Fixed stars & Solunars participants

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Jim Eshelman
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Fixed stars & Solunars participants

Post by Jim Eshelman » Wed Jun 06, 2018 5:15 pm

Last week I compiled a new subset of all the available fixed star calculations in SF - a set of 50 stars, primarily all 2nd magnitude or brighter (that is, more than 2.5), but including the Alpha (and most of the Beta) stars of each zodiacal constellation, and most of the Alpha's of extra-zodiacal constellations no matter how dim.

I still don't have clear enough evidence to affirm that these actually mean anything; but we do have traditional traits (planet equivalencies), and I've also toyed for a while with the idea that a star in a constellation concentrates the essence of that constellation proportionate to its brightness (such that the brightest star in a constellation, especially if 1st or 2nd magnitude, would by a hyper-expression of the nature of that constellation). Remember, it's just a theory...

Anyway, I thought I'd post the contacts of my Hot 50 to planets and angles of recent active Solunars posters. I'm using a 1° orb for conjunction or opposition (but opposition doesn't count if there is already a conjunction). I'll exclude outer planet contacts.

Jim Eshelman
Moon op. Denebola 31' (B Leo or Sa:Ve)
Mercury conj. Acrux 12' (A Crux), conj. Alphecca 13' (A Corona Borealis)
Venus op. Algol 27' (B Perseus or Sa:Ma)
Mars op. Pollux 26' (B Gemini or Mars)
MC op. Kelb Alrai 12' mundo (B Ophiuchus)

Mercury op. Unukalhai (A Serpentis)
Venus conj. Menkar 06' (A Cetus or Saturn)
Asc conj. Alcyone 22' eclipto (H Taurus or Ma:Mo)
MC op. Praesaepe 27' eclipto (M44 Cancer or Ma:Mo)
MC op. Praesaepe 48' mundo (M44 Cancer or Ma:Mo)

Moon op. Zubenelschemali 23' (B Libra)
Venus conj. Polaris 22' (A Ursa Min or Sa:Ve), conj. Betelgeuse 34' (A Orion or Ma:Me)

Avshalom Binyamin
Venus op. Deneb Adige 39' (A Cygnus), op. Fomalhaut 50' (A Piscis Aust). op/. Sadalmelek 56' (A Aquarius)
MC conj. Acrux 46' mundo (A Crux)

By Jove
Moon conj. Vega 10' (A Lyra)
Mars conj. Alcyone 51' (H Taurus or Mo:Ju)

Antares 5
Moon op. Agena 31' (B Centaurus)
Sun conj. Acubens 05' (A Cancer or Sa:Me)
Venus conj. Betelgeuse 19' (A Gemini or Ma:Me), conj. Polaris 41' (A Ursa Minor or Sa:Ve)
Angles uncertain

Jim Eshelman

Avshalom Binyamin
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Re: Fixed stars & Solunars participants

Post by Avshalom Binyamin » Thu Jun 07, 2018 11:18 am


Thanks Jim! :D

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