quotidian & Transits {+3}
(Mars turns the strong, counterintuitive Jupiter into a harbinger of thunderstorms, which were reported. Transits to the Libsolar 5°55' Libra Asc duplicated the best charts above!)
p Asc conj. s Mars 0°51'
p EP conj. t Sun 0°54', p Jupiter 1°01'
p MC sq. s Pluto 0°56'
-- s Mars sq. s Jupiter 0°31'
-- t Sun conj. s Jupiter 0°03'
-- t Sun sq. p Mars 0°34'
t Pluto op. s MC 1°08'
t Saturn sq. s Asc 1°38'
t Mars op. s Asc 0°09'
t Mercury sq. s Asc 0°24'
-- t Mercury-Mars sq. 0°15'
Jim Eshelman

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