Acubens (Alpha Cancri) 18°54' Cancer

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Acubens (Alpha Cancri) 18°54' Cancer

Post by Jim Eshelman » Thu Oct 24, 2019 5:52 pm

Ebertin calls this by an alternate name Sertan. Though the brightest star in Cancer, it is only 4th magnitude. Its name is an evolution of al-Zubanah, "the claws." (Sertan just means "the crab" in Arabic.)

Ebertin says it is of the nature of Mars with "a strong blending in of Saturnian influence." He says it gives an "unbalanced and jumpy nature," and is generally disharmonious in horoscopes where it is prominent (especially with malefics, he says). For people of high social standing or political involvement, Elsbeth Ebertin felt its aspect with Saturn especially creates conflicts, deception, and hard ordeals.

Ptolemy gives a slightly different twist: He says that the stars "in the claws" are "the same as Saturn and Mercury." Robson repeats this, then adds, "It has been called 'The sheltering or hiding place,' and gives activity, malevolence and poison, making its natives liars and criminals."

For Sun conjunct Acubens, the most famous case is President Barack Obama. Gary Duncan also had it, and (as a mark of misfortune) JonBenet Ramsey. A number of famous people that can be researched are the infamous William Henry Ireland, Petrarch, Guy de Maupassant, Richard Kleindienst, St. Philip Neri, and eminent scientist Sir William Hamilton. I know two other people with it, one of whom has had a very difficult life with psychiatric and practical problems, and one who has kept an upbeat life after a close call with breast cancer. (Robson says with Sun it means, "Mental activity rashness, success, many friendships.")

For Moon conjunct Acubens, there is no one of great tragedy in my list. Politician Gordon Brown, musician Brian Eno, Queen Elizabeth II, and a couple of friends who are doing just fine. (Robson says this means, "Sarcasm and bitter speeds, many friendships.")
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