Harper Lee & Truman Capote

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Harper Lee & Truman Capote

Post by Jim Eshelman » Mon Oct 04, 2021 5:00 pm

Harper Lee: Apr 28, 1926, 5:25 PM CST, Monroeville, AL
Truman Capote: Sep 30, 1924, 3:00 PM CST, New Orleans, LA.

Childhood and (more or less) lifelong friends, Harper Lee and Truman Capote seem a worthy synastry study for their eventually complex and layered relationship.

As in many such longtime relationships rooted in childhood, they shared a Moon-sign (which was opposite her Sun-sign: His Moon was < 4° from opposite her Sun). His Moon-Saturn fell on her angle, her Saturn (but also Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune) on his. His Sun opposed her Mercury (and he likely was the igniting force in her deciding to write). There Marses conjoined to the degree (i.e., he was born on her Mars return) as part of a more complex Venus-Mars-Neptune to Mars-Jupiter-Neptune axis. His Venus squared her Moon (but also Saturn).

A student of their relationship could have a field day with this!
Jim Eshelman

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